What is the origin of dream interpretation

The origin of dream interpretation

This blog is mostly about the topic Sleep. Today, however, we are dealing with the Beginnings of dream interpretation. We get to the bottom of the questions how people relate to their dreams many years ago and what significance they were for you. The origin, as well as the Sense of dreamscan be divided into two directions in the course of the historical epochs. In the theological and in the scientific.

The theological Dream Interpretation assumes that the dreams lived News from the gods have been while the scientific Dream Interpretation assumes dreams Sensory reactions to certain stimuli are which the dreaming processes in sleep.

Dream books from the ancient Orient

With the Creation of the first writings, people also began to write down their dreams. Even then, people tried to interpret the meaning of dreams, because one could not explain how they came about. Because of this, were Dream symbols written down and compiled into writings. The Egyptians wrote it 4,000 years ago a book to interpret your dream symbols and dream interpretations, in which people could read what meaning they had. So it happens that the first dream books come from the ancient Orient. The oldest known dream book is a Egyptian papyrus (2000-1790 BC). This document is divided into two parts. The first part deals with the dreams after the retinue of Horus (good) and the second part is about the dreams after the Allegiance of Seth (evil). The Egyptians believed they met their gods in a dream. The gods spoke at these meetings Warnings and advices and gave answers to sickness and healing. Questions about love life or other events could also be from the Gods answered it was said.

Another important document of the Ancient Near East on the interpretation of dreams is the Clay tablets from Nineveh. These were in the library of the Assyrian King Ashurbanipalwho lived from 669-626 BC. Ruled, found. That is why these tablets are also called the dream book of Ashurbanipal. Said panels are a kind Encyclopedia for Interpretation of Dreams and theories of past cultures. The Babylonians, on the other hand, assumed that the dreams they experienced gave information about their future. The Priest of the Babylonians were at the same time too Dream interpreter and thus enjoyed a high reputation among their people.

The ancient Greeks

Also the ancient greeks dealt with the question of the meaning of their dreams and how they affect people's lives. Controlled by hers Thirst for knowledge they dealt very intensively with the subject of dreams. They asked themselves what the meaning was Content of your dreams like to have. These explanatory models, which they came up with, are called dream interpretations in the real sense.

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus (5th century BC), which, among other things, deals with the Opposites of sleep and to be awake busy, had the view that man can be in dreaming Inner world embarks. Unlike the idea that dreams are of God or controlled by other gods, the person is drawn into the center for his dreamed experience and is the master and chief responsible for his dreams.

Aristotle (4th century BC) also had one critical attitude against the ancient views of his ancestors. He firmly believed that dreams no messages from the gods his ability, since even uneducated people dreamed. This contradicted his worldview, in which knowledge and striving for it made a connection to the gods possible. Aristotle led the dreams straight to them Events of the day back. He also believed that the dreams were also right on Sensory stimuli, which are set while sleeping. Thus Aristotle had a pure scientific understanding for dream interpretation. He found that warming up a part of the body while sleeping can have a direct effect on the dream. For example, the sleeper dreams of heat and fire while his hand is being warmed or the like. Based on these observations, Aristotle assumed that one could also use the dream interpretation for medical purposes could use. Ailments that were not yet visible to the outside could already be treated preventively.

Artemidor of Daldis was a Greek dream interpreter and fortune teller from Ephesus, who lived in the 2nd century AD and wrote the Oneirokritika (German dream interpretation). The work consists of 5 books. A key tenet of his theory was that dreams are a Continuation of the day's activities be. The Oneirokritika still serves today as a manual for dream interpretation and is the basis for numerous other dream books.

It is also believed in the monotheistic religions that Dream of God or caused to the devil. So they are often called temptation, or even as misleading Prophecy of the future viewed. This assumption persisted for a very long time until a major upheaval took place three centuries ago.

The dream interpretation in Freu and Jung

We jump into that 18th centurybecause for a long time it has been believed that dreams are a message from God. However, that changed with the Enlightenment. Now it has been refused to ascribe messages to dreams, which for many fell within the realm of magic and Misbelief.

At the same time, however, the modern dream interpretation of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung introduced. These believed that dreams are important statements unconscious occurrences revealed in man. Freud put forward the theory that psychological content is slowed down before it reaches consciousness. In sleep they would repressed feelings and adventures however come to light. In order to decipher the meaning of the dream one had to analyze it. Thus, the modern dream interpretation as we have it for you in this Blog post presented, born.

As you can see, people have been dealing with the ancient world Meaning of their dreams. Please tell us in the comments how you go about Dream interpretation and whether you knew about the beginnings of dream interpretation. Until then, we wish you one restful sleep And sweet dreams.

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