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Video course: healing for your inner child
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Healing for Your Inner Child- The Online Video Course

How you can strengthen the joy of life in your everyday life through contact with your inner child and thereby change your life towards more spontaneity, creativity, professional success, the ability to relate to more freedom to do what fills your heart.

A 4-week healing process for the eternal bond with yourself.
In 4 modules, this course offers you step-by-step instructions on how to gain access to your inner child and how to heal it.
Completing the course units is not a race, so take your time. There are 4 weeks for the 4 modules, i.e. 1 week per module, but don't worry if you need more time, it is only important that YOU deal intensively with your inner child.
Every week videos, tasks in the form of worksheets and meditations are available for you to continuously establish and strengthen access to your inner child, to anchor an intimate connection to your everlasting child, so that you can share the child's part in you of your life.
  • Module 1: Discover your childlike parts
  • Module 2: Get in touch with your inner child
  • Module 3: False Truths and Past Forgiveness
  • Module 4: Integration of your inner child in everyday life
This 4-week course can easily be mastered in addition to normal everyday life, if YOU want it. The videos and exercises will guide you step by step on how to heal your inner child. The specially created meditations help you to anchor what you have experienced even further.

Click here for the introductory video: https://youtu.be/QgEX6u96x24
Further information at the Sana Santi Academy:

Course lessons:
  • Worksheet: Self-Test for an Injured Inner Child
  • Introduction and course structure

Module 1: Discover your childlike parts
  • Worksheet: When did I feel unsafe
  • The development of the inner child
  • Green field; Red box of child development
  • The intention to learn
  • Worksheet: Intention to Learn versus Intention to Protect
  • Protection mechanisms
  • Worksheet: What Are Your Protections?
  • Parent Relationship: What You Learned From Your Parents
  • Worksheet: What Your Parents Thought About You
  • Worksheet: How Do You See Children?
  • MEDITATION: What did you take over from your parents?
  • Co-dependent behavior
  • Worksheet: Co-Dependent Behavior by an Injured Child
  • Worksheet: Situations for Codependent Behavior

Module 2: Get in touch with your inner child
  • Becoming aware of your adult child
  • Worksheet: Loveless Inner Dialogue
  • Worksheet: Loving Inner Dialogue
  • A letter to the inner child
  • First contact with the inner child
  • MEDITATION: First contact with the inner child
  • Letter from the inner child
  • Routine visit to the inner child
  • Tips for your routine visits
  • MEDITATION: Visiting the inner child with accompaniment
  • MEDITATION: Visit to the inner child without accompaniment (music only)

Module 3: False Truths and Past Forgiveness
  • Fine your beliefs
  • Worksheet: Your Adult Child's Beliefs
  • The cycle of experiences
  • Worksheet: Experience cycle
  • The truth of false beliefs
  • Worksheet: Realize the Truth of Your Beliefs
  • MEDITATION: Recognize beliefs
  • Dealing with relationships
  • Worksheet: The inner child in dealing with relationships
  • Healing the past
  • Worksheet: How do old wounds feel?
  • MEDITATION: healing the past (cause healing)
  • MEDITATION: What did you take over from your parents (from module 1)
  • The letter of intent
  • MEDITATION: Commitment and connection to your inner child

Module 4: Integration of the inner child in everyday life
  • Know your true nature
  • What gave you joy as a child?
  • Worksheet: Experience a new zest for life with your inner child
  • Become a loving adult
  • Worksheet: How Should My Loving Adult Behave?
  • MEDITATION: Becoming a loving adult


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