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9/11 and the consequences in pop music IV.: A selection discography













T h oma s P hle ps

The following discography offers only a small excerpt from the 9/11 music production and its aftermath. Only to a very small extent, for example, are songs from music portals, which are primarily equipped by amateurs to semi-professionals, for free downloading of MP3s or other audio formats (such as MP3.com, Iuma.com, Soundclick.com or Besonic.com) - here The most obvious evidence is the volatility of the Internet, as many of these around 1300 songs (and some of the songs listed below) can no longer be accessed via their former addresses due to the change in ownership of the MP3.com domain, the largest of these portals (see p. 64). These sometimes very amateur-like music productions were put online mainly in the first months after 9/11 and in the context of the Afghan war; at the time of the worsening Iraq crisis resp. the US war preparations, so in February / March 2003 the WorldWideWeb developed into an alternative publication option for professionals who uncensored their committed protest songs, without a commercial background and preferably in MP3 format, to all interested parties via their own homepages and - very much fast - made numerous music portals freely accessible, mostly in MP3 format.

The discographical subdivisions into Tribute, Pro War or Anti War songs are more for orientation and do not want to put the songs in drawers. It is not uncommon for these classifications to be determined less by the song itself than by the attributions surrounding it. The discographic information is sorted as follows:

Artist (s): song resp. Album title (sound carrier format, date of publication or date of composition or recording) [genre] [Internet address for music and / or text or just for further information; not applicable to CD releases by well-known artists].


The publication date 2001 refers of course, unless otherwise noted, to the time after September 11th. The genre assignments are usually made like a woodcut (pop, rock, folk, country, hip-hop), more specific ones are based on assignments indicated by the performers themselves.

1 . S e p t e m b e r 2 0 0 1 - D e z e m b e r 2 0 0 2

(9/1 1, A f g h a n i s t a n k r i e g...)

1.1 songs about 9/11

Renae Angeroth: "Another Day" (mp3, 2002) [Pop] [http://www.beyond9-11.org/ angeroth.htm].

Anthrax: "Refuse To Be Denied" (CD We've Come For You All; Dec. 2002) [Metal]. Anti-C: "Buddy Buddy (Well, Well, Well, My Michel)" (MP3 / Flash animation, 2002)

[HipHop] [http://www.delcanton.com/cds/kaneandsalem.asp; http: // www. ericblumrich.com/buddy.html].

Lisa Apatini: "Awakening" (MP3, 2001) [Folk] [http://www.lisaapatini.com]. Bon Jovi: "Undivided" (CD Bounce, Oct. 2002) [Pop].

Jeremy Borum: "Out Of Tune" (MP3, September 12, 2001) [Folk] [http: //jborum.crosswinds. net / description.html].

Jim Boyd: "September Morning" / "One Day In America" ​​(MP3, 2002) [Folk] [http://www.thunderwolfrecords.com/tribute.htm].

Busta Rhymes feat. Meka: "It Ain't Safe No More ..." (CD It Ain't Safe No More, Nov. 2002) [HipHop].

Cam'Ron feat. Jay-Z & Juelz Santana: "Welcome To New York" (CD Come Home

With Me, May 2002) [HipHop].

Capleton: "Red Red Red" / "Guerilla Warfare" (CD Still Blazin, Feb. 2002) [Reggae].

The Cheapmunks (with Jack Asscroft): "Remember September 12th" (MP3, 2002) [›Humor‹ -Country] [http://www.bluecanyonproductions.com/satire.html]. Cher: "(This Is A) Song For The Lonely" (CD single / video, March 2002) [Pop]. Cranberries: "New New York" (CD Stars: The Best of 1992-2002, Sept. 2002) [Rock]. Wes Davey: "New York City Rain (On September 11th, God Cried Too)" (MP3, November 20.

2001) [Folk] [http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/91/wes_davey.html].

Ethan Daniel Davidson: "September 11 - The Day The Universe Changed" September 15, 2001; CD The Bootleg Series Vol. 1, 2002) [Folk].

Garrett Dutton [by G. Love & Special Sauce]: "On 9.11.01" (MP3, 2001; CD Various Artists: Bands For America, 11/13/2001) [Acoustic Rock].

Eminem: "Business" (CD The Eminem Show, June 2002) [HipHop]. Mark Erelli: "The Only Way" (EP The Only Way, 2001) [Folk Rock]. Five For Fighting: "Superman (It's Not Easy)" (CD single, Sept. 2001) [Pop]. Radney Foster: "Everyday Angel" (CD Another Way To Go, Aug. 2002)

[Country pop].

Ricardo Franco: "Tribute To FDNY" (MP3, September 23, 2001) [Folk] [http: //artists.mp3s. com / artists / 497 / ricardo_franco.html].

Kirk Franklin feat. Bishop T.D. Jakes: "911" (CD The Rebirth Of Kirk Franklin, Feb. 2002) [R&B / Gospel].


Don Ricardo Garcia: »Rap Attack - Sept 11, 2001« (CD Out Of Egypt, 2002) [Christian Rap] [http://www.cdbaby.com/DRG3; http://donricardogarcia.com/ Page1.htm].

Pamela Goodberry: "We Will All Stand For Freedom" (CD / MP3 single, comp. September 12, 2001) [Pop] [http://www.wewillallstandforfreedom.com/download.htm]. Gorillaz & D 12 feat. Terry Hall: "911" (MP3 / Video, Nov. 2001) [HipHop] [http: //

www.emimusic-spain.com/d12_gorillaz/music.html; http: //www.emimusic- spain.com/d12_gorillaz/video.html].

Tricia Greenwood & James Robinson: "In Heaven 9-11" (MP3 / Video, comp. 9/30/2001) [Pop] [http://www.upbeats.com/inheaven911].

Kim & Reggie Harris: "Short Shift At Ground Zero" (CD Simplicity, 2002) [Gospel / Spoken Word] [http://www.kimandreggie.com/gnd_zero.htm]. John Hiatt: "New York Had Her Heart Broke" (MP3, live 11/27/2001) [Folk] [http: //


Bob Holiday: "I Was There" (also under the titles "Silent Night 9-11", "Met In The Stairwell" or "The God Song" online) (CD / MP3 single, 2001) [Spoken Word with Accompaniment ] [http://www.bpfrommer.com/September~11~Song~I~ Was ~ There.htm; http://www.countrygoldusa.com/god_was_everywhere.asp]. Whitney Houston: "Don't Cry For Me" (MP3, live 2001) [R & B / Gospel] [http: // www.


Intrigued: "American Heroes (9-11-01)" (CD / MP3 single, 2002) [Pop] [http: // www. intriguedband.com].

Daniel J: "9-11 / I'm All Right" (MP3, 2002) [Pop] [http://www.danieljmusic.com/ imalrightlyrics.htm; http://framisdave.com/911tribute.htm].

JACK of all Trades [Sweden]: "Heard It On The Radio (Sept. 11th Tribute)" (MP3, September 12, 2001) [Rock] [http://www.mpulse.com/msong.asp?sID=7494; http: // www. jackofalltrades.tk].

Alan Jackson: "Where Were You (When The World Stopped Turning)" (Live Sept. 2001; CD Drive, Jan. 2002) [Country-Pop].

Kristy Jackson: "Little Did She Know (She'd Kissed A Hero)" (CD / MP3 single, 2001) [Pop] [http://www.littledidsheknow.com].

Bert Jansch: "Bright Sunny Morning" (CD Edge Of A Dream, Oct. 2002) [British Folk] KRS-One: "Tears" (CD Spiritual Minded, Jan. 2002) [HipHop].

Jennifer LaMountain: "Together We Will Stand" (MP3 / Video, 2001) [Pop] [http://www.morningsong.org/Artists/LaMountain/_videos/Together/Together.html]. Joaquim Lé: »Nine Eleven« (MP3, 2001) [Rock] [http://www.grafix.net/musica/


Lil 'Romeo: "We Can Make It Right" (CD Game Time, Dec. 2002) [HipHop].

Jim Lesses [Australia]: "Night Falls Over Manhattan" (CD Sometimes I Wake Up

Naked, July 2002) [Folk] [http://www.jimlesses.com/manhattan.html].

Live: »Overcome« (CD single, September 18, 2001) [Pop].

Scott Loeb: "September 11th" (MP3, 2001) [Folk] [http://www.mp3.com/ scottloeb; http://www.geocities.com/sldice/sept11.html].

William McMillan [Canada]: "Side By Side" (MP3, comp. 12-14.9.2001) [Folk] [http://www.billmcmillan.com/Tribute].

Natasha Miller: "Eleventh Of September, 2001" (CD Her Life, 2002) [Folk] [http: // www.natashamiller.net/html/lyrics/7_11thsept.htm].

Masterminds: "September In New York" (CD Stone Soup, Feb. 2002) [HipHop]. Brett Michaels [from Poison]: "One More Day" (comp. Dec. 2001; CD Songs Of Life;

May 2003) [Acoustic Pop].

Benjamin Milburn & Nu'Dae: "You Can Be Free (A Song For America)" (CD single, 2002) [Christian Pop with documentary].


Jon Nolan: "Eleven September" (MP3, comp. 14.9.2001) [Folk] [http: // eleven septembersong.com].

Danny O'Flaherty & Khaetidawne Quirk: »Angel Fireman« (CD single; CD Heroes, 2002) [Celtic Folk] [http://www.celticnationsworld.com/mall/music-CDs-Doflaherty.asp; http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/oflaherty3].

Elias Ortiz & Danny Mellado: "September 11th, 2001" (MP3, 2002) [Pop with Documentary] [http://scootiemusic.tripod.com].

Tom Pacheco: "Heroes" (CD There Was A Time, Sept. 2002) [Folk] [http: // www. talentconnections.com/artists.shtml].

Papa Roach: "Lovehatetragedy" (CD Lovehatetragedy, June 2002) [Rock]. Dolly Parton: "Hello God" (CD Halos & Horns, July 2002) [Country].

Tom Paxton: The Bravest (2001; CD Looking For The Moon, Oct. 2002) [Folk] [http://www.efolkmusic.com/viewartist.asp?artist=Tom+Paxton].

Al Petrone: "This New York" (CD Once Upon A Song, 2001) [Folk] [http: // www. alpetrone.com].

Alan Pitts: September 11, 2001 (A Tribute To The World Trade Center) (MP3, 2001) [Pop] [http://www.mirc-colors.com/wtcsong.html].

Greg Poulos: "9-11" (MP3, 2001) [Folk] [http://groundzero.nyc.ny.us/memoirs/9-11-song].

Dolly Rappaport: How Could This Happen? 9-11-01 "(MP3, 2001) [Soft Rock] [http://www.besonic.com/BeSonic/User/0,4675,g0r0l0t0o1i423787,FF.html]. Suzzy & Maggie Roche: "New York City" (CD Zero Church, Jan. 2002) [Folk]

[http://www.roches.com/suzzy; http://www.redhouserecords.com/157.html]. Rush: "Peaceable Kingdom" (CD Vapor Trails, May 2002) [Rock].

Sackcloth2joy: "September Days" (CD Reflections, June 2002) [Christian Pop] [http://www.sackcloth2joy.com/reflections.htm].

Les Sampou: "September 11th: A Tribute" (MP3, 2002; comp. In the week after September 11, 2001) [Folk] [http://www.lessampou.com/song-september11.html]. Carlos Santana feat. Placido Domingo: "Novus" (CD Shaman, Oct. 2002) [Pop]. Second Sight: "When Freedom Reigns" (CD / MP3 single, 2002) [Pop] [http: // www.


Patti Shea: "All These Angels" (CD / MP3 single, 2002) [Pop] [http: //www.pattishea. com].

Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder: "Weapon Of Prayer (In Honor And Memory Of September 11, 2001)" (Single CD / MP3, 2002) [Country] [http: // www. skaggsfamilyrecords.com/weaponofprayer].

Michael W. Smith: "There She Stands" (CD single; CD Worship Again, 2002) [Christian Pop] [http://www.reunionrecords.com/mws/see/thereshestands/ stands.htm].

Soulfly: "9-11-01" (CD Soulfly 3, June 2002) [One Minute of Silence].

Tracy Stephens: "9-11" (CD The Road I'm On, 2001) [Blues Rock] [http: // www. tracystephens.net].

Wayne Tate: "Well Done" (MP3, Aug. 2002) [Christian Folk] [The story of Reverend Al Braca, who died while leading a group in prayer during the World Trade Center collapse; http://www.mymusicdog.com/artist/music_dog_artist.html]. Holt Vaughn: "Twin Towers (Song For America)" (MP3, 2001) [Folk Rock] [http: //


Minnie Villanueva & Jose A. Maymon: "Forever To Remember (In Remembrance Of September 11, 2001)" (MP3, comp. 14.9.2001) [Pop] [http: //www.freewebs. com / forever_to_remember].

Voices Of Hope [All-Star Assembly]: "In God We Trust" (CD Various Artists: Dove


Morris Walker: "The Twins: A Song For America" ​​(MP3, comp. 13.9.2001) [Folk] [http://www.stevemartinmagicyears.com/Enduring_freedom/twins_words.htm]. Van Walworth: "The Army Of 9-1-1" (comp. 11.9.2001; CD United We Will Stand,

Oct. 2001) [Country] [http://www.tapestryrecords.com/music.htm].

Rick Weaver: "Till The End (In Memory of those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001)" (MP3, 2001) [Folk] [http://ricktunes.com/Songs/Audio/till_the_end_ audio.htm].

Michelle Williams [from Destiny's Child]: "Better Place (9.11)" (CD Hearts To Yours, March 2002) [Gospel / R'n'B].

Andrew WK: "I Love NYC" (CD I Get Wet, Nov. 2001) [Rock].

Wu-Tang Clan: "Rules" / "Back In The Game" (CD Iron Flag, December 2001) [HipHop]. Zay Zay: "America's Cry" (CD / MP3 single, 2002) [HipHop] [http: //www.cdbaby.

com / cd / zayzay; http://www.zayzay.com/zzmusic.html].

D. Ziems: "The Ballad Of John O'Neill" (MP3, Sept. 2002) [Folk] [http: // www. failureisimpossible.com/essays/oneill.htm].

1.2 Longplay CDs with 9/11 reference

Laurie Anderson: Live At Town Hall New York City September 19-20, 2001 (Double CD, Sept. 2002) [Experimental].

Tracks: "Here With You", "Statue Of Liberty", "Let X = X", "Sweaters", "My Compensation", "Washington Street", "Pieces And Parts", "Strange Angels", "Dark Angel" , Wildebeests, One Beautiful Evening, Poison, Broken, Progress, Animals, Life On A String, Beginning French, O Superman, Slip Away, White Lily "," Puppet Motel "," Love Among The Sailors "," Coolsville ".

Steve Earle: Jerusalem (CD, Sept. 2002) [country rock].

Tracks: “Ashes to Ashes”, “Amerika v. 6.0 (The Best We Can Do) ”,“ Conspiracy Theory ”,“ John Walker's Blues ”,“ The Kind ”,“ What's A Simple Man To Do? ”,“ The Truth ”,“ Go Amanda ”,“ I Remember You "," Shadowland "," Jerusalem ". Pearl Jam: Riot Act (CD, Nov. 2002) [Grunge] ..

Tracks: "Can't Keep", "Save You", "Love Boat Captain", "Cropduster", "Ghost", "I Am Mine", "Thumbing My Way", "You Are", "Get Right", "Green Disease", "Help Help", "Bushleaguer", "1/2 Full", "Arc", "All Or None".

Sleater-Kinney: One Beat (CD, Aug 2002) [Rock].

Tracks: “One Beat”, “Far Away”, “Oh!”, “The Remainder”, “Light-Rail Coyote”, “Step Aside”, “Combat Rock”, “Oxygen”, “Funeral Song”, “Prisstina "," Hollywood Ending "," Sympathy ".

Bruce Springsteen: The Rising (CD, July 2002) [Rock].

Tracks: "Lonesome Day", "Into The Fire", "Waitin 'On A Sunny Day", "Countin' On A Miracle", "Nothing Man", "Empty Sky", "Worlds Apart", "Let's Be Friends ( Skin To Skin) ”,“ Further Up The Road ”,“ The Fuse ”,“ Mary's Place ”,“ You're Missing ”,“ The Rising ”,“ Paradise ”,“ My City Of Ruins ”.

Suicide: American Supreme (CD, Oct. 2002) [Electronic / Noise] [http: // www. suicide.tv/av_content.html].

Tracks: "Televised Executions", "Misery Train", "Swearin 'To The Flag", "Beggin' For Miracles", "American Mean", "Wrong Decisions", "Death Machine", "Power Au Go-Go", "Dachau, Disney, Disco", "Child, It's A New World", "I Don't Know". Various Artists: 911 AMERIKA (CD, May 2002) [HipHop].

Tracks: Zachary Self: "Front & Center", Wise Proof, Annie J., Gabriel, Castro: "Bloody Rain", Ace, Redeye, WD4D, Scene, E-Rok: "The Conference", Yirim Seck, Monk-Wordsmith , Tom Gray: "Situations Critical," Michelle Mukai:


Strange Days, September 11th, 2001 (Interlude) ft. The voices of Medusa, Cornel West & Malcolm X, Rajnii, Zachary, Gabriel: Assist Us, Vitamin D, Silas Blak, H-Bomb: The Aftermath ", El Saba:" God Bless Humanity ", Khalil Crisis:" Centurion "," Interlude ", E-Real Asim & Surge Spitable:" Karma ", Influenz:" Blind (Head Of The Snake) ", Castro, Silas Blak, Kylea, Specs, Wise Proof: "A Call To Arms", One Family: "Beginnings, Isiah 2: 4".

Various Artists: Love Songs For New York, Wish You Were Here (CD, April 2002) [http://www.villagevoice.com/lovesongs].

Tracks: Moby: "Memory Gospel", Cornershop: "Returning From The Wreckage", Mekons: "I Love The Big Apple", Joseph Arthur: "Build Back Up", Moe Tucker: "Fired Up", Andrew WK: "I Love NYC ", Hydraulic Funk with Afrikaa Bambaataa:" Lay Down Candles In The Rain ", Ari Upp:" Don't Say Nothing Bad About NY ", Sheila Chandra:" 11 ", Hakim:" Hava Habiby ", Gogol Bordello: “Baro Faro”, Uri Caine: “New York, New York”, Loudon Wainwright III: “No Sure Way”, The Du-Tels: “We're Still Here”, Atmosphere: “Summer Song”, Baaba Maal: “ Djirabi ", Matthew Shipp:" Amazing Grace ", Lenny Dee:" Xtreme Terror ".

1.3 Tribute songs

All Star Tribute: "What's Going On?" (CD single, Oct. 2001) [Pop] (Benefiting the survivors of September 11; CD with Christina Aguilera, Backstreet Boys, Mary J. Blige, Bono, Destiny's Child, P Diddy , Jermaine Dupri, Fred Durst, Eve, Nona Gaye, Darren Hayes, J-Lo, Alicia Keys, Aaron Lewis, Nas, Nelly, N'Sync, Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani, Michael Stipe and others).

AMJaz: "Aftermath WTC" (MP3, 2002) (Benefiting the American Red Cross relief effort for NYC and DC) [Blues] [http://www.artvilla.com/aaapoetry; http: // www.besonic.com/User/0,1391,g0r0l1t0o0i413258,FF.html].

ArlaVeer: »WTC 911« (CD single, 2001) [Electronica with documentary] (Benefiting the American Red Cross) [http://stations.mp3s.com/stations/233/september_11_ tribute.html].

Lucie Arnaz: "Heaven Knows" (CD single, 2001) [Pop] (Benefiting the World Trade Center Twin Towers Fund) [http://www.luciearnaz.com/lyrics.html].

Bob Barbuto: "Standing Tall" (CD / MP3 single, 2001) [Pop] (Benefiting the UFAWCF - United Firemens Association Widows and Children Fund) [http: // dynrec. com / wtc].

Laura Baron: "We Will Stand Together" (CD single, 2001) [Folk] (Benefiting a charitable relief fund) [wewillstandtogether.com].

Chris Barron [by Spin Doctors]: "We're All New Yorkers Now" (CD single, 2001) [Rock] (Benefiting the Twin Towers Fund) [http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/ chrisbarron2].

Diana Belkowski & Dan Tramon: "We Rise From Ashes" (CD single, 2002) [Pop] (Benefiting The Twin Towers Fund) [http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/dianandan; http://www.werisefromashes.com].

Carvelli: "New York Angels" (CD single, 2001) [Rap with R&B] (Benefiting the Red Cross Fund for the victims and their families affected by the New York attack on September 11, 2001) [http: // www. carvelli.com/index2.html].

Catholic Artists for Relief: “You Are Not Alone” (CD single / video, released Oct. 2001) [Pop] (Benefiting The Armed Services YMCA Pentagon Survivors Fund) [“Song of the Year”, “Group of the Year” ‹And another 8 of the Catholic UNITY Awards 2002; http://www.catholicmusicnetwork.com/profiles/CatholicArtistsForRelief.htm]. Mark Cicero: "Our Heroes Are Crying" (MP3, 2002) [Folk] (Benefiting the UFA


David Clayton-Thomas: "The Lights Of Broadway" (EP, 2002) [Rock] (Benefiting the September 11 Widows and Victims Families Association) [http: // www. davidclaytonthomas.com].

Daryl Jr. Cline & Friends: "Give Them Wings" (CD single, 2001) [Rock] (Benefiting Funds for victims of Sept. 11th) [http://www.jrcline.com/Benefit.html]. Judy Collins: "Kingdom Come - The Fireman's Song" (MP3 purchase, 2001) [Folk]

(Benefiting the Uniformed Fire Fighters Scholarship Association Fund) [http://www.judycollins.com/9-11-mp3Download.html].

Jessie Allen Cooper: 9-11-2001 (CD, 2002) [Electronica with documentary] (Benefiting the Jessie Allen Cooper Children's Fund, which will help to bring the arts back to public schools) [http://www.nowgetcreative.com/911cd.htm].

Tracks: "Mayor Of New York", "Out Of The Shadows", "Re-Mix / President Of USA", Lament "," Flight 11 "," Aspects Of The Heart "," Dark Tuesday "," Wednesdays Reflection, "" The End Of Innocence, "" A Meditation, "" Mystery Of Iniquity, "" Prayer For Peace ".

Sharon Costello: "Follow In Your Footsteps" (CD single, 2002) [Pop] (Benefiting the International Firefighters Fund of America) [http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/ sharon2].

Jim Coyne: "A Sacrifice So Dear (The Firefighter Song)" (CD / MP3 single) [Irish Folk] (Benefiting NYC Fire Dept. widows and children) [http://www.geocities.com/ firefightersong].

Jim DiSpirito & Carol Lee Espy: "Circle Of Love" (CD single, 2001) [Rock] (Bene-fiting Denis Leary's ›Fireman's Fund for New York's Bravest‹) [http: // www. cdbaby.com/cd/dispirito].

Kitty Donohoe: "There Are No Words" (CD / MP3 single, released September 20, 2001) [Folk-Pop] (Benefiting the Relief Efforts in New York City) [http: //www.kittydonohoe. com].

Allison Downey: "On The Day (September 11, 2001)" (MP3, 2001; CD Wind At Your

Back) [Folk] (Benefiting The September 11th Fund) [http: //www.allisondowney.


For Kids Only: "Light A Candle For The Child" (CD single, 2001) [A-Cappella-Pop] (Benefiting the children of the victims of Sept. 11th and the For Kids Only Medical and Scholarship Fund) [http : //for-kids-only.org/candle.htm].

Foundry & 60 Firefighters and Police: "For The Rest Of My Life" (Single-CD / MP3, 2001) [Pop] (Benefiting the Twin Towers Fund) [http://www.september11-tribute.org/Music/ForTheRestOfMyLife .htm].

Gashouse feat. Tony Priscaro: "God Bless The USA 2001" (CD / MP3 single, 2001) [Pop] (Benefiting the Salvation Army's Disaster Relief Fund) [http: // www. ligonier.com/gashouseannie/usa.html].

Lauren Gibbs: "American Pride" (Single-CD / MP3, 2001) [Pop] (Benefiting Families of Freedom, helping the children and spouses of the victims of the September 11, 2001 ›Attack on America‹ realize their educational dreams) [ http: // www. standtogether.net].

Gotham Artists: "911" (CD single / MP3, Oct. 2001) [Pop] (Benefiting the American Red Cross) [http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/315/gotham_artists.html].

Tara Greico: "Patriots Day Anthem" (CD single, 2002) [Hymn] (Benefiting the widows and orphans of the Police, Firemen, and EMS Workers who died in the line of duty due to the terrorist attacks on September 11th) [ http: // www. patriotsdayanthem.com; http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/taragreico].

Gary Harvey: "911" (single CD / MP3, released September 12, 2001) [Folk Rock] (Benefiting the NY Firefighters Fund) [http://www.celebritydirect.org/harvey/911.htm].


Topp Hennessee: "September Sky" (CD single, 2001) [Folk] (Benefiting the Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund, set up to help the children and spouses of the victim's of the September 11, 2001 attacks) [http: // www.topphennessee. com / html / index.html].

Michael Jackson & Friends: "What More Can I Give" (live video, benefit concert

United We booth on October 21, 2001 at RFK Stadium, Washington D.C.) [Pop].

Mo Jingles: "Message From Above" (MP3, 2001) [Pop] (Benefiting the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund) [http://www.mojingles.com/911tribute.htm]. Kenny G: "Auld Lang Syne (Freedom Mix)" (maxi single, Nov. 2002) [saxophone with

Documentary] (Benefiting the NY Fire Fighters).

Phillip Kohberger: "Rainbow On Blue" (CD single, 2002) [Pop] (Benefiting the Tribute in Light and the 9 / 11WTC Relief Fund) [http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/ phillipk].

Surrey Lane: "Love Must Grow" (single CD / MP3, 2001; comp. 11.9.2001) [Folk] (Be-nefiting the Chris Dunne Foundation) [http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/surreylane] . Richard Lawton and Track 9 Band: "Nine Eleven (Tribute To Heroes)" (MP3, 2001)

[Rock] (Benefiting the 9-11 Relief Fund) [http://www.lawtonstudios.com/NINE_ ELEVEN.html].

Paul McCartney: "Freedom" (CD single, November 5, 2001) [Pop].

Kelvin McGee: "We'll Raise Our Flag" (CD single, 2001) [pop with documentary] (Benefiting the Red Cross Fund) [http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/mcgee].

Bette Midler: "Wind Beneath My Wings" (MP3, 2001) [Pop] (Tribute to the men and women of the New York City Fire Department, produced by Tim Pilcher of Premiere Radio Networks) [http: //www.z995. com / america / default.asp]. Mr. Food: "Freedom Is Calling" (CD / MP3 single, 2001) [Pop] (Benefiting the

American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund) [http://www.athomewithmrfood.com/ freediscaltr.html].

Gordon Munding: "A Song To New York" (CD / MP3 single, 2001) [Rock] (Benefiting the World Trade Center Relief Fund) [http://www.dynrec.com/dhblues.html]. Rick Mundy: "Time Stood Still" / "Freedom Rings" (CD single, 2001) [Country]

(Benefiting the Firefighters National Trust) [http://timestoodstill.org]. John Murphy: "Merry Christmas Angel" (CD single, rel. December 20, 2001) [Pop]

(Bene-fitting the World Trade Center Relief Found) [http://www.taylormademusic.net/html / merry_christmas_angel.html].

Mark Nelson: "Knocking On Heaven's Door" (CD single, 2001) [Pop] (Benefiting the New York Fire Fighters 9-11 Disaster Relief Fund) [http://www.cdbaby.com/ cd / iaffhelp].

New York State Court Officers: God Bless America - United We Stand - 9-11-01 (CD, 2002) [Pop] (Benefiting the Court Families Assistance Fund) [http: // www. cdbaby. com / cd / uws].

Tracks: "Raise A Flag", Goodbye, "Stand Strong", "United We Stand", "One September Day".

Merrill Osmond: America (CD single / live video, Dec 2001) [Rock] (Benefiting the Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund) [http://www.merrillosmond.com/america.html].

Dani Owens & Amy Sheehy: "My Country" (CD single, Oct. 2001) [Children's Choir] (Benefiting the American Red Cross Relief Effort for victims of the attacks) [http://www.kidsofamerica.org/#].

Tod Pierce: "Ground Zero" (CD single, 2002) [Rock] (Benefiting the Twin Towers Orphans Fund) [http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/todpierce].


JC Tubbs & The PSA [Portland Songwriter's Association] Chorus: "Yes We Can!" (Single CD / MP3, 2002) [Folk] (Benefiting the WPI Fireman's Fund) [http: // www. cdbaby.com/cd/jctubbs2; http://artists.iuma.com/IUMA/Bands/JC_Tubbs,_ The_Tumbleweed_Troubadour / index-1.html].

The Chamber-Made Brigade: "The Fireman Song (The Ballad of Mike Moran)" (CD / MP3 single, 2002) [Irish Folk] (Benefiting New York Relief efforts, and Fire & Rescue / survivors funds) [http: / /www.firemansong.com].

Benjamin Wagner: "Crash Site" (CD single, Sept. 2001) [Folk Rock] (Benefiting the United Way's September 11th Fund) [http://www.benjaminwagner.com; http: // www.cdbaby.com/cd/benjaminwagnersgl].

1.4 Tribute Compilations

Artists World Trade Center Relief Fund: We Will Never Forget (MP3-CD, 2001) [http://stations.mp3s.com/stations/233/artists_world_trade_center_rel.html]. Documentaries / tracks: ›World Trade Center Eyewitness Report 1‹, Nick Jason: »The City (World Trade Center Tribute)«, ›World Trade Center Eyewitness Report 2‹, Gani-mead: »09-11-2001«, ›Archbishop of Canterbury Homily 9-14-01, Deliciound: In Memorium, September 11th 2001, Forrest Lee Jr .: God Bless America (9-11-2001 Tragedy), AutoCad: Let's Try Again, President Bush - National Memorial Service, Alba Zone: Miss You, One Congressperson Votes for Peace, Robert Thomson: September 11, 2001, Project 12:01: September 11th Lament, The Lord's Prayer - UK Memorial Service ‹.

United Synthpop Artists: A Tribute To America (CD, 2001) (Benefiting the September 11th Fund of the United Way) [http://www.twothousandbc.com/ tribute.html].

Tracks: Project 12:01: “September 11th Lament”, Ganymede: “After The Fall (New York Mix)”, Monolithic: “Goodbye (For Now)”, NukleoN: “Infidel”, Madmen in Vienna: “These Strange Times ", Empire State Human:" Stare (Skintone Mix) ", Wave in Head:" Criminal Ballad ", Blind Before Dawn:" United For A Day (Eloquent Mix) ", Etherstrings:" Heavens Cry ", Cosmicity:" The Perfect Shape ”, The Silent Wave:“ Far Away ”, Selected Area:“ Anywhere (2001 Mix) ”, OCCUPANT:“ Stand Strong (Synomatic Mix) ”, Tony Reed:“ America At War; Gary Flanagan: "Hope Will Survive", Piper: "Proclamation (Funk-it-up Bush Mix)", Loveless: "Wishing 2001".

Various Artists: America: A Tribute To Heroes (Live double CD, December 4, 2001) (Benefit concert on September 21, 2001 in parallel in New York and Los Angeles, broadcast live from over 8000 television and radio stations. Benefiting the United Way's September 11th Telethon Fund).

Tracks: Bruce Springsteen: "My City Of Ruins", Stevie Wonder feat. Take 6: “Love's In Need Of Love Today”, U2: “Walk On”, Faith Hill: “There Will Come A Day”, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers: “I Won't Back Down”, Enrique Iglesias: “Hero ", Neil Young:" Imagine, "Alicia Keys:" Someday We'll All Be Free, "Limp Bizkit with John Rzeznick [by Goo Goo Dolls]:" Wish You Were Here, "Billy Joel:" New York State Of Mind ", Dixie Chicks:" I Believe In Love, "Dave Matthews: Everyday," Wyclef Jean: "Redemption Song," Mariah Carey: "Hero," Bon Jovi: "Livin 'On A Prayer," Sheryl Crow: "Safe And Sound ", Sting:" Fragile ", Eddie Vedder:" Long Road ", Paul Simon:" Bridge Over Troubled Water ", Celine Dion:" God Bless America ", Willie Nelson:" America The Beautiful ".

Various Artists: Bands For America (CD, 11/13/2001) (Benefiting the September 11th Fund of the United Way) [http://www.freshtracksmusic.com/CDoM/bfa. asp? typeid = 5 & monthid = 0].


Inside ", OAR:" Hold On True ", Dispatch:" Passerby ", Sonia Dada:" Ain't Life For The Living ", Cary Pierce & Friends:" I Believe In America ", Graham Colton:" Save Me ", Virginia Coalition: "Luminiferous Ether", Domestic Problems: "James Francis", Strangefolk: "Go To A Show", King Konga: "Something Good", Lucky Town: "Dirty Shoes", Pepper's Ghost: "Sad, Sad Song" , Smartbomb: "Movie Of The Week", The Booda Velvets: "Staring At The Sun", Slightly Stoopid: "Wiseman", Garrett Dutton [from G Love & Special Sauce]: "On 11/9/01". Various Artists: Jersey's Talkin (Live-CD, released Nov. 2001) (Benefiting The NY Fire

Fighters 9-11 Disaster Relief Fund) [http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/blueskid]. Tracks: TVO Band: "Moondance", Pozzatorti: "Let Me Love You", B.B. & The Stingers: "Haunted House", The Alice Project: "A Room of Our Own", Yasgur's Farm: "Open Invitation", Billy Hector: "Beast of Burden", The Joe Morrison Experience: "Superstition", Hot Sauce: Love Struck, Mango Brothers: Jersey Girl, Floyd Phillips & The Mudflaps: Mojo, Bernie Worrell & The Woo Warriors: Biological Speculation, OA's Sunday Night House Jam Band: Matchbox, The Alice Project: "Goodbye Old Friend".

Various Artists: Let Freedom Sing: A Kansas City Tribute to the Heroes of

September 11, 2001 (CD, Nov 2001) (Benefiting Heart to Heart International)


Tracks: Connie Dover: "Amazing Grace", Ida McBeth & The 24-member KC Chorale Choir: "Battle Hymn Of The Republic", Angela Hagenbach: "America", The Shenanigans: "Danny Boy", Kimberly Lord: "Inch By Inch; Bukeka Shoals: "I'll Light A Candle In Your Name," Independence Messiah Choir: "Star Spangled Banner," KC Chorale: "Sing Me To Heaven," Danny Cox & Children of New Chelsea Elementary in Kansas City: "The Beauty Of Diversity ", Danny Cox:" Angels Of The Nighttime, Angels Of The Day ", Buck O'Neil:" I Believe ", All Artists:" America The Beautiful ".

Various Artists: Let's Roll: Together in Unity, Faith and Hope (CD, Sept. 2002) (Benefiting the Todd M. Beamer Foundation, which helps children affected by September 11th) [http://www.letsrollmusic.com/index.html].

Tracks: dcTalk: "Let's Roll", 38th Parallel: "Horizon", James Curlin: "I Believe", Lila McCann: "Who Else Could It Be?", Jennifer Knapp: "Light Of The World", Nick Moroch & Don Potter: Interlude, Wynonna: Carry On, Nicole C. Mullen: I See You In His Eyes, Shane Minor: Don't Ask Why, Joy Williams, Jody McBrayer & James Curlin: With New Eyes ", Selah, James Curlin, & Jody McBrayer:" We'll Praise Your Name ", Chaka Khan:" Lullaby ", Pam Kenyon Snider:" How Great Thou Art ", LA Session Choir:" Our Father ", Phil Keaggy : Daily Bread, "James Curlin: The Lord's Prayer," Anointed (an all-star collective): "To You Be The Glory," Yo Yo Ma: "In His Arms."

Various Artists [Japan]: Nine Eleven Two Thousand One (CD, Jan. 2002) (Benefiting the 9.11 Fund) [Hardcore / Metal] [http://www.kentaxrecords.com/news.htm]. Tracks: Hoods: "Days In Heads", Vietnom: "Fall Out", Cold Front: "You're The One", Everybody Gets Hurt: "Home Front", Through The Discipline: "Requiem Mass", Eye 2 Eye: "Rise To Fall," 36 Deadly Fists: "Locked Away," Sworn Enemy: "Pain," Vic20: "Tainted Loins," Mack Demon: "Can't Stop Won't Stop," Full Blown Chaos: "It Remains ", Awkward Thought:" Pulled By A Chain ", Strength For A Reason:" Not Forgotten ", Boxcutter:" Worldwide ", 5 Minute Major:" Trust ", One 4 One:" Tomorrows Dawn ", No Redeeming Social Value: Old-E Fever, Eyes Of Hate: Contradiction, Train Of Though: Bliss, Denied: Dear Friend, Wisdom In Chains: BFL Anthem ", On The Rise:" On The Rise ", Irate:" Always Remains ".

Various Artists: One City. A Tribute to 9/11 by over 75 Boston Area Musicians (CD, 2002) (Benefit compilation by BACBEAT: Benevolent American Coalition - Boston Entertainers Against Terrorism, proceeds go to the American Red Cross


Disaster Relief Fund) [http://www.bacbeat.org/onecity.htm].

Tracks: Boston Police Gaelic Column of Pipes and Drums: "Amazing Grace", To-ny Island etc .: "OneCity", The White Heat Swing Orchestra: "Sing, Sing, Sing", Suzanne Clark etc .: "Courage My Soul (Faith In Action) ", Sal Difusco:" Live Free Or Die ", Denis Montgomery and the Denis Montgomery Choir:" My Country Tis of Thee ", Joe Galeota etc.:" Drums Of A Nation ", Shirley Lewis etc .: "America the Beautiful", Kevin Harris etc .: "God Bless America", Little Joe Cook etc: "In God We Trust", Sgt. Daniel M. Clark, Richard Giglio: "The National Anthem". Various Artists: Operation Ground Hero. A Tribute To The Heroes Of NYC (CD, June

2002) (Benefit compilation by The Asian American community, proceeds go to the September 11th Fund and its efforts to assist the families directly affected by the WTC attacks) [http://www.kamikazerecords.com/groundhero/artists. html].

Tracks: Forté: "Remember The Heroes (Dedicated to the Heroes of 9-11)", Billy Crawford: "I Wish", Jocelyn Enriquez: "Faith, Hope and Prayer", Disguyz: "Our Nation In Song", Noly: "I Love", Magno: "Fall", Touch: "I Want To Live On", rb: "Dream Come True (My Hero)", 6th Day: "Your Call", April: "Stay Real", One Vo1ce : "I Don't Wanna Dance Alone", LOURDS: "America United", Rogeniv [from UZ4]: "Their Music Will Last Forever", Devotion: "So Wonderful", Funky Little Island People: "If I Can Say" , Touch: »Star-Spangled Banner«.

Various Artists: September Rising (CD, Oct. 2001) (Benefiting the New York Firefighters September 11 Fund) [http://www.septemberrising.com].

Tracks: Roger Dillon: "A Manhattan Day", The Doc Side: "The Eroded Man", Hiroaki Honshuku: "The View", Babz: "Your Love's The Reason", Melissa Axel: "The Worth Of Things", Edison Suit : "Metaphysical Vertigo", Oxygenhose: "Flight 93 (Don't Tread On Me)", Christina Sanders: "New Day", David Akina: "Climb", Jerry Summers: "Tocado", Dennis Kambury: "Requiem IXXI" , Steve Ball: "Elegy In 9/11," Willy Dalton: "WTC911," Sweet Crystal: "Lerue Deciel," The Medicine Show: "I Heard The Bells Ring Today," Dave Hearn: "Manhattan Elegy," Zenta Sato : "Voices In The Air", Trond Bjornard: "Angels Wings", Christopher Neal: "We Will Unite".

Various Artists: Sound Relief Volume One: From CA To NYC (CD, Nov. 2001) (Bene-fitting the United Way's September 11th Fund) [http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/ soundrelief].

Tracks: Jay Buchanan: "Reborn", Wonderlove: "Fork In The Road", The Act Of Breathing In: "Invincible", Sense Field: "First Things First", Square: "Better", Astoria: "Electricity", Cheswick : "First Things Last," The Killingtons: "Tie Me Under," Campground Effect: "Behavioral Modification Program," Limbeck: "Why Don't You Just Leave Already?", Rachael Cantu: "Best Wishes," Ryan Ferguson [ by No Knife]: "Parachute", online drawing: "With God On Our Side".

Various Artists: Tears Of A Thousand Years (CD, 11/19/2001) (Benefit compilation by the Canadian Musicians September 11th Relief Foundation, proceeds go to the the New York State and Salvation Army (September 11th Relief Funds) [http://www.tearsofathousandyears.com/home.html].

Tracks: Valdy: "When Peace Came To The Valley", Lynn Harrison: "Laugh Myself To Sleep", Brent Titcomb: "I Still Wish The Very Best For You", Scott Cameron Smith: "If It's A Long Way Home", David Bradstreet: "Tears Of A Thousand Years," Katherine Wheatley: "My Last Breath," Stan Rogers: "Jamie," James Gordon: "Bomb Them With Butter," Randy Uberig: "Once It's Gone," The Laws: " Willow And The Dove, Don Bray: Burning In The Streets, Doug McArthur: Justice, Eileen McGann: Wisdom Guide Me, Aengus Finnan: Lately, Fireweed: Heaven's Restaurant, Tim Harrison: Prayer Watching ", Paul Langille:" There Is A Time ", D'Arcy Wickham:" In The Blink Of An Eye ", John Gracie:" Pass It On ", Susan Crowe:" When The Day Is Over ".


Various Artists: The Canvas Remembers September 11 (CD, Sept. 2002) [Folk / Pop] (Benefit compilation by California Songwriters, proceeds go to inner-city children and the arts in New York City: Free Arts For Abused Children, NYC and Midori & Friends) [http://discmakers.com/september11; http: //www.cdbaby. com / cd / september11].

Tracks: Natasha Miller: Eleventh Of September 2001, Austin Willacy: Red White And Blue, Wendy Beckerman: You Never Know, Brad Wilcox: World Trembles, Stacy Kray: They Traded The World, Neil Rutman: "I Was Born An Hour Ago", Linda Hirschhorn: "Born 9/11/85", Ken Kingsbury and Eric Weiss: "Where Eagles Dare", Think of England: "Alive", Paul Manousos: "World Interrupted ", John O'Brien: September 13", Lynn Bobby: "Dark Days", Glass House: "Build A Bridge", KC Bowman: "The Super Bad Report".

Various Artists: The Concert For New York City (Live double CD, 11/27/2001) (Benefit concert on October 20th, 2001 at Madison Square Garden, NYC; initiated by Paul McCartney. Benefiting the NYPD, FDNY and rescue workers).

Tracks: David Bowie: "America" ​​/ "Heroes", Bon Jovi: "Livin 'on a Prayer" / "Wanted Dead Or Alive" / "It's My Life", Jay-Z: "Izzo (HOVA)", Goo Goo Dolls: "American Girl", Billy Joel: "Miami 2017" / "New York State Of Mind", Destiny's Child: "Emotion" / "Gospel Medley", Eric Clapton (feat. Buddy Guy): "I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man, Adam Sandler: Operaman, Backstreet Boys: Quit Playing Games With My Heart, Mick Jagger & Keith Richards: Salt Of The Earth / Miss You, Mike Moran: FDNY, The Who : "Who Are You" / "Baba O'Riley" / "Won't Get Fooled Again", Melissa Etheridge: "Come To My Window" / "Born To Run", James Taylor: "Fire And Rain" / "Up On The Roof, "John Mellencamp:" Peaceful World, "Pink (feat. Kid Rock):" Houses, "Five For Fighting:" Superman (It's Not Easy), "Elton John:" Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters, "Paul McCartney: "I'm Down" / "Yesterday" / "Let It Be" / "Freedom (Reprise)". Various Artists: The Day America Cried - Songs Of Hope For A Unified Nation (CD, 10/23/2001) [Rock] (Benefiting the American Red Cross, United Way's September 11th Fund and other related charities) [http://www.tmgmusic.com/ tmgindex.htm].

Tracks: Johnny VanZant & Jim Peterik: "The Day America Cried", Brian Anderson: "Heroes Come & Gone", Jim Peterik & World Stage feat. Johnny VanZant: "Can't Say It Loud Enough", Kevin Chalfant & Jim Peterik: "The Sum Of Our Hearts", Johnny VanZant: "Alive", Jim Peterik: "The Box", Jim Peterik & World Stage feat. Don Barnes: "Changed By Love", The Storm: "Waiting For The World To Change", Jim Peterik & World Stage feat. Kelly Keagy: "Long Road Home", Ides Of March: "The National Anthem".

Various Artists: The World Will Remember - September 11th 2001 (CD, Oct. 2001) (Benefiting the Disaster Relief Efforts) [http://www.serge.org/disasterreliefCD; http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/worldremembers].

Tracks: Anne McCue: "Laughing", Patti Witten: "Call The Angels", The Alice Project: "Goodbye Old Friend", Keri Rose: "Wild Butterfly", Lady Jane Gray: "Twilight", Dave Issacs: "Here On This Shore, "Laura Diamond:" Some Days I Don't, "Jody Whitesides:" Never Say Goodbye, "Lynda Johnson:" I'll Find You, "Derrik Jordan:" Something Beautiful, "Dorothy Wallace:" There But For The Grace Of God, Tasm Lab: Demystified Disenchanted, Neglected Sheep: Time, Gravity Crush: To Remember You, Jeannie Drago: I'm Still In Love With You, Janie Short: Abide ", Pendulabellum:" Hymn ".

Various Artists: United We Stand (CD, 11/6/2001) (Benefiting the American Red Cross).

Tracks: John Lennon: "Imagine", Lee Greenwood: "God Bless The USA", The Beach Boys: "4th Of July", Brotherhood Of Man: "United We Stand", The Persuasions: "Lean On", George Throgood: "Let's Work Together," Joe Cocker:


With A Little Help From My Friends, Chris LeDoux: I Believe In America, Robbin Thompson: Wouldn't Wanna Be You, Woody Guthrie: This Land Is Your Land, Glen Campbell: God Must Have Blessed America ", The O'Jays:" I Love America ", Al Green:" Amazing Grace ", George Adams:" Star Spangled Banner ". Various Artists: vigil - n.y. songs since 9/11 (CD, April 2002) [Folk] (Benefit

compilation by Suzanne Vega & The Greenwich Village Songwriter's Exchange, proceeds go to the Jeff Hardy Memorial Fund) [http://www.vigilcd.org]. Tracks: Christine Lavin: "Firehouse", Jack Hardy: "Ground Zero", Suzanne Vega: "It Hit Home", Jon Albrink: "The Beauty Of The Day", Wendy Beckerman: "You Never Know", Bob Hillman: " World Trade Center, "Tim Robinson:" Louisa, From Her Window, "Richard Julian:" No Song, "Dawm Landes:" A Well Dressed Man, "Jack Hardy:" On A Clear Day, "Tim Robinson:" For Your Heart ", Ina-May Wool:" Box Cotters And Knives ", Bob Hillman:" Communists ", Brian Rose:" The Skyline ", Jill Gerwitz:" Been Around ", Andy Germak:" Spoonfed ", Wendy Beckerman:" Life Goes On, Noam Weinstein: Today, Amy Marie Keller: Never Forget, Frank Tedesso: When Mohammed Came To The Mountain. Various Artists: We'll Carry On (CD, May 2002) [Folk] (Benefit compilation by FDNY,

PAPD, WTC volunteers and local NYC musicians, proceeds go to 911WVFA, PAPD WTC Disaster Survivors Fund, WTC Ground Zero Relief) [http: // weststreetrecords.com; http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/wellcarryon].

Tracks: Hughie Lynch (FDNY Squad 1): "Tomorrow", Marc Blatte & David Patillo: "Hole In The Sky", Eric Milano & Chris Pickford (FDNY): "Weight Of The World", Norma Hardy (PAPD) & Valerie Ghent (WTC GZ Relief): "The Men", Greg Parr (FDNY Engine 58): "There Is A Light", Ann Klein: "Waiting For The Snow", Leni Stern: "Where Is God", Kathleen Pemble (FDNY Engine 73 spouse): "Engine 73", Tom Ferranola (FDNY Engine 167): "Sacrifice", Stanley Brown: "Whatcha Gonna Do?", Elisa Peimer: "Hope", Chris O'Brien (son of retired firefighter Chris O 'Brien Sr.): "Fly Our Flag High", Elizabeth Jordan: "Sanctified", Larry May: All American ", Rosalinde Block (Volunteer for FDNY):" The Word Is Love ", Valerie Ghent (WTC GZ Relief): "We'll Carry On".

1.5 Patriotic Songs

Blackhaw: "Days Of America" ​​(CD Spirit Dancer, Jan. 2002) [Country].

The Bob Mullins Band feat. Greg Vail: America The Beautiful / Daybreak (In Remembrance) «(CD We Remember 9.11 - America The Beautiful, August 2002) [Jazz] [http://planetmullins.com/america.htm].

Brooks & Dunn: "Only In America" ​​(CD Steers and Stripes, April 2001) [Country]. Tom Callinan & Phil Rosenthal: "These Colors Don't Run" / "America" ​​(CD single 2

Songs For America) [Folk] [http://www.crackerbarrel-ents.com/tom_flag_lyrics.


Radney Foster: "Everyday Angel" (2001, CD Another Way To Go, Aug. 2002) [Country pop].

Billy Gilman: "There's A Hero" (CD One Voice, June 2000) [Country]. Waylon Jennings: "The Eagle" (CD The Eagle, 1990) [Country].

Cledus T. Judd: "Don't Mess With America" ​​(CD Cledus Envy, April 2002) [Country; a chest-poking parody of Brooks & Dunn's "Only In America"] [http: // www. williams-bell.com/cledus/bio.html].

Kathy Mattea: "Guns Of Love" (CD Roses, July 2002) [Country].

Mark McGuinn: "More Beautiful Today" (CD single, July 2002) [Country-Pop] [http://vfrrecords.com/markmcguinn/index.htm].


Mark Michael: "America Will Rise" (CD single, 2001) [Country] [http: // www. cdbaby.com/cd/markmichael].

Jody Miller: "Liberty Man" [Country] [http://www.macromusic.com/JodyMiller/ liberty_man.html].

Craig Morgan: "God, Family And Country" (CD single, Dec. 2001) [Country-Pop]. Ike & Susan Mumpower: "America's Heroes" / "America's Tragedy" (MP3, 2001)

[Country] [http://www.tributesongs.com].

Jennifer Renee: “Light A Candle In September! (The Patriot Day Song) "(MP3, 2001) [Pop] []. Ricochet: "Freedom Isn't Free" (CD single, 2001) [Country].

Daniel Rodriguez: The Spirit Of America (CD, Feb. 2002) [Pop] [http: // www. danielrodriguezmusic.com].

Kenny Rogers: "Homeland" (CD There You Go Again, Nov. 2001) [Country].

Kay Seamayer: "Let Freedom Ring" (MP3, Sept. 2001) [Country] [http: // www. kayseamayer.com/letfreedomring.htm].

SheDaisy: "Battle Hymn Of The Republic" (CD single, 2002) [Country].

Brian Terrell: "Distant Glory" (CD single, 2002) [Country] [http: //www.lilesnet. com / patriotic / music / distant_glory.htm].

Aaron Tippin: "Where The Stars And Stripes And The Eagle Fly" (CD single, Dec. 2001) [Country] [http://www.jayp.net/stars].

Randy Travis: America Will Always Stand (CD single, Oct. 2001) [Country]. Various Artists: God Bless America: A Collection Of Songs Of Hope, Freedom &

Inspiration (CD, October 16, 2001).

Tracks: Celine Dion: "God Bless America", Bruce Springsteen: "Land of Hope and Dreams", Mariah Carey: "Hero", Tramaine Hawkins: "Amazing Grace", Bob Dylan: "Blowin 'In The Wind", Simon & Garfunkel: Bridge Over Troubled Water, John Mellencamp: Peaceful World, Billy Gilman: There's A Hero, Frank Sinatra: America The Beautiful, Lee Greenwood: God Bless The USA, Pete Seeger: This Land Is Your Land ", Gloria Estefan:" Coming Out Of The Dark ", Mahalia Jackson:" My Country 'Tis Of Thee ", The Mormon Tabernacle Choir:" The Star Spangled Banner ", Bill Withers:" Lean On Me ".

Phil Vassar: "American Child" (CD autograph, Aug. 2002) [Country].

Hank Williams Jr .: America Will Survive (CD Almeria Club, Nov. 2001) [Country].

1.6 Pro War Songs

Banastre Tarleton Band: "Attack Iraq" (MP3, 2002) [Rock] [http: //artists.mp3s. com / artists / 510 / banastre_tarleton_band.html].

The Bellamy Brothers: "Let's Roll America" ​​(CD Redneck Girl Forever, July 2002) [Country].

Canibus: "Draft Me" (CD C True Hollywood Stories, Nov. 2001) [HipHop].

Cash & Computa: "Ground Zero (In Our Hearts You Will Remain)" (CD single, Nov. 2001) [HipHop].

Charlie Daniels Band: "This Ain't No Rag It's A Flag" (CD single as an accessory to the CD

The Live Record, Sept 2001) [country rock].

Charlie Daniels Band: "The Last Fallen Hero" (CD Redneck Fiddlin 'Man, July 2002) [Country rock].

Flexxarally feat. Diehard: "War On The Terrorist ..." (MP3, 2001) [West Coast] [http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/13/flexxarally.html].

Russ Grimm: "Roll On" (MP3, 2001) [Country] [http://www.geocities.com/ grimm_y2].


Jackyl: "Open Invitation (I Hate You Bin Laden)" (MP3, Oct. 2001) [Metal] [http://www.rockmerollmejackylmeoff.com].

Toby Keith: "Courtesy Of The Red, White, & Blue (The Angry American)" (CD

Unleashed, July 2002) [Country].

R. Kelly: "Soldier's Heart" (CD single, April 2002, also April 2003) [R'n'B] (Proceeds from the sales of the single will be donated to Army Emergency Relief, an organization that provides financial assistance to active and retired soldiers and their families).

MC Hammer: "No Stoppin 'Us" (CD Active Duty, Nov. 2001; RealPlayerVideo with Documentary) [HipHop].

Mystikal: "Bouncin 'Back (Bumping Me Against The Wall)" (CD Tarantula, Dec. 2001; Video) [HipHop].

Neutronic Plague: "911 On 911" (MP3, 2002) [Rock] [http: //www.musicbroadcast. com / neutron].

Pastor Troy: "Bless America" ​​(CD Universal Soldier, Sept. 2002) [HipHop].

Neil Young: "Let's Roll" (CD single, Nov. 2001; CD Are You Passionate ?, April 2002) [Skirt].

Zoids: "Back To Baghdad" (MP3, July 2002) [Blues Rock] [http://artists.mp3s.com/ artists / 63 / zoids.html].

1.7 Osama bin Laden / Taliban songs

A Lesbian Nomad: “Hey! Mr Taliban ”(MP3, 2001) [parody Harry Belafonte:“ The Banana Boat Song ”] [http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/323/a_lesbian_nomad. html].

Johnny America: "I Wanna Barbecue Bin Laden" (MP3, 2001) [Country] [http://www.geocities.com/jonnodonnis2000/TalibanTop10.html].

Bigfins: "The Taliban Can" (MP3, 2001) [Parody Sammy Davis Jr .: "The Candyman Can"] [http://www.bigfins.com/taliban56.htm].

Cosmic Impressions…: "Osama Yo Momma" (MP3-CD The Eagle's Pissed Off !!, 2002) [Electronica] [http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/131/cosmic_impressions.html]. Johnny Crass: "Bomb Osama" (MP3, 2001) [Pop] [http://www.johnnycrass.com]. Scott Crazy: "Taliban Two-Step" (MP3, 2001) [Metal] [http://artists.mp3s.com/

artists / 328 / scott_crazy.html].

DADS: "50 Ways To Get Bin Laden" (MP3, 2001) [Parody Paul Simon: "50 Ways To Leave Your Lover"] [http://www.osama.be/sitemap2.htm].

De Bush Schiet Schijf: "The Taliban Can" (MP3, 2001) [Parody Sammy Davis Jr .: "The Candyman Can"] [http://www.dreamerpage.nl/binladen.htm].

Digital Love Sausage: "Osama Yo Mama" (MP3, 2001) [Heavy Metal] [http: // search. mp3.com].

Johnny Fubar: "Bin Laden's Cave" (MP3, 2001) [parody The Beatles: "Octopus's Garden"] [http://artists.iuma.com/IUMA/Bands/Fotojournalist/index-2.html]. The Graveyard Boogie Band: "Osama Yo Mama" (MP3, 2001) [Rock] [http: // artists.


Larry E. Hubbard: "Osama" / "Taliban Scat" (CD Wanted Dead Or Alive, 2002) [Country Rock] [http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/larrygmm1?].

KapEye: "Osama Yo Mama" (MP3, 2001) [›Political Humor‹] [http: //search.mp3. com].

Toby Keith & Scott Emerick: "The Taliban" (MP3, live on Bob and Tom Show 2001) [Country].

Killer Spam's Comedy Stuff: "I Wanna Bomb Osama" (MP3, 2001) [parody "La Bamba"] [http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/12/john_mammoser.html].


KOMP Rock & Roll Morning Show: "Osama Bin Laden Bomb Song" (MP3, Oct. 2001) [Parody Harry Belafonte: "The Banana Boat Song"] [http://www.osama.be/ sitemap2.htm].

KSEX Radio: "Osama Bin Laden Dead Or Alive" (MP3, 2001) [Bon Jovi parody: "Dead Or Alive"] [http://www.osama.be/sitemap2.htm].

Madcow: "Osama Yo Mamma" (MP3, 2001) [Death Metal] [http://search.mp3.com]. Naturally High: "Osama, I F * cked Yo Mama" / "Fartin 'On Bin Laden" (MP3, 2001)

[HipHop] [http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/243/naturally_high.html].

Noose: "Stick A M80 In Osama's Mouth" (MP3, 2001) [HipHop] [http: //artists.mp3s. com / artists / 222 / noose.html].

Overflow2: "Osama Yo Mama" (MP3, 2001) [Punk / Ska] [http: //www.garageband. com].

Pulsar: "Kill Bin Laden" (MP3, September 14, 2001) [Metal] [http://www.pulsarbeat.co.uk]. Pythonron & His Flow Control Clones: "50 Ways To Kill Bin Laden" (MP3, 2001)

[Parody Paul Simon: "50 Ways To Leave Your Lover"] [http: // politicalhumor. about.com/cs/osamasongs].

Johnny Rebel: "Infidel Anthem (F --- You, Osama Bin Laden!)" (CD single, 2002) [Country] [http://www.officialjohnnyrebel.com/new_page_3.htm; http: // www. johnnyrebel.com/index.html].

Bob Rivers: "The Taliban Can" (MP3, 2001) [Parody Sammy Davis Jr .: "The Candyman Can"] [http://www.b98fm.com/brettandtracy_special_music.html; http://www.twistedtunes.com].

STD'z (Sexually Transmitted Dopeness): »Afghani-Stan feat. Osama Bin Laden "(MP3, 2001) [Parody Eminem:" Stan "] [http://www.soundclick.com].

Ray Stevens: "Osama - Yo 'Mama (You In A Heap O' Trouble Boy)" (MP3, Oct. 2001; CD Osama Yo'Mama - The Album, 2002) [Country].

Taibo: "F * ck You Bin Laden" (MP3, 2001) [Hardcore Rap] [http://artists.mp3s.com/ artists / 252 / taibo.html].

The Ugly American: "Osama Bin Laden Loves Rap Music" (MP3, 2001) [HipHop] [http://artists.iuma.com/IUMA/Bands/Ugly_American].

Bret Walton: "Osama Run Home To Your Mama" (MP3, Dec. 2001; CD Remember

The Roses, Jan. 2002) [Rock] [http://www.bretwalton.com].

Weird Al Yankovic: "Bin Laden Boat Song" (MP3, 2001) [parody Harry Belafonte: "The Banana Boat Song"].

1.8 John Walker Lindh Songs

Brenda Anzelc: "John Walker" (MP3, 2002) [alternative] [http://artists.mp3s.com/ artists / 320 / brenda_anzelc.html].

Ben Bochner: "Ballad Of Johnny Walker" (MP3, 2002) [Folk] [http: // artists. mp3s.com/artists/41/ben_bochner.html].

Capitol Steps: "Johnny's No Good" (MP3, 2002) [Chuck Berry parody: "Johnny B. Goode"] [http://politicalhumor.about.com/cs/johnwalker].

DJ Krush feat. Anticon: "Song For John Walker" (CD Shinsou - The Message At The

Depth, Sept. 2002) [HipHop].

Steve Earle: "John Walker's Blues" (CD Jerusalem, Sept. 2002) [country rock]. Roy Edroso: "The Ballad Of John Walker Lindh (Kill Me)" (MP3, 2002) [Country

Rock] [http://www.alicubi.com/verse/johnwalker.html].

Billy Florio: "A John Walker Parody" [Parody Steve Miller: "Take The Money And Run"] [http://www.amiright.com/parody/70s/stevemiller5.shtml].

Sonoma To Marin: "The Ballad Of John Walker Lindh" (CD / MP3 single, 2002) [Pop] [http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/425/sonoma_to_marin.html].


TeleBAN: "John Walker: Taliban Ranger" (MP3-CD White Powder Not Included, 2002) [›Political Humor‹] [http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/321/teleban.html]. Uncle Slim: "Johnny Walker Red" (MP3, 2002) [Alternative Country] [http: // artists.


1.9 Anti War Songs

Anti-Flag: "911 For Peace" (CD Mobilize, Feb. 2002) [Punk-Rock] [http: // www. anti-flag.com/anti-flag].

Dan Bern: "Talkin 'Al Kida Blues" (EP The Swastika, 2002) [Folk] [http: // www. danbern.com/swastika.html#alkida].

Jello Biafra: "The Big Ka-Boom, Part 1" (CD, live 11/14/2001) [punk speech]. Darryl Cherney & the Chernobles: "Bush It!" / "Send George Bush A Pretzel"

(Single CD, 2002) [Rock] [http://bushandcheneysuck.com/Bushit.htm].

Chuck D: "No Boom Booms" (MP3, 2002) [HipHop, parody John Lee Hooker: "Boom Boom"] [http://www.slamjamz.com].

Country Bumpkin & The Hogs: "The Iraqi War Song - Feel Like I'm Smellin 'A Rat Rag" (CD single / MP3, Sept. 2002) [Parody Country Joe McDonald: "I-Feel-Like-I'm -Fixin'-To-Die-Rag «] [http://www.healingcelebrations.com].

Dead Prez: "Know Your Enemy" (CD Turn Off The Radio, Nov. 2002) [HipHop]. Demonstrators: »Baghdad Boogie« (MP3, 2002) [›Political Humor‹] [http: // artists.


Ani DiFranco: »Self Evident« (CD So Much Shouting, So Much Laughter, Sept. 2002) [Alternative].

Dj Thug World Order: "USA vs IRAQ" (MP3, 2002) [HipHop] [http: //artists.mp3s. com / artists / 505 / dj_thug_world_order.html].

The Dope "Poet Society: 911: World Trade" (EP, 2001) [HipHop with documentary] [http: // www.justusleaguerecords.com/worldtradepage.htm].

Clan Dyken: "911 (This World Gone Crazy)" (CD Love Is, 2002) [Folk-Rap] [http: // www.clandyken.com/Music_Lyrics/music_lyrics.htm].

Emcee Lynx: "Profound Things (In The Aftermath ...)" (CD Soundtrack For

Insurrection Volume Two, 2002) [HipHop] [http://www.circlealpha.com/


L. A. Estridge: "Unholy War" (RealAudio, 2001; CD Unholy War) [Folk] [http://lae-gallery.com/unholy/index.html].

Eye: "Taliban, Made By The USA" (MP3, 2002) [Alternative HipHop] [http: // artists. mp3s.com/artist_song/2049/2049992.html].

Fine Arts Militia (FAM): "A Twisted Sense Of God (Pt.1 / Pt.2)" (CD We Are

Gathered Here ..., 2002) [HipHop] [http://www.fineartsmilitia.com].

Flying Folk Army: "Uncle Sam" (MP3, 2002) [Folk] [http://www.flyingfolk.ca; http://www.tao.ca].

John Flynn: "I Will Not Fear" (CD To The Point, bonus track, 2001) [Country Rock] [http://www.johnflynn.net/lyrics/tunes/point/i_will_not.htm].

Robin Foreman: "Let's Bomb Iraq" (MP3, 2002) [›Political Humor‹] [http: // artists. mp3s.com/artists/525/robin_foreman.html].

Say to Francis: "Makeshift Patriot" (vinyl single, Dec 2001) [HipHop].

Michael Franti & Spearhead: "Bomb The World" / "Bomb The World (Armageddon Version)" (MP3, comp. Sept. 2001) [Rock / HipHop-Reggae] [http: // www. spearheadvibrations.com].

Ginger Tom: "Hey-Hey, USA: How Many Children Did You Kill Today?" (MP3, 2002) [Indie] [http://www.mp3.com.au/track.asp?id=32711].


Godspeed You Black Emperor !: "Rockets Fall On Rocket Falls" (CD Yanqui U.X.O., Dec. 2002) [Indie Rock] [http://media.salon.com/mp3s/godspeed010703.mp3]. Kevin Healey: "Cruise Missiles For Brains" / "Puppet Flags" / "Dirty Umbrella" (CD

Puppet Flags, May 2002) [Folk] [http://www.picassos-crayon.com/home.html].

Peter Hicks: "So Many Tears, So Many Flowers" (MP3 2002; CD One World Is Not For

Sale, 2003) [Folk] [http://www.trump.net.au/%7Eglazfolk/songs/tears.htm].

Jahi: "Neva The Same" (MP3, 2002) [HipHop] [http://www.daveyd.com/ audiochambers.html].

Wyclef Jean: "War No More" (CD Masquerade, June 2002) [Reggae].

Jihad Against America [Australia]: "Jihad Against America" ​​/ "Terrorism Is The New Black" / "Holiday In Manhattan" (single CD / MP3, 2002) [Punk / Rock / Hardcore] [http: //www.jihadagainstamerica .com].

J-Live: "Satisfied" (CD All Of The Above, April 2002) [HipHop].

Robb Johnson: "3 Minutes' Silence" / "In November" / "Peace At Last" (Dec 2001) [Folk] [http://www.robbjohnson.co.uk].

Robb Johnson: "Stop the War" / "Summertime # 2 (Don't Mourn, Organize)" (Sept. 2002) [Folk] [http://www.robbjohnson.co.uk].

Junoon [Pakistan]: "No More" (CD single / video, Sept. 2002) [Sufi rock] [http://www.junoon.com/home2.htm].

Kast-One: "9-1-1 (9-11-01 Tragedy)" (MP3, 2001) [HipHop] [http: //artists.mp3s. com / artists / 294 / kast-one.html].

Known Associates feat. Lord Jamar, Shabazz The Disciple & Star Bliddack: "World So Cold" (vinyl single, March 2002) [HipHop].

Talib Kweli: "The Proud" (CD Quality; Nov. 2002) [HipHop].

Lawnmower R'n'B: "No More War Blues" (MP3, 2002) [R'n'B] [http: //polsong.gcal. ac.uk/Lyrics/no_more_war_blues.htm].

Sara Marlowe: "When Will The Madness End?" (CD A World to Win, 2002) [Folk-Pop] [http://www.worldtowin.org].

John McCutcheon: "Follow The Light" / "Not In My Name" (comp. Sept./Oct. 2001; CD The Greatest Story Never Told, Red House 163) [Folk] [http: // www. folkmusic.com/record/r_story.htm].

John McCutcheon: "Talking Pat And Jerry Blues" / "The List" (MP3, comp. 16.9. 2001 / 19.9.2001) [Folk] [http://www.folkmusic.com/t_mp3.htm].

John McCutcheon: "Ashcroft's Army (Version 2)" (MP3, comp. 8/12/2002) [Folk] [http://www.folkmusic.com/t_mp3.htm].

George Michael: "Shoot The Dog" (CD single / video, Aug. 2002) [Pop]. Mr Lif: "Home Of The Brave" (Emergency Rations CD, June 2002) [HipHop].

Briege Murphy: "Aoife's Worries" (CD The Elm Wood, 2002) [Folk] [http: // www. chivalry.com/briegemurphy/elm_wood.html].

Nas feat. Amerie: "Rule /" What Goes Around "(CD Stillmatic, Dec. 2001) [Hip hop].

Meshell Ndegeocello: "Forgiveness & Love" (MP3, Feb. 2003, comp. 2001) [HipHop / R'n'B] [http://www.meshell.com/forgiveness_and_love.html; http: // www.freemyheart.com/portia.html].

Norway & the NJ All-Stars: "Bridge Of Faith" (CD United - We All Come Together, 2002) [Pop] [http://www.norwayrocks.com/united.htm].

Leslie Nuchow: "An Eye For An Eye (Will Leave The Whole World Blind)" (CD single, 2001) [Folk] [http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/nuchow3/from/neatness].

Yoko Ono: "Give Peace A Chance 2002" (MP3, Oct. 2002) [http: // www. mindtrainrecords.com/listen].


Jim Page: "Who Are They And Do They Hate Us?" (CD Collateral Damage, 2002) [Folk] [http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/jimpage4; http://jimpage.net].

Paris: "What Would You Do?" (MP3 / CD single, March 2002; CD Sonic Jihad, July 2003) [Guerrilla radio with Bush documentary fake]

Public Enemy: "Son Of A Bush" (CD Revolverlution, July 2002) [HipHop].

Residue: »Iraquet« (MP3, Nov. 2002) [Hardcore Punk] [http://committed.to/ residue; http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/428/residue1.html].

David Rovics: "The Dying Firefighter" / "International Terrorists" (comp. 11.9. 2001) (MP3-CD Living In These Times, 2001) [Folk] [http: //www.davidrovics. com; http://www.soundclick.com/pro/?BandID=111310].

David Rovics: "The Next Attack" / "The Village Where Nothing Happened" / "Bomb Ourselves «(MP3-CD Hang A Flag In The Window, Sept. 2002) [Folk] [http: // www.davidrovics.com; http://www.soundclick.com/pro/?BandID=111310]. The Savage Rose: "A World Aflame (Not In Our Name) New Mix" (MP3, Oct. 2002)

[R'n'B] [http://www.thesavagerose.com; http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/311/ savage_rose.html].

Jan Seides: "To Give Us Peace" (MP3, 2001) [http://www.janseides.com/ ForSeptember11th.html].

Seize The Day: "United States" (MP3, 2002) [Folk] [http://www.seizetheday.org/ UnitedStates.htm].

Shine: "Peace Anthem (Not In Our Name)" (CD Shine with the Pacifica Radio

Archives - Not In Our Name, Dec. 2002) [Folk] [http://www.unitynetwork.net/

shine; http://www.rpursuit.com/shine; http://www.actionsf.org/shine.htm]. Keith Shugarts: "I Don't Want To Be A Good Citizen" (2001) [http://polsong.gcal.


Stephan Smith (with Pete Seeger, Dean Ween, and Mary Harris): "The Bell" (EP, Sept. 2002) [Folk] [http://www.stephansmith.com/audiovideo.html].

Paul Stein: "Not In Our Name!" (MP3, 2002) [Folk] [http://www.notinourname.us/ pages / 1 / index.htm].

James Taylor: "Belfast To Boston (God's Rifle)" (CD October Road, Aug. 2002) [Skirt].

Various Artists: House Music Against War (EP, Sept. 2002) [House] [http: // www. handontheplow.com].

Tracks: L. Beckett: "What To Do?", Project Brothers: "We're All You Know", O. Miller: "Baghdad 1991".

Various Artists: Peace Not War (double CD, December 9, 2002) [http://www.stopwar.org. uk / cd.asp; http://www.peace-not-war.org].

Tracks: Ani DiFranco: "Self Evident", Public Enemy: "Son Of A Bush", Midnight Oil: "US Forces" (1983), DJ DisOrientalist: "Occident & Emergency", Ginger Tom: "Hey Hey USA", Seize The Day: "United States", Fun mental: "Rape (Tactic Of War)", The Unpeople: "The Unpeople (John Pilger Remix)", Crass: "Nagasaki Nightmare" (1980), Slovo: "21 Today ", The Mark of Cain:" Lone Pine "(2001), Change:" We Want A Ceasefire ", Billy Bragg:" The Price Of Oil ", Massive Attack:" Hymn Of The Big Wheel "(1991), Ms Dynamite: "Watch Over Them", GM Babyz: "Pain Of Life", Roots Manuva: "Juggle Tings Proper" (1999), Chumbawamba: "Jacob's Ladder (Not In My Name)", Alabama 3: "Woody Guthrie" , Laszlo Beckett: "What To Do", Torben & Joe: "Money Is Your Blood", Gurlfiend: "Spark Of Life", Tariq Ali (Asian Dub Foundation Remix): "Not In Our Name", Persian Carpets: "Allah Save Queens ", Mud Family:" Peace Not War ", John Lester:" Out Of The Clear Blue Sky ", Pok & the Spacegoats:" Voices Of A Future "(1 999), Nitin Sawhney: "Cold And Intimate" (2001), Coldcut: "Atomic Moog (Cornelius Mix)" (1998), Sia: "Fear" (2000), Bindi Blacher: "Down" (1999).


Hanifah Walidah: "Soldier Man" (CD War Times, Dec. 2002) [HipHop] [http: // www. trustlife.net/crookaletta/crookalettas.html; http://www.daveyd.com].

Jennifer Warnes (feat. Arlo Guthrie): "Patriot's Dream" (CD The Well, 2002) [jenniferwarnes.com].

Sol Weber: »September 11« (2001, on CD by Sing Out, Winter 2002) [http: // www.singout.org/454toc.html].

Paul Weller: "A Bullet For Everyone" (CD Illumination, Sept. 2002) [Rock].

David Wilcox: "Hymn For The Highway" / "September 12th" (MP3, 2002) [Folk] [http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/154/david_wilcox.html].

David Wilcox: "A Different Kind Of War" (MP3, 2001, live January 12, 2003 at E-Town) [Spoken Words] [http://www.whatarerecords.com/dw/war/index.html]. Saul Williams: "Bloodletting" / "September 12th" (EP, Oct.2002) [HipHop] [http:

//www.notinournamemusic.com/home.php; http://www.notinourname.net]. Saul Williams: "Not In My Name - Pledge Of Resistance" (MP3, 2002) [Spoken

Word] [http://www.notinournamemusic.com/home.php].

David Yarborough: "Bushit" (MP3, 2002) [Folk] [http://www.croftononline.com/ bushit.html].

Yo La Tengo: "Nuclear War" (4 versions of Sun Ra's "Nuclear War") (Maxi-CD, Nov. 2002) [Indie Rock] [http://www.peace-not-war.org/Music/YoLaTengo /index. html; http://www.audiogalaxy.com/pages/review.php?band_id=108628].

1.10 songs from Germany and Austria

64er DJ Andi: »11th September« (MP3, September 27th, 2001) [Trance] [http://www2.mp3.de/ musik / bands / de / 2/8804? Param = |].

Christian Anders feat. Jenna Kartes: "The Day The World Stood Still" (Maxi-CD, March 2002) [Pop] [http: // www. christiananders.net/wtcetextf.htm].

And One: »Amerika brennt« (MP3, September 15, 2001) [documentary remix] [www.andone.com/ Amerika_Brennt.mp3].

ARIS feat. Yasmin: "Stand Together (September 11th 2001)" (MP3, 2001) [Pop] [http://artists.iuma.com/IUMA/Bands/ARIS_Rock/index-1.html].

Broke putrefaction: "don't call bin laden islamic rübezahl" (MP3, 1.1.2002) [Noise] [http: //www2.mp3.de/musik/bands/de/2/136016? Param = |].

CJ-Spooky: "Black Tuesday (Against Terror Remix)" (MP3, September 15, 2001) [Trance] [http: //www2.mp3.de/musik/bands/de/2/1658? Param = |].

Curse: »Nothing will be the same anymore« (MP3, September 16, 2001) [HipHop] [http: // www.curse.de/single2001/terror.html].

Funny van Dannen: »11. September «(CD Groooveman, 30.9.02) [Ger. >Bat<]. DeeJay Dee: »Terror in America« (MP3, 13.9.2001) [Techno] [http: //www2.mp3.

de / music / bands / de / 2/1909? param = |].

Franz Josef Degenhardt: »Quantensprung« (CD Quantensprung, 08/20/2002) [Song maker] [http://www.franz-josef-degenhardt.de].

The company: »No end in sight« (EP Hör Ma, 7.1.2002; CD The Third Eye, February 4, 2002) [HipHop].

The complete range: »Mister Bush« (MP3, October 23, 2001) [HipHop] [http: // www. diekomplettebandbreite.de; http://www.wojna.de/mp3/mp3.html].

Diska: America's The Bomb (CD, 9/11/2002) [ElectroPop].

DJ LangSKy: »Thank U! (I Can Hear You) «(MP3, 2001) [House with documentation] [http: // mp3-katalog.dino-online.de/010/User/0,4470,g0r0l1t0o1i236792,FF.html]. DJRC (djrchrome): "America Under Attack" (MP3, September 14, 2001) [Trance with documentary]


Klaus-André Eickhoff: "God Bless America" ​​(CD Höhenflug, 2002) [Christl. Songwriter] [http://www.ka-eickhoff.net].

Freestyle swimmer: "DJ Saddam ft Osama MC" (MP3, September 27, 2002) [HipHop] [http: // www2.mp3.de/musik/bands/de/2/168451? Param = |].

Charlie Glass & Nera: "Save The World" (MP3, 2001) [Pop] [http: // www. weltfriedensong.de].

Groove Girl: "In Memory Of The September 11, 2001" (MP3, July 16, 2002) [dance with documentary] [http: //www2.mp3.de/musik/bands/de/2/145336? Param = |] .

Helium Brothers: "Inventory in the World Trade Center" (MP3, 2002) [HipHop] [http: // www.whimpsplasher.de/inventur.html; http://www.besonic.com/User/0,1391, g0r0l1t0o0i201901, FF.html].

Highbeat-Project: "Memorial of the 11th September 2001" (MP3, 10.9.2002) [Trance with documentary] [http: //www2.mp3.de/musik/bands/de/2/105040? Param = |]. Jack Junk Dean: "America (Stars and Stripes Remix)" (MP3, Oct. 2002) [HipHop]


Ketti ft DeeJane: "Afghanistans [sic] Terror Will Not Survive" (MP3, December 15, 2001) [House with documentary] [http: //www2.mp3.de/musik/bands/de/2/120788? Param = | ]. Thomas Liebe: "Where is Bin Laden now?" (CD Everyone should be fine, 2002) [Grunge]

[http://www.thomasliebe.de/cds.html; http://www.besonic.com/User/0,1391, g0r0l1t0o0i71611, FF.html].

Modee aka Mode On My E [Austria]: »No War« (MP3, Dec. 2002) [HipHop] [http://fm4.orf.at/soundpark/m/modeeakamodeonmye].

Nuemmes: "New War - No Song" (MP3, Oct. 2001) [Rock] [http: // www. nuemmes.de/songs/texte/new_war.html].

Quadstone: “Why? (shit war) «(MP3, October 14, 2001) [Trance] [http: // www2. mp3.de/musik/bands/de/2/60729? param = |].

realsounds / free: "We Will Win (11 Sept 2001)" (MP3 / Flash animation, 2002) [Pop with documentary] [http://www.realsounds.de; http://www.bestsong.de].

Rowdy Club: "Wissen what goes" (Live version; The Rowdy Club - Das Tape, Dec. 2002) [HipHop] [http://www.40below.de:8080/go/home/music/reports/wissen_ was_ geht.html; http://www.zughafen.de].

Josef Saddler: "America At War" (MP3, 2002) [Deep House] [http: //www.besonic. com / User / 0,1391, g0r0l1t0o0i145723, FF.html].

Sandal: "The Children of Bin Laden (MerryXmasEdit)" (MP3, Dec. 2001) [Trip-Hop] [http://www.besonic.com/User/0,1391,g0r0l1t0o0i608719,FF.html]. Symbioosis: "What can I do" (CD more than before, 2001) [Pop] [http: // www.


Syncmode [Austria]: »War« (MP3, 21.9.2001) [Electronic with documentation] [http: // www.artfusion.at/syncmode/trax/WAR.mp3].

Thunder / Chris Mike: "Darkness Of Sept. 11" (CD single, 2001) [Instr. Pop] [http://www.thunderthelegend.com; http://www.chrismike.com].

Versbox: »Song of Peace« (MP3, September 22, 2001) [HipHop] [http://versbox.info/vers. box / music / commercial].

Vision Blue, DJ Grandfather & Simon The Bassdrum: America 11 September 2001 -

The Memorial Album (MP3-CD, 2001) [Techno] [http: //remember.worldatwar.

org / schwarzewochen / songs.htm].

Tracks: "September 11, 2001 (Beginning And End Of All Time)", "America; We Cry With You (Voices Remix) ”,“ Against Terror ”,“ Against Terror (Cockpit Remix) ”,“ Against Terror (The Rave) ”,“ Wanted - Dead Or Alive ”,“ Heroes For Liberty ”,“ All Hearts To Strike "," Back To Peace (Home On The Range) "," America, We Cry With You (Maxi Version) ".

Wolf & Gang: »Now« (RealAudio, Sept. 2001) [Pop] [http://www.bairische-sprache.de/ramadan.html].