What food is good for your heart

The 7 best fitness makers for the heart

1. Toast to omega-3 fatty acids

Eat high-fat sea fish - especially salmon, herring, mackerel, sardine, tuna or cod, because these fish contain valuable Omega-3 fatty acids. The fatty acids lower high blood pressure and cholesterol levels and have a beneficial effect on our blood lipids. In summary: You are a boon for our heart! The German Nutrition Society recommends eating sea fish at least twice a week.

2. Dietary fiber ahead

Fiber is good for our heart health. This is what US researchers at Northwestern University have found. The more fiber-rich our diet - especially in young and middle-aged people - the lower the risk of later suffering from cardiovascular disease. So bring on the fiber! A particularly large number of them are found in plant-based foods, especially those rich in fiber: Fruits and vegetables are important suppliers. Legumes and whole grain products also contain a lot of fiber.

3. Water on!

The body needs fluids in order to be able to maintain the functioning of the heart and circulation. You should consume around 1.5 liters a day - preferably in the form of water or unsweetened tea. However, caution is advised with juices and soft drinks: They contain a lot of (fruit) sugar and should rather be viewed as luxury drinks.

4. Mediterranean is the trump card

Olive oil, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and fresh fish and seafood several times a week: This is the formula for the so-called Mediterranean food. If you want to do something good for your heart, you should adapt your diet to this eating style. Because the large Spanish intervention study "Prevención con Dieta Mediterránea" (PREDIMED study) has shown: Mediterranean diet can significantly reduce the rate of severe cardiovascular events by 30 percent and reduce overall mortality.

5. Oily affair

If you want to prevent heart disease, you should unsaturated fatty acids to grab. In addition to fish, consuming the right oil is also crucial. Monounsaturated fatty acids are mainly found in rapeseed oil, olive oil and walnut oil. The fatty acids ensure good blood pressure and cholesterol levels and strengthen the cardiovascular system.

6. Wonderful vitamins

Stay away from expensive and artificial vitamin pills that are said to strengthen your heart! It makes much more sense to eat fresh fruit and vegetables several times a day - always taking into account the total amount of calories, of course. Your body is optimally supplied with all the vitamins and minerals that are important for the heart and its performance.

7. Sporty, sporty

Get your cardiovascular system going and exercise regularly. Three times a week around 40 to 60 minutes of training or active movement would be ideal, because this has a positive effect on almost all parts of our body - for example on hormones, metabolism, muscles, the immune system and of course on our heart!