Marriage contracts are recognized in Singapore

Are marriage contracts recognized in Singapore?

Yes, there is with the caveat that such marriage contracts do not negate or withdraw from the marriage. There is a great case from the 1990s where the couple made a marriage agreement to live and consummate the marriage together after celebrating the traditional Chinese customary rites. So they registered as married which makes you marry legally. Unfortunately, the woman decides not to observe the usual Chinese rites and claims that she should enter a nunnery and lead a religious life

The husband applied for annulment (an arrangement that the marriage did not exist at all). On appeal, the appeals court agreed that the marriage agreement was enforceable as it did not tend to negate or separate from marriage. Accordingly, the court granted the waiver.

Well it is not quite what the term ” negate or withdraw from marriage ”Could mean in a modern context. Marriage preparations are generally understood to be a marriage agreement on how marital property should be divided in the event of a divorce (" Marriage preparations "). There is one case where such a pre-nupt was actually recognized and effective. However, both parties were foreigners, leaving open the possibility that the courts might adopt a different stance on an inter-citizen marriage.

I am not going to speculate on how such a distinction could or would be made here.