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16.03.2021 | Saxony-Anhalt in the morning Morning ticker: vaccinations with Astrazeneca suspended - Saxony-Anhalt does not want to "endanger" vaccination readiness

The most important thing on Tuesday:

10:58 am | A lot of money for the rail network in Saxony-Anhalt

Deutsche Bahn wants to make around 480 million euros this year to bring the rail network in Saxony-Anhalt up to scratch. According to the railway ...

  • ...eight Railway bridges
  • 20 Stops, including in Magdeburg, Stendal and Dessau
  • 60 Switches
  • 120 Kilometers of track

Throughout Germany, Deutsche Bahn intends to invest around 12.7 billion euros in its rail network this year.

Lots of money to finish off our morning ticker ... The ticker is over for today. Thank you for reading, I wish you a nice Tuesday and that the sun lets up on you. I would be happy for you. We can read each other again soon if you like. Tomorrow, however, colleague André Plaul will take over here in the morning ticker. Have fun with him and exploring our new!

10:44 am | Land has inherited more than two million euros

Have you ever inherited? No matter what your answer is: You have not inherited as often as Saxony-Anhalt. Definitely not. According to its own statements, the country inherited in 582 cases last year, 60 times more than in the previous year. The Ministry of Finance has now announced this. The state always becomes an heir if neither spouse, partner, children or other relatives of the deceased can be identified - and no other heir has been determined. For the country, the inheritances meant an income of just over two million euros. However, 1.3 million euros had to be spent again - for example for the repair or securing of inherited houses.

10:31 am | Which is also important today

What's the matter?
About climate change - definitely one of the challenges of our generation. Most of us know that climate change is here. But where is it already now? And how is that noticeable?

Lots of questions - and the answers?
This is provided by a report from the Ministry of the Environment in Magdeburg, which is due to be published today. Nationwide observations on climate change are presented - and the necessary conclusions to be drawn.

Where can I find out more about it?
With us, of course. My colleague Manuel Mohr took a very close look at the report, analyzed it for you and collated its results. You can see it on our website from 2 p.m.

10:22 am | After cancellation in February: HFC meets Duisburg in the catch-up game