How can I grow a lumbersexual beard

Lumbersexual Look: A Masculine Guide to Rugged Style and Grooming

Lumbersexuals channel a masculine mood

In recent years, the lumberjack look has come back into fashion. This is especially true in urban areas where men who want to canalize a harsh atmosphere have made "woody" super trendy.

It also caught on in Hollywood. Stars like Ryan Reynolds and Chris Pine were spotted in leather boots and plaid plaid.

Guys who dress like this even have their own classification: Wood sex.

You may be wondering What is a wood sexual? ? Is it real Stay tuned because I'll tell you in a moment - and much more.

For your information, as you continue reading this guide keep in mind that I'll be using terms like lumberjack and lumbersexual interchangeable. In this way I can help you get an idea.

In this article, you will learn how to:

  • A brief history of the lumberjacks
  • The definition of a lumbersexual
  • Key Features of Wood Sexuals
  • How to grow and shape a lumbersexual beard
  • Best lumberjack type flannel shirts
  • Denim ideas for a lumbersexual look
  • Lumberjack boat options
  • The best woody Cologne fragrances
  • Lumberjack knife options
  • Ideas for lumbersexual accessories

Lumberjack story

No conversation about wood sex can take place if we don't understand what inspired their inspiration. In particular, I am talking about cross-border commuters who are known as lumberjacks.

Here is a short story.

Lumberjacks are men (and women) employed in the logging industry who are responsible for harvesting and transporting trees. Thanks to their labor-intensive work, they enable many of the products you use every day to be made possible. Examples are paper, medicine, furniture, adhesives, and even clothing.

In truth the term lumberjack is a bit of a throwback to a bygone era in America, just before 1945. You see then, men who harvested trees did so without the use of machines. Instead, they used hand tools and pure muscles.

Yes that's right. There were no gas-powered circular saws. No electric cutters. No diesel shredders. Nothing.

That is why so many of them were built like brick houses. This is what happens when you lift wood all day. Talk about an intense upper body workout!

In fact, the popular “Tough Mudder” is why the endurance event was inspired in part by the legendary loggers.

Lumberjacks gave us lumberjacks

In the trade journal, historian An article by Adam Tomczik addresses the nomenclature of men who were employed in the timber industry at the time.

Being a lumberjack meant working in dangerous, life threatening situations where the hours were long and the conditions were brutal.

While many lumberjacks romanticize, it is important to keep the realities of their job in mind. These men worked for hours outdoors in all weathers including heavy rainstorms, blinding blizzards, and scorching heat.

In addition, the pay for this type of work was ridiculously low. As protection, the men stayed in primitive forms of living; like broken huts and makeshift tents.

What eventually emerged from the logging culture of the time was an emphasis on masculinity, fearlessness, and a strong resistance to modernization.

Inspired by this rough and natural way of life, lumberjacks were born.

Key Lumbersexual Characteristics

Before we dive into the best way to get the logger look, let's cover a quick rundown of the main lumbersexual traits. Here are some universal characteristics:

  • Has some kind of facial hair.
  • Flannel shirt that is usually plaid.
  • Jeans or overalls.
  • Construction boots made of leather.
  • Sometimes carries a pocket knife.
  • Usually a city dweller, but not always
  • Usually independent
  • Likes to channel a masculine, classic vibe
  • Can wear cologne with a woody scent

I'll walk you through some of these features in detail. I will also give you styling ideas to help you improve your groove.

Lumbersexual beard

If your goal is to get the lumbersexual look going, then you need to grow some facial hair. This doesn't mean you have to have a long, shaggy animal hanging from your face. But you're going to need some kind of growth.

In modern times, many people who opt for the outdoor look are opting for something short. Try growing out the hair on your face for at least five days and see how it looks.

Avoid shaving if possible as you will need the full monte for shaping and trimming later.

Once you've got a decent amount of stubble going, it's time to devote yourself to styling however you wish. Here are a few suggestions for you to ponder.

Beard style and shape

Once your beard is fully grown, it's time to shape and trim it. The trick with this is to blend the hair over the jaw. Then shape and trim your beard from the mid face to the neck so that it is even. The video above provides an excellent blueprint for trimming and shaping.

To mix and style, choose a trim tool with adjustable settings. One of the best on the market is the 3500 from Norelco Beard Trimmer.

I like it because it's easy to use and doesn't require a bunch of gadgets to work. You literally choose the cut length to the length you want and you're done.

I have been using this product for a year and can tell you that it is an excellent maintenance device.

Square jaw

The hallmark of a male face is a square jaw. If you don't plan on growing a full length beard and want something short and "stubbly" instead, I recommend a square jaw cut.

This is easy to achieve. Simply shape the facial hair under your chin in a straight line. Mix the hair from the right and left sides of your jaw at an angle with the same length of cut from your trimmer.

Pretty easy right?

Shave above the jaw line

After you've trimmed and shaped, you'll want to remove the excess hair from above your jaw and below the neckline. This is important if you want a clean, manly look.

Use a good quality razor like the Viking Blade Safety Razor. This is ideal for sensitive skin and helps avoid unsightly bumps.

You can use the shaving cream of your choice. However, if you want a woody, rugged scent, consider using Viking's Cedar Sandalwood Cream. It's all about light and enables a smooth, close shave. You can get this at some stores and on Amazon if it is in stock.

By the way, be sure to read these quick instructions on Facial Care for Men So that the skin around your beard looks healthy and fresh.

Color your beard if necessary

Men who want to look like a lumberjack are really trying to channel a masculine, rugged look. And nothing says more about vitality than a plain beard.

If your facial hair is spotty, or if lots of shades of gray are popping up, don't be afraid to dye it. This is a very simple thing.

Just get a box of Just for Men from your local pharmacy or Amazon (check prices). Make sure to match your natural color with what you are buying.

Tip for men with dark brown facial hair: The best choice is the color M55 (real black). If you go for something darker, it might look wrong.

Use a beard brush with beard oil

Once you've shaped and styled everything to your liking, it's time to put the finishing touches on your lumbersex beard. All you need for this step is a beard brush and some beard oil.

There are many products in the market to choose from. For the oil I prefer Gentleman's Beard Oil. All you need is a few drops.

It does a fantastic job of keeping your facial hair going in the same direction. The oil also nourishes your beard and softens your hair. Check Amazon for pricing.

The next thing you want to grab hold of is a beard brush. Using this type of grooming tool will keep your facial hair looking sharp and well-groomed. Go for something with wild boar bristles like Viking's Smooth Beard Brush.

I use both products and know a lot of men who do that too. Seriously, I highly recommend it!

Lighter flannel

Personally, I like the classic red and black plaid plaid. If you dig this up too, you'll be very happy with JC Distro plaid longline flannel. The shirt screams lumberjack.

This is perfect for a casual get-together with close friends, a first date, or just a tool around the house. It is lighter than other flannels and allows movement. Some guys wear an undershirt underneath. Others don't.

It's your decision.

Heavier flannel

When you need something heavy that looks like a lumberjack, you can get yourself a lumberjack quilted shirt jacket from Legendary Whitetails. I like this one because the color scheme is traditional with white, black and red checks.

This is a great choice for a cool fall day or an evening when temperatures drop in the single digits. Since I live in Chicago, I wear these a lot in winter.

Quick side note: keep in mind that if you buy an all-cotton product, the product is likely to shrink. Think about which shirt is best for your needs.

Denim for lumbersexuals

Let's talk about jeans and the type of jeans that are best for the lumbersex atmosphere. Everyone has their favorites and most guys will do just fine with a standard pair of Levi's bootcut jeans.

Lion and fish in bed

Keep in mind that lumberjacks often wore loose fitting jeans to be comfortable with heavy handwork. They also preferred clothing that was durable.

If you really want something that looks authentic and achieves style at the same time, then Diesel's Regular Bootcut is a smart choice. These are a little faded and offer a cool, worn look.

The seams are tight and will stand the test of time. You will also find that at some point these particular jeans will adapt to your body and feel soft.

Lumbersexual boot options

There are more choices in men's boots than I can shake with a stick. But to channel the lumbersexual look, 100% leather is the way to go.

To be completely authentic, consider purchasing a pair of Frye Dakota work boots. These genuine leather boots are sturdy and scream lumberjacks out of the woods.

If you want something a little more modern but still has the Logger feel to it, consider a pair of Red Wing Iron Rangers. These are also made of 100% real leather and are available in traditional black and brown.

That being said, lumberjacks used to not wear white sox. Instead, they did their best to put on woolen fabrics. The reasons are obvious; Warmth and comfort.

You can find wool socks almost everywhere. Just pick something that isn't so thick that you can't put your boots on again.

Lumbersexual Colognes

To make a special impression, you need something that smells woody and masculine. Stay away from anything that has a floral scent in it, like patchouli.

So I'll measure myself against you here. You can go for something as simple as brute aftershave that smells crispy and falls off easily. In fact, I like Brute for that very reason.

But if you really want something that exudes a rich and woody smell, Tom Ford makes a great impression on Private Wood Mix Cologne that's crazy cool. When you buy this one keep in mind that a little goes a long way.

There is also Polos Oberstes Oud Köln. This one is also woody with hints of cinnamon and pine. A great choice for an evening on the town or something casual.

pocket knife

If you remember, I mentioned that one trait modern wood sexuals usually have is a pocket knife. If you're interested in this, you might be wondering what works best?

If you need something that is designed for serious work and can be used outdoors, consider the knife I am discussing here on Survival Tent Post.

If you're like most people, you probably don't want anything gigantic. Just a small, practical knife for easy cutting. One of the best out there (at least for me) is made by the people at Kershaw Ken.

I like this knife because it folds and fits nicely in jeans. It also has a high level of utility. And the best part is that it comes with a pocket clip. This makes it easier to retrieve if necessary.

Lumbersexual accessories

If you are looking for additional lumbersex accessories, there is a wide variety to choose from. I've listed a few ideas below to keep it simple:

  • Black or brown wide leather belt
  • Flannel hoodie
  • Body soap with pine scent
  • Wide leather bracelet (see my ultimate leather bracelet guide)
  • Body wash with pine scent
  • Old Timey analog clock
  • Red or black skull cap

Lumbersexual / Lumberjack survey

Just for fun, I published a lumbersexual poll. It's a simple series of questions that you can use to gauge your motivation for the outdoor look.

What do you like most about the lumbersexual style?

Summarize everything

The great thing about styling yourself as a lumberjack is that this form of fashion never goes out of style. It's attractive, masculine, and easy to pull off with little effort.

Would you like to learn more about lumberjacks? Here's a good book that has a lot of history, including what it was like to be a cross-border lumberjack.

Hope you found this guide helpful. Thank you for taking the time to read!

- -

References: Tomczik, A. (2008) He-Men Could Talk to He-Men in He-Man Language “: Lumberjack Work Culture in Maine and Minnesota, 1840–1940. The historian. Volume 70: Issue 4