Are aliens and ghosts real


What to do if you have been cursed?

Anyone who is afraid of being subject to a curse or the like should heed these survival tips for seemingly hopeless situations. Good luck!

What to do when a ghost is haunted

Your home is haunted and you have no idea how to get rid of the ghost? No problem. With these survival tips for seemingly hopeless situations you put an end to the ghost. Hopefully.

What to do when buried alive

Survival tip in an emergency: Can you break free from a grave? This film shows how to do it. If you're lucky, of course.

What to do if you are kidnapped by aliens

Here you can find out how to best escape extraterrestrial kidnappers - or how to make your stay in space as short and pleasant as possible.

The spread of voodoo

Voodoo originated in the state of Benin on the west coast of Africa. From here the religion spread to the surrounding states. Voodoo came to Africa with the slaves. There are said to be around 60 million voodoo followers worldwide.

Parapsychology - The exploration of the inexplicable

Scientists have been researching inexplicable phenomena for more than 80 years. The branch of science of parapsychology is highly controversial, but can already point to some findings.

Black magic in voodoo

Black magic contradicts the protective idea of ​​voodoo. And yet some voodoo followers try to gain an advantage with curses, for example in football.

Undead in the mirror of time

After-eaters, revenants, revenants: stories about the undead have been around for centuries. The fear of them is ancient and has a very natural explanation.

The fear of apparent death

The fear of being buried alive grew into a real hysteria in the 18th and 19th centuries. In order to avoid this macabre way of death, some bizarre methods were considered to be able to continue to live underground.

Sociable spirits

Séances were a welcome, mysterious change in the 19th century, when everything could apparently be explained: ghosts seemed to make themselves felt and to seek contact with the living.

Parapsychological counseling center in Freiburg

The parapsychological counseling center has existed in Freiburg since 1989. Anyone who experiences unusual things can seek advice here. Sometimes the solution is very simple.