What happened to Hanumanji after Mahabharata

Hanuman god in monkey form, ideal example of devotion

Hanuman in the Westerwald

Next to Ganesha, Shiva and Krishna, Hanuman is certainly the best known and probably also the most popular among the gods of Hinduism, with his figure as a human-like monkey he is both amiable and memorable.

Meaning of Hanuman: total devotion to God

Sri Hanuman is considered a superhero in India who can perform many miracles with the help of his extraordinary siddhis (supernatural powers). Above all, he is considered to be an example of total devotion to God, because he dedicated his life entirely to the service of Rama, the incarnation of Vishnu. In the legend it is said that he was an incarnation of the god Shiva, so it is reported in various Puranas. So he is revered in both major currents of Hinduism.
Through his unparalleled devotion to Rama, he has achieved the highest realization and got Siddhis, Siddhis are super powers that can be developed through yoga.

“The world has never seen such a powerful hero as Sri Hanuman in the past, nor will it in the future. During his lifetime he performed miracles and showed superhuman feats of strength and courage. He left a name that as long as the world lasts will have a powerful influence on millions of people. ”Swami Sivananda

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the birth of Hanuman