People eat rice and beer together

It is better not to combine these foods

Table of Contents

  1. Combination: white bread and jam
  2. Combination: lentils and red wine
  3. Combination: salad and fat-free salad dressing
  4. Combination: black tea and milk
  5. Combo: burger and beer
  6. Combination: alcohol and caffeine

1. Combination: white bread and jam

A jam roll is especially popular with those with a sweet tooth in the morning. But they are not doing your body a favor, because the combination of white bread and jam is one of the foods that should not be eaten together.

The simple carbohydrates in white bread and jam make the blood sugar level rise and fall again just as quickly. Nasty food cravings and weakness are the consequences. For your sweet spread, choose a wholemeal bread roll. This provides complex carbohydrates, ensures a moderate increase in blood sugar and makes you feel full longer.

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With white bread and jam, the blood sugar level rises quickly and falls just as quickly, which quickly makes you hungry again.

2. Combination: lentils and red wine

Anyone who enjoys a glass of red wine with their lentil dish should know that iron absorption is significantly impaired as a result. The vegetable tannins contained in red wine, so-called tannins, inhibit the absorption of vegetable iron (for example from lentils or soybeans) in the body. This means that red wine and lentils are also among the foods that should not be eaten together.

This is particularly important for vegetarians and vegans who only meet their iron needs with the help of plant-based foods. In order to generally improve iron absorption, products rich in vitamin C (e.g. lemon juice) should be combined with foods that contain iron.

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The tannins in red wine inhibit the absorption of vegetable iron, which is found in lentils, for example. So it is better not to combine lentils and red wine, as this affects your iron absorption.

3. Combination: salad and fat-free salad dressing

Salad and a fat-free dressing may sound like a lean meal, but they actually inhibit the absorption of vitamins. Because many plant-based foods, such as carrots, need the fat so that the body can absorb and use the vitamins in the first place.

This is the case with carotenoids, for example: the fat-soluble vitamins need - as their name suggests - fat in order to be better absorbed by the body.

Don't drown your salad in oil. A few splashes of rapeseed or olive oil are sufficient for this.

4. Combination: black tea and milk

Foods that should not be eaten or drunk together include black tea and milk. The hot drink is rich in antioxidants, which have anti-inflammatory effects, among other things. But this benefit is nullified with a dash of milk.

The milk proteins bind the antioxidants in the tea and thus prevent them from being absorbed by the body. In addition, the caffeine content in tea ensures that the absorption of calcium in the milk is also inhibited. A shot of lemon juice in tea is better: This allows the body to absorb even more antioxidants.

A shot of milk with black tea? Unfortunately not a good idea, as milk prevents the absorption of the important antioxidants that black tea contains. And the calcium in milk is inhibited by the caffeine content in tea.

5. Combination: burger and beer

A hearty burger and a hearty beer - definitely a good combination in terms of taste, but less in terms of health. They are among those foods that should not be eaten together.

Alcohol is first broken down by the body, then fat follows. Thus the latter ends up directly in the fat deposits and on the hips. A feeling of fullness after eating is not long in coming because digestion is slowed down. Burger lovers should therefore grab a glass of water with their meal.

Since the body breaks down alcohol first and then the fat, the fat ends up directly on the hips. It's better to drink a glass of water if you like to eat burgers more often.

6. Combination: alcohol and caffeine

If you want to get yourself back into shape with a coffee after a long and humid night with alcoholic drinks, you should prefer tea or water. Because the energy boost of coffee ensures that the effect of alcohol is underestimated or not correctly perceived.

The same applies, of course, to such a mix in drinks like Vodka Red Bull. It is best to stick to a type of alcohol without a caffeine kick through the evening and not mix it up wildly.

A coffee in combination with alcohol can influence the effect of alcohol and should not be underestimated.

Knowledge to take away

There are foods that, due to their combination, are not good for the body, lose their actual effect or slow down important processes in the body. You should try to avoid this combination at best.

Some of the foods you shouldn't eat together include white bread and jam, lentils and red wine, lettuce and fat-free salad dressing, black tea and milk, burgers and beer, and alcohol and caffeine.