Is this stamp still usable?

Make stamps yourself

This is a great opportunity: create the most beautiful stamp that has ever existed in just a few minutes. A stamp that you need right now, inexpensive, quick and good ...
With this idea of ​​a completely new and very simple technique for making stamps, you can do this in a very short time. Then the self-made stamp is ready and can be used immediately.
In front of you is a somewhat unusual stamp. It doesn't look like the usual ones, more like a sponge - and that's what makes this concept so special.
Not only the stamp, but also the stamp plate is elastic. This offers unique advantages because you can use it to effectively mark and decorate not only flat surfaces but also semicircular or objects with an uneven structure.
Most stamps can only be used for a one-time stamp imprint. As a Christmas greeting, invitation to an engagement or wedding, congratulations for the new year!
... After that, the stamp is no longer up-to-date, outdated, so no longer usable ...
This is not the case with your Stampy. The stamp surface adhering to it is removed from the stamp that is no longer used, which is done by simply peeling off the stamp inscription. The stamp plate can then be painted or written on again immediately, so it can be used again and again.
But this system can do even more. You can use the stamp to print information on invitation and place cards, and use them to make gift tags, greeting and entry cards. The stamp is also suitable for fabric printing, which is great because you can turn any old or new T-shirt into a modernly styled item of clothing that nobody else has.