Are marijuana seeds illegal

Buy hemp seeds in Germany legally?

Owning cannabis seeds is not legal in Germany, unless they are industrial hemp varieties that are approved for industrial cultivation. According to Section 1, Paragraph I of the BtMG, the seeds and leaves are listed separately in Appendix I to the BtMG. It doesn't matter that they have a vanishingly low THC content.

If they are not intended for prohibited cultivation, however, they are not subject to the penal provisions of the BtMG.

At Seeds66 we sell according to ours Conditions our cannabis seeds only for collection purposes to preserve the genetic.

Many sperm senders deal with this issue relatively carelessly. Everyone promises that it is completely legal to order cannabis seeds in Germany. It is not so! However, if you only order the cannabis seeds for collection purposes, you will probably not be criminally harmed. With us in Austria it is legal to send cannabis seeds to Germany.

Who can legally grow hemp seeds in Germany?

Are there actually people in Germany who are legally allowed to grow marijuana seeds? Yes, since scientists have established that the medicinal properties of marijuana for patients suffering from cancer, AIDS, MS, osteoarthritis, etc. have a pain-relieving and appetite-increasing effect, marijuana can be bought in pharmacies with a doctor's certificate. The marijuana available in the pharmacy is very expensive and is not paid for by the health insurance companies. Meanwhile, 3 seriously ill people in Germany have a court approval for the legal cultivation of marijuana. The court agreed that it was not financially feasible to procure medical marijuana for the sick. Anyone who plants weed seeds themselves and germinates them despite a lack of court approval is illegitimate and must expect a penalty if the cultivation from the marijuana seeds is discovered.