What does a vehicle number mean

The VIN makes the car unmistakable

With the vehicle identification number, abbreviated to FIN, every car and motorcycle can be clearly identified. It is used by all manufacturers and has replaced the chassis number since 1981.

  • Every car and every motorcycle has an individual VIN

  • It can be found in the vehicle registration document and on the vehicle itself

  • The 17-digit serial number consists of three blocks

What is the VIN and what is it used for?

Until 1981 that wasChassis number the usual "ID" of a car. Since it was usually attached to a sticker in the engine compartment, manipulation was easy. Since then, it has become the standard that aVehicle identification number also stamped into the sheet metal becomes. This procedure is more forgery-proof and makes it more difficult to resell stolen vehicles. And the new name is more precise because, since the 1930s, many cars have not had a separate chassis, but self-supporting bodies.

Where can I find the VIN of my vehicle?

If you want to check the VIN of your vehicle, you have several options. she stands in the registration certificate Part I (vehicle registration) and Part II (vehicle registration). And it exists "physically" and usually multiple timesat the vehicle itself - hence the old term chassis number - on the B-pillar of the door frame, i.e. between the front and rear door, in the driver's door, in the engine and trunk, under the bonnet or on the dashboard. On motorcycles and scooters, the VIN can be found on the steering head or on the fork under the fairing.

How is the VIN composed?

The17-digit VIN consists from three blocks: The first three digits (WMW) are theWorld manufacturer code and in the example shown indicate that the vehicle was built by BMW in Germany. The digits four to nine stand forvehicle description and are a key to the model, series, engine and vehicle type.

Positions 10 to 17 are manufacturer-specific and therefore contain different information. The automakers have details on this.

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