What are equivalent expressions in algebra

Algebraic terms

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Meaning of the terms variable, term, equivalence, formula, equation and inequality

Many different terms are used in algebra. The most important terms in algebra include variable, term, equation, inequality, formula and equivalence.

Each of these terms has an important meaning. Therefore you should know them and be able to distinguish them. If you want to know what these individual terms mean, then you've come to the right place. Because this video explains all the basic terms of algebra with examples.

You probably know variables. A variable is a letter. And this letter is a placeholder for a number.
Terms are meaningful mathematical expressions and therefore mainly consist of numbers, variables and arithmetic symbols.

Equations and inequalities connect two terms. To solve such an equation or inequality you need transformations or so-called equivalent transformations.

Formulas are also similar to equations, they just contain more variables.

But it's best to just click into the video and see how these terms differ.

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