When do you lie about your job

Getting shit done: 5 lies about your work.


Work takes up a large part of our lifespan, and yet everyday life that consists of waiting for the end of the day, the weekend and the vacation is actually the rule.
This view is also enormously strengthened by Instagram, because the big players there are practically only traveling, and that is obviously #lifegoals.

Such an attitude is not worthy of a love ambassador, and has nothing at all to do with a fulfilled life.
You work most of the day, and what waste of your life would it be if at best you just “do it” and at worst “persevere”?

For this reason I would like to create some clarity in this area of ​​life today, clear up a few myths, and give you the joy and enjoyment of your current work.
The current one, mind you - and not the one that only haunts your head as a dream.




1. The "work is tiresome and vacation is nice." - lie.

If you secretly view work as a chore but necessary duty, you will never find real joy in doing it - never!

As a love ambassador, you can delete sentences like “Finally after work!” And “Only 13 days until your vacation” from your vocabulary - they mean that one activity is more enjoyable than the other.
Who can decide something like that about your life?
I would not accept such a standard of living.

A love ambassador enjoys both equally. And equally strong everywhere.
You can easily set that for your life.

But Joanna, how can you say that a stuffy, dark office is more enjoyable than the beaches of Bali?
In all seriousness, do you want to really enjoy 1/10 of your life and somehow “endure” the rest?
It's too good for that!

But Joanna, you have a dream job with a dream office, enjoyment is easy - with me, however, everything is stupid.
I understand the argument, but nonetheless:
A love ambassador must be able to enjoy everything and everywhere, regardless of external circumstances - what else have I taught you over the years?
No matter what your work is at the moment, decide today (preferably NOW) that you enjoy it.
And then it's a done deal for you.
In the beginning, however, you will have to make yourself aware of this decision over and over again, because you have been used to the other for so long.
If you work with this inner attitude, love will always promote you as if by magic (* magic magic) - you can rely on it.


2. The "The job is hell, but I need the money." - Lie.
If you are currently at a job where you are bullied, harassed, defamed, constantly put under pressure or generally beaten up, then quit today.
If you hardly get out of bed in the morning because of all that stomach ache and are really afraid of Monday, then it is guaranteed to be the wrong place for you.
This is not a job, this is modern slavery - nothing like this is ever meant for you.
For no money in the world.
You don't need to be afraid that you won't find anything afterwards and end up in the gutter (“because I'm already so old, who still wants me”, etc.) - you can just trust me.
Don't be afraid to take this step, don't let anyone intimidate you and convince you that you can't do anything, are nothing, and will never find work again.
This is all bullshit.

A love ambassador ALWAYS finds work with a kiss on the hand.
(I tell you exactly how this happens in the 2nd part).




3. The "I want to work, but I can't find anything" - a lie.
Some of you cannot find work for many months, and that may also be because you don't really want to work and have completely exaggerated ideas.
The way is too far here, the salary doesn't suit you, and the working hours don't match there.
And also "I can't start before 9, I'm standing right next to me."
Uh .. what?

Of course, the best position is waiting for you, but sometimes a temporary compromise makes sense.

A few years ago I did the following for 3 months:
I got up at 4:30 in the morning, rode a bike to the train station for 30 minutes (most of it uphill), then rode the train for 20 minutes, got back on the bike there, and rode another 30 minutes to the nursery.
There I packed seedlings at 36 degrees outside and 50 degrees inside in the greenhouse - 9 hours a day.
Then the way back was repeated - luckily downhill in the end.
That summer I made a total of € 600 (because the hourly wage was so low) and I couldn't have been happier in the end.

What I mean by that:
it's good for you to work in a kind of compromise job on a temporary basis.
Just to work - nothing exciting, nothing great, nothing world-changing - just doing the job that comes up and having money afterwards.
And having money is always good!
As simple as that.

People who don't work at all are usually a bit strange, unworldly or generally not pleasant - doing a regular job helps you a lot not to get lost in any thought constructs.
Before you have too much time to think and get quirky afterwards, you'd better go to work!

I am convinced that sometimes it is good to just start - then something better will come when something better is to come.
There is no way you can miss it, but at least you do work.




4. The "less work = more quality of life" lie.

What we are going to clear up in this context is the myth that only a life with as much vacation and free time as possible is the ultimate goal.
Who wouldn't prefer to lie on the beaches of Mexico instead of just commuting to Berlin-Schönefeld and back?

The problem that arises is that you then live in a kind of subliminal longing:
In truth, you survive the day-to-day work until you can finally do what you want again - inside you are already counting the days until the next break.
This is normal and understandable for everyone, but a love ambassador shouldn't have to live like this.
Don't WANT to live like this.

I am definitely not against traveling or vacation, but the “1 to 2 vacation / year MUST be.” - Myth can be thrown in the bin right away.
It's nice when it works - it's not a problem if it doesn't.

It is impossible to let a trip determine your happiness in life, that is a very low standard.
Your anticipation in honor, but Monday to Friday afternoons cannot help the fact that we are going to Stockholm in 3 weeks!
So make a conscious decision to enjoy the here and now as if you were going on the most beautiful trip. After all, nobody can forbid you, can they?
Nobody can force you to think your work sucks if you don’t want to find it sucks.

However, if everything sucks at your job, then quit.




5. “Creative independence is better than being an employee” - a lie.
Another phenomenon that is very present thanks to social media:
there, independence is propagated as the ultimate goal in life.
You would be your own boss, you would have tons of time, you could work whenever and wherever you want, and how stupid it must be to allow yourself to be enslaved as an employee.

Most of those online crushes about the joys of self-employment are just a way to sell a workshop, e-book, or any product of your own.
This scam is also very popular in all direct sales companies (from plastic bowls to beauty, and nutritional supplement products to lingerie, etc.) that sell articles primarily, but basically always have in the back of their minds to recruit additional employees because they are to everyone earn from them - a very dubious snowball system that I don't think much of.
(Should there be such representatives among my readers, and vehemently claim "but it is not so with us." In the comments - please understand that this is my blog and only my opinion counts in this post. I would Write a book, then only this would be there. I love you guys, but I don't like this system, so it's not advertised here.)

The truth is:
Whether self-employed or being an employee - both can be just as fulfilling and frustrating, both can be just as time-consuming and entertaining, and both can lead to financial success.
In both you have to deal with unpleasant people (here customers and colleagues, there clients and employees), and in both there can be routine and boredom.

If you glorify self-employment, then it seems like a life in which you let yourself drift, always get up whenever you want, and basically spend the day arranging flowers nicely and drinking a latte.
You don't see on any Instagram picture that your income is not secure, that you bear the risk all by yourself, that you work about three times as much as others and that you don't get paid for vacation.
Don't get me wrong: I love, love, love independence - and those will always be the vibes that emanate from me, I can't prevent that.

But it is definitely not the best for everyone, and certainly not the one that makes you happy on your own, that's just a fairy tale!
So don’t worry about it and don’t think something like "I’m missing out on a fulfilling life because I could sit on Maui with my laptop now, but I’m in daycare instead."
First, there are just as few self-employed people on Maui as there are employees, and second, the place has nothing to say.
Absolutely nothing about being fulfilled within (don't believe a hashtag), so don't be afraid that if you continue to work you will miss something, and don't get dissatisfied with your current job because you have a dream.


Now that everything important has been clarified, you can look forward to the 2nd part:
I'll tell you how you work absolutely excellently, and how you manage a huge amount of work from time to time.

Stay tuned!


Love greetings