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My friends and I only use the pastel markers and the small ones fit nicely into the pencil case. They are highly recommended because they do not shine through to the back and mark well, but do not dazzle with luminosity. Also in top quality as usual from Stabilo. If you know cheap markers

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From Ami_L

Of all the tons of luminous markers on the market, I always end up using the Stabilo's because they are clean, true to color, reliable and, above all, not too dark in color. The marked text is absolutely still legible - even through b / w copies. Competitor products are not as bright and darker in green

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By s_242

I already had this from the miller, but then lost it, was too lazy to go out and then ordered it via Amazon. Today's world ... The highlighters are super beautiful, not bright and definitely not too dark. That was very important to me because normal highlighters, except for yellow, would quickly mark them

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From Vitas Veigel

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