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join.me is being expanded to include a fast, easy and free solution for video conferencing


LogMeIn has optimized its popular online meeting app join.me and added a new video function. The app, with which you can chat and hold meetings or work together using screen sharing, now also scores with a particularly fast and uncomplicated option for video conferences. Just like join.me itself, the video functions should be available free of charge.

Based on the light and carefree design of the app, the participants in the video conferences are displayed in individual "bubbles". Participants can change these individual video feeds and move or move them across the entire monitor. The app can be used to exchange information either via video, chat or the meeting function - combined with the uniquely easy screen sharing function of join.me, spontaneous professional meetings are also possible at any time. Thanks to the technology based on HTML5 and WebRTC, a meeting can be started in just a few seconds. Participants don't even have to download a program for this.

“We have already impressed millions of users with the speed and simplicity and the resulting ease of use that are so characteristic of join.me. The new video functionality follows the same philosophy, ”says Craig Daniel, Vice President of Products for join.me. “With 'join.me video' we want to offer more than just a better video conferencing solution. We wanted to create something that would make meetings more natural, enjoyable and interactive, and thus collaboration more productive. "

The new functions and services at a glance:

  • Five free video feeds: join.me's free functions, which also include screen sharing and VoIP telephony, are being expanded to include five free video feeds per meeting. This means that video conferences with up to five participants are possible free of charge.
  • 10 video feeds with join.me Pro and join.me Enterprise: The two premium versions of join.me allow up to 10 video feeds per meeting and offer other advantages such as unlimited audio support for conference lines from home and abroad, the integration of Outlook and Google Calendar, unlimited mobile whiteboards and much more.
  • No camera. No problem: With join.me anyone can take part in a conference - if not via video, then via audio or the screen sharing option. You have the free choice at any time to join in by phone, VoIP or video.
  • No downloads necessary: ​​Using a function initially available in Google Chrome, participants can also take part in a video conference directly via the browser without having to download anything beforehand. Such a solution is also planned for other browsers.

“When it comes to collaboration, there is a very close connection between web and video conferencing. Companies can no longer look at these two forms separately, because visual aspects play an important role in the collaboration, ”says Craig Daniel. "With these comprehensive free functions, join.me is establishing itself as one of the most collaborative and at the same time most uncomplicated solutions on the market."

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