What are the best beaches in Sicily

Sicily beaches: 12 top beaches for a beach holiday in Sicily - 2021

Whether the finest sandy beach, an original rocky ambience or even a bathing paradise at the foot of a limestone mountain:

The best beaches in Sicily offer the right counterpart for every taste.

In our list we have arranged the most popular seaside resorts and spots according to their geographical location on the island for better orientation, so that you know immediately where the most beautiful beaches in Sicily are.

We'll also tell you how to get to the best beach in Sicily for you from the nearest major city by car and public transport.

We also characterize for you which type of vacation we recommend the beaches.

And all just so that your next one holiday in Italy becomes very special.

Watch out: some of the Sicilian beaches in our list are even among the best in Italy.

Beaches on the north coast of Sicily:

the region around Palermo

1. Mondello: lively beach on the big city

At the gates of Palermo lies Mondello Beach.

In the past, the beach was mainly reserved for the wealthier holidaymakers and locals white beach promenade now accessible to everyone and become affordable.

This beach in Sicily is a perfect travel destination if you want to have fun and bathe at the same time.

Although Mondello Beach is a very popular seaside resort in Sicily, there are few large hotels nearby.

If you want to spend your vacation on the beach at the gates of the big city, look for a holiday apartment instead of a beach hotel in the capital of Sicily.

  • get there: From Palermo it is only 20 minutes by car to the beach of Mondello. Two bus lines take you to the beach in 25 minutes for just € 2.
  • suitable for: Beach vacationers, beach vacationers, adventurous people
  • our travel tip: Be sure to visit the old town of Palermo, which has numerous sights, shops and cafés in store for you. Everything is very close together. To get an overview, see our description of the Sights of Palermoat.

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2. Cefalù: Beach holiday on Castle Hill

The Sandy beach of Cefalù (Lungomare di Cefalù) is surrounded by house fronts that are characteristic of the city, which in the vicinity of the city are not intrusive, but rather meander almost discreetly in the background along the coast.

A few minutes away from the city center, the beach section widens and offers you the finest holiday feeling with one Beach surrounded by green hills.

The bars and cafes on the beach promenade leave nothing to be desired. However, Cefalù is not only known for its tourist attractiveness but also famous for the city center, which is well worth seeing.

  • get there: Cefalù is a good hour's drive from Palermo. A train ride takes just as long and costs between € 5 and € 12. The train station is near the beach.
  • suitable for: Beach vacationers, beach vacationers, hiking vacationers
  • our travel tip: Climb the limestone rock Rocca di Cefalù that surrounds the city. The ascent is quite feasible with sturdy shoes and stairs on the way. You will be rewarded with an incredible view of the bay of Cefalù.

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Beaches on the northeast coast of Sicily:

the region around Taormina

3. Isola Bella and Mazzarò: green island and pebble beach

To the north of Cantina is the city of Taormina, which is a popular travel destination on the east coast of Sicily with its proximity to Mount Erice and a direct view of Mount Etna, the most active volcano in Europe.

The small island of Isola Bella is connected to Taormina and the beach of Mazzarò by a sandbank.

The lush island, also known as Pearl of the Ionian Sea is called, is optically an absolute eye-catcher. The deep blue and clear water not only invites you to take a long swim.

Are you looking for one Beach in Sicily that is suitable for snorkeling, you will find it here.

Surrounded by impressive rock formations, the island in the bay is so popular that it gets very crowded during the high season in August.

  • get there: From Toarmina there is a cable car to the beach of Mazzarò, from which you can reach Isola Bella. A ride in the gondola costs you at least 3 €.
  • suitable for: Divers, nature lovers
  • our travel tip: If you want to swim, it is best to pack a pair of swimming shoes. The beach on the island consists largely of pebbles, which can be quite painful when you step on it.

4. Giardini Naxos: free stretches of beach and active nightlife

The long stretch of beach in the south of Taormina is characterized by a Change of sand and pebble sections and is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination on the Sicilian coast.

Above all, find holidaymakers who enjoy going out numerous bars and cafes along the beach promenadethat inspire the lively hustle and bustle in the summer months.

The beach of Giardini Naxos is not characterized by party tourism, but very well maintained.

The beach sections where umbrellas and loungers can be rented are well filled and cost a few euros entry, but often have showers and toilets.

In between, however, free beach areas appear again and again.

  • get there: From Taormina go by car or bus to Giardini Naxos, 6 kilometers away.
  • suitable for: Going out
  • our travel tip: The beach of Giardini Naxos is extremely suitable for diving due to the clear water. Relax during the day with snorkeling before you end the night in one of the numerous clubs.

Beaches on the east coast of Sicily:

the region around Catania

5. Playa di Catania: miles of sandy beach

The coast of the city of Catania impresses with one of the longest and most popular beaches in the east of Sicily.

The 30 km long stretch of beach extends as far as Syracuse and leads past many hotels and holiday homes on the warm Gulf of Catania.

Especially holidaymakers who take a package tour to Sicily can be found here.

Those who are not bothered by the noticeable frequentation of the chargeable beach sections can look forward to a well-tended beach with golden, fine sandas far as the eye can see.

The good thing about it:

If, contrary to expectations, your day on the beach of Catania is torpedoed by bad weather, the second largest city in Sicily will stop numerous sights and attractions ready for you.

  • get there: Depending on the location of your accommodation, you can simply walk through the old town of Catania to the beach. Allow a good half an hour for this.
  • suitable for: Beach vacationers, families, city travelers
  • our travel tip: Plan a little extra time and visit the southern section of the beach of the popular travel destination, which is less dominated by mass tourism and has a little distance from the large hotels on Catania beach.

6. Riviera dei Ciclopi: crystal clear waters with a view of Mount Etna

The bay in the east of the small community of Aci Castello should definitely be visited.

You can get in from the surf impressive view of Mount Etna throw.

The beach shaped by volcanic stone It is not one of the best beaches in Sicily due to the pebbly subsoil, but it is worth a trip for its cultural charge alone.

The Riviera dei Ciclopi owes its name to a myth:

The Greek hero figure Odysseus is said to have defeated the Cyclops on that beach, who, according to his own statement, took the name Nobody wore.

If you want to take a look at the location, you should definitely take a look throw the black volcanic rock mounds that mystically jut out of the water.

  • get there: By car you drive from Catania for about 25 minutes on the east coast of Sicily north to Aci Castello. It takes about 15 minutes by train.
  • suitable for: culturally interested, nature lovers, adventurous people
  • our travel tip: Especially at dusk, the backdrop offers a mystical sight and a great photo opportunity.

Beaches in the southeast of Sicily:

the region around Syracuse

7. Fontane Bianche and Punta del Pero: dream beaches on the Mediterranean

Admittedly, the water quality on the beaches of Sicily is extremely good almost everywhere.

But white, soft sand and a wide promenade, which is surrounded by idyllic cliff slopes and a light breeze that hardly stirs the water, but gives you a little cooling, you won't find it too quickly in this popular combination.

What sounds like a prospectus is actually real. The beaches of Fontane Bianche and Punta del Pero are actually so beautiful and deservedly belong to the dream beaches of Sicily.

The town centers themselves are very tranquil and have little to discover for most tourists.

The main attractions are actually the beaches, which attract large numbers of visitors for a reason.

Still they are Beaches near Syracuse are comparatively quieter than the beaches in the lively east or the west coast of Sicily.

  • get there: From Syracuse you drive about 15 minutes to Punta del Pero and 25 minutes south to Fontane Bianche. The train to Fontane Bianche takes just as long.
  • suitable for: Beach goers
  • our travel tip: Due to the low waves on the flat coast in southeast Sicily, there are many opportunities to try out water sports.

8. Lido di Noto: picturesque bathing bays near the world cultural heritage

Noto is known above all as a city with a large number of impressive baroque buildings and a recognized world cultural heritage.

The beaches in the southeastern region of Sicily spread around Noto rugged rock formations and bushy shrubs create a very original flair.

The beach in Calamosche near Noto is located in the Vendicarni nature reserve and is especially recommended for hikers.

Do you want that Dream booth from Calamoche see, pack sturdy shoes and prepare to walk about two kilometers over rocky ground past Mediterranean herbs and shrubs before you in the fine sandy bay land.

If you are unrestrictedly mobile and have a preference for the vegetation in the Mediterranean area, the path and the entrance fee of 3 € are worth it.

Would you rather spend a relaxing day on a clean beach with your family? visit the beach of San Lorenzo, which is known for the great commitment of numerous service providers.

  • get there: It will take you around 20 minutes by car to cover the 8-kilometer route between the city of Noto and the Lido di Noto. To save you the sometimes exhausting search for a parking space, it is better to take the bus to the beach for a few euros.
  • suitable for: Hikers, nature lovers
  • our travel tip: Every year on the third weekend in May, the Flower Festival takes place in Noto, where the city center is bathed in splendid floral ornaments. In May it is pleasantly warm in Sicily, but not yet as crowded as in midsummer.

Beaches on the southwest coast of Sicily:

the region around Agrigento

9. Scala dei Turchi: adventurous bathing on the limestone cliff

The huge white limestone cliffs, which flows into the Mediterranean Sea in Realmonte to the west of Agrigento, attracts day-trippers as well as bathers.

The The limestone descent is surrounded by sections of sandy beachto bathe in. When looking at this backdrop, it is not surprising that you step on a few stones in the water.

Legend has it that Turkish troops and seafarers entered Sicily via the step-like ascent of the rock, which gives the mountain its name.

The imposing sight leaves the Scala dei Turchi become one of the most beautiful areas in Sicily.

The region around the cultural center of Agrigento is primarily known for the Valley of the Temples with its Greek temple complexes.

They are also some of the most popular Sightseeing in Italy.

  • get there: After a good 15 minutes by car from Agrigento, you will arrive at one of the chargeable parking spaces at Scala dei Turchi. The only way to get to Realmonte by bus is to plan a 45-minute walk to the coast.
  • suitable for: Adventure seekers, nature lovers
  • our travel tip: If you would like to take a detour to the attraction on Sicily's coast in the high season, you'd better park your car in Realmonte and walk to the beach. Finding a parking space at Scala dei Turchi can be very exhausting.

10. Eraclea Minoa: Camping holiday by the pine grove

The fine sandy beach is surrounded by the white limestone slopes of Capo Bianco.

who looking for long and lonely beaches in Sicily should remember the travel tip.

The hike to the beach leads through an imposing rock area northwest of Agrigento.

who especially cheap beach holidays in Sicily want to do, can book a pitch at the Eraclea Minoa campsite.

Incidentally, Italy counts in general to the cheap holiday destinations within Europe.

  • get there: The quickest and cheapest way to get from Agrigento to Eraclea Minoa is to drive along the south-western coast of Sicily for around 40 minutes. A bus ride between the two places takes about an hour.
  • suitable for: Hikers, nature lovers, cheap beach holidays
  • our travel tip: Walk towards the limestone cliffs until the end of the approximately 5 km long stretch of beach. A view of pristine stretches of beach and Sicilian pine trees await you.

Beaches on the west and northwest coast of Sicily:

the region around Trapani

11. Cala Rossa (Favignana): Dream stand on Egadi Island


We have in our Overview of the best beaches in Sicily already praised the beauty of the sea one or the other time (how could we not?).

Imagine turquoise-blue, crystal-clear water and pack a shovel of extravagance.

Now don't just think about it, but visit the dream bay of Cala Rossa on the Egadi island of Favignana in the west of the province of Trapani.

Although the strip of sand on the coast is very narrow and less inviting for extensive sunbathing, bathing holidaymakers will be completely delighted by the crystal clear water and the impressive backdrop.

  • get there: A ferry takes you from Trapani to Cala Rossa in 40 minutes for around € 12. You can already admire the rock formations overgrown with Mediterranean vegetation.
  • suitable for: Beach vacationers
  • our travel tip: Take a look not only at the great bay, but also at the center of the island. If you want to see a small Sicilian town without excessive tourist hustle and bustle, you will find it here.

12. San Vito Lo Capo: the Sicilian Caribbean

In recent years, the small seaside resort of San Vito Lo Capo in the north-west of Sicily has become increasingly popular.

Anyone who has an idyllic day in a Beach with postcard suitability want to spend, should the Lido al Sabbione visit. The lighthouse is particularly picturesque from the sandy beach at sunset.

The beaches around San Vito Lo Capo are ideal for holidays with childrenas they are well-kept and sandy.

It is therefore not surprising that it can get quite crowded at times. Climbers also enjoy the surrounding rocks.

The beach in the Tonnara di Scopello bay is more secluded and empty near Castellamare del Golfo. Films such as Ocean’s Twelve have already used the beautiful surroundings as a backdrop.

A similar sight is offered by the picturesque Bue Marino, which is typical for Sicily.

  • get there: It takes about 40 minutes by car from Trapani to San Vito Lo Capo on the northwest coast. Alternatively, you can go to Erice (a suburb of Trapani) and take the bus to San Vito Lo Capo for about 50 minutes. Castelluzzo beach is on the way: one of the few nudist beaches in Sicily.
  • suitable for: Families, beach holidaymakers, beach holidaymakers
Our travel tip: Bays in the nearby Lo Zingaro nature reserve

Visit the Orientatat Naturale lo Zingaro nature reserve to the east of San Vito Lo Capo.

For an entry price of 5 € you can hike through impressive nature and even get to quiet bathing bays and the deserted sandy beaches of Lo Zingaro.

Attention: This beach belongs toEurope's most beautiful beaches

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