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Fish and other fruits of the sea

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"Fischers Fritz fishes fresh fish, fresh fish ....."

At our Cooking class about one of the most popular culinary topics, fish, mussels and crustaceans, it shouldn't be that tongue-twisting, on the contrary! The palate should be pampered and we will demonstrate to you how beautiful and uncomplicated fish and seafood in all their variety can be incorporated into contemporary cuisine.

Included in the price:

  • 6-course menu
  • expert guidance from a professional chef
  • all drinks and ingredients
  • ichkoche.at cooking apron
  • Extra: surprise from ichkoche.at for all participants


On this cooking class evening, our head chef Aaron Waltl will show you a selection of fish dishes that will make your mouth water. We conjure up delicacies such as scallop tartare and grilled calamaretti. Fish is fried whole or mussels are gratinated with Parmesan and combined with wonderful side dishes and flavors. We smoke, fry, bake and poach fish ourselves. You will be surprised how varied the dishes can be and how many methods of preparation are possible.

Tips and tricks for correct processing are just as important in this cooking course as the important information on the typical fish quality features that must be taken into account when shopping.

And you will learn that with us:

- how do I recognize fresh fish?

- Instructions for correct storage

- Correct processing: from filleting and carving fish to tips on the right cooking time

- we take away the show before the fish and seafood preparation!

Extra information

This cooking course takes away any hesitation you may have about preparing fish at home. Fish, crustaceans and other seafood can actually be incorporated very effectively into everyday kitchen life. The rule is: know how! And that is exactly our goal on this cooking class evening.

In addition to the culinary highlights and special delicacies, there should always be space for practical and everyday items!


Following our Cooking classes All of our participants receive the recipes and photos as a reminder of this evening together in electronic form as well as a little surprise from the ichkoche.at team directly on the evening of the cooking class.

In our dishes, we attach particular importance to regional and seasonal ingredients from sustainable cultivation. There may therefore be slight changes in the menu.

If you have any food intolerance or allergies, please let us know - we will be happy to be considerate!

Cooking course leader: ichkoche.at head chef Aaron Waltl

Scope of cooking course: 6 courses

We are looking forward to your coming!