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Database entry for Exo III.

Exo III is a planet. The planet is an inhabited world until the system's sun cools down over time. In the 23rd century this planet was only covered by ice. The temperature on the surface is 100 degrees below zero[1]. The planet's atmosphere is within safety limits, gravity is 1.1 times that of Earth. Below the surface are long, labyrinthine caves in which the conditions for humanoid life are preserved.

About 500,000 years ago, the system's sun was slowly losing its power and the planet was getting colder. The population of the planet then flees into the ruins and especially into the deep caves. With the help of an Android duplicator, they manage to make copies of themselves. At some point it turns out that the builders want a free world again and want to deactivate their creatures. But then the androids rise above their creators, especially since they consider these unprogrammable beings to be imperfect, which ultimately leads to their demise.

In 2261, Doctor Roger Korby explored the planet on an expedition. Roger Korby is seriously injured there and suffers severe frostbite on the planet. However, he is discovered by Ruk, a survivor of the millennia-old android culture, and can survive by transforming into an android into which he transmits his spirit. He also creates a replacement for his assistant, Doctor Brown, and himself to Andrea Company. Korby is enthusiastic about the possibility of being able to transfer a person's soul into the immortal body of an android and develops the plan to secretly replace all people with androids, for which he only programs good feelings. He wants to wipe out all evil in the galaxy. For this, however, he needs more raw materials than are available on Exo III.

Discovered the USS in 2266 Enterprise (NCC-1701) Korby to the planet. Korby asks Captain James to beam T. Kirk to the planet by himself so that he can show him his new discoveries. In reality, Korby plans to create an android from Kirk so that he can use it to create humans as androids on different planets. Korby succeeds in creating the Kirk androids. But Kirk partially succeeds in giving the android wrong thoughts and memories. When the Android hits the Enterprise When Spock returns, he notices that this person is not Kirk. Spock is able to save Kirk, meanwhile the android Korby kills himself when he realizes that there is almost nothing human about him anymore. (TOS:The old dream)

2268 is Exo III in the USS database Defiant to see before it disappears into the mirror universe. (TOS:The spider web; ENT:The dark side of the mirror, part II)

  • The surface of Exo III.

Background information [edit]

The name of this planet suggests that it is the third planet of a planetary system with the designation "Exo-System "is. The existence of this associated planetary system cannot be proven by Canon sources, but results from the fictitious naming convention of naming a planet without a special proper name after the associated central star.

Footnotes [edit]

  1. ↑ No temperature scale is used in either the original version or the German version. It is not known whether the temperature was given in Celsius or in Fahrenheit. However, the German version uses the same numerical values ​​as the original version