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Javascript programming with ES6
subtitleIMPORTANT: There are two ways to take this course: online or face-to-face. The course can be held as a public course (at least 3 participants), private course or company training. If you are interested in online training, please send an email to: [email protected]
Course times8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Course location
In Switzerland, the course usually takes place in Zurich (Zurich-Schlieren, ideally accessible by car and public transport). If there are several registrations from Bern or Basel, the course can also be held in our training rooms in Bern or Basel. Company courses can take place on your premises or in one of our training centers.
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introductionMost of the web pages available today use JavaScript to program dynamic effects.

The creation of such effects requires a good knowledge of Javascript including its support by the available web browser.

Modern frameworks like Angular are based on Javascript, this course offers you the optimal introduction.

This course gives you a comprehensive introduction to programming with JavaScript. In the first phase, you will learn the basic properties of JavaScript using simple programs.

We work according to the Javascript ECMAScript 6 standard and thus topics such as classes and the processing of JSON (Javascript Object Notation) must not be missing.

Numerous examples and exercises show you how to use JavaScript with the most modern browsers such as the Google Chrome browser.

Related coursesYour benefit
  • Understand the properties and concepts of Javascript.
  • Being able to program simple JavaScript programs yourself.
  • Process JSON data structures.
  • Know and use ES6 features (e.g. Arrow Functions or Lambda).
  • Use the Internet as a knowledge base for Javascript.
requirementsKnowledge of (X) HTML analogous to the ZFI course JHTM (HTML, XHTML and CSS).Group of participantsWeb PublisherdocumentsTutorials, intranet siteFollow-up coursescontent
  • introduction
    • What is Javascript
    • Javascript is not Java
    • ECMAScript 6 standard
    • What is JSON (Javascript Object Notation)
    • Hello World
    • Jumpstart
  • Debuggging (console.log, browser support)
  • Variables and literals
  • let and const
  • Data types and type conversion
  • Scope Rules
  • Operators
  • Control structures
    • if / else
    • switch case
    • Loops, for, while<, break="" und="" continue/li="">
  • Arrays
    • Working with Arrays
    • Array iteration
    • Array methods
  • Maps (Associative Arrays)
  • Functions
  • Arrow Functions (Lambda)
  • Closures and Scopes
  • this keyword
  • Classes and objects
    • Attributes and methods
    • Getters and Setters
    • Constructors
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Error handling (exception handling)
  • strict mode
  • Working with JSON
    • JSON objects
    • JSON arrays
    • JSON.stringify
  • Miscellaneous
Participation feeThe participation fee is strictly net. The ZFI is not subject to VAT (according to the VAT Act) and therefore does not levy VAT. For courses lasting longer than a month, the participation fee can be paid in several installments (pro rata temporis). Center for Computer Science, Switzerland, Basel, Bern, Zurich