What material is used for gears

Types of material for equipment and racks

What are the representative gear materials? (Rack and pinion, straight rack and pinion)

45 steel (carbon steel for mechanical construction)

45 steel is the representative of medium carbon steel with a carbon content of 0.45%, since it is very easy to buy, spur gear, helical gearing, rack, bevel gear, worm gear and other gears use more this material.

42CrMo (chrome-molybdenum alloy steel)

Medium carbon alloy steel with a carbon content of 0.40% and chromium, molybdenum and other components, it is stronger than 45 steel and its hardness can be increased by quenching and tempering or high frequency quenching treatment. It is used to make different types of gears.

20CrMnTi (chrome-molybdenum alloy steel)

A representative material of low carbon alloy steel, under normal circumstances after carburizing and quenching treatment, the strength of the material after heat treatment is higher than 45 steel and 42 CrMo, the surface hardness is about 55 ~ 60 HRC.

Su303 stainless steel

Mainly used in food processing machines and other machines to prevent rust.

Cast copper alloy

It is the main material for making turbines, in general, there are cast phosphor bronze, aluminum bronze and so on. 45 steel, 42 CrMo, 20 CrMnTi and other steel are mainly used for crosslinking screw materials; different materials are used for screws and turbines to prevent tooth surface sticking and excessive wear from sliding when screw turbines mesh.