Is SSB fake

Fake call for bulky waste collection

In Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, mailboxes were filled with mail. It promises a municipal bulky waste collection that doesn't even exist.

Stuttgart - In the past few days, mailboxes in the Zuffenhausen district have been filled with forged leaflets with the headline announcing a municipal bulky waste collection for this Saturday, May 12th. However, the Feuerbach district then appears in the text.

For the first time, the waste management company in Stuttgart (AWS) is organizing a central bulky waste collection in all parts of the city, it says on the A4 sheet under the official logo of the AWS and the city. They are cooperating with the Upcycle Furniture Stuttgart project, "this is how your old furniture - or parts of it - become new!" Old wooden furniture is explicitly desired.

There has been no central bulky waste collection in Stuttgart for years, such waste can only be picked up after prior registration (via registration cards or, as indicated by the city's press office. The AWS received inquiries about the broadcast on Friday. "We have handed the case over to the police and are examining how we can proceed against the fake call and whether it has any criminal relevance," said a spokeswoman for the company. There has never been such a call to date.

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