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LinkedIn support hell - wrong jobs in company profile

Have you noticed the newest feature on LinkedIn? You now have an (attention, invented word) Ingessing system. They crawl all possible websites to find advertised jobs for the companies. And they don't stop at Bernsteiner either. It's just stupid that this system doesn't work. Now we have the wrong jobs in our company profile on LinkedIn and there is nothing we can do about it. LinkedIn support is also not very helpful. Thanks LinkedIn! Great idea! Now beauticians are applying to our advertising agency, as we are supposedly urgently looking for them ...

What actually happened here?

One day we noticed that false jobs were being displayed in our LinkedIn company profile. A mix of two companies had happened here: Bernsteiner Media GmbH in Vienna and the designer from Berlin with a Mrs. Bernsteiner on the management board.

After seeing the wrong ads, we contacted the other company that LinkedIn mixed us up with. They didn't know anything about it and emphasized that they didn't have a LinkedIn account. Therefore, the second point of contact was LinkedIn support.

Find LinkedIn support

Contacting LinkedIn support is not exactly easy. There is no telephone number. There is also no email address. On the LinkedIn Facebook page, the comments and ratings of LinkedIn are disabled. Yes, yes, I already know why ... They would rather not be able to receive the many complaints in the first place than actually have to deal with them in order to improve their own network and help users. Somehow I managed to send a message to LinkedIn support. Simultaneously sent a private message to the Facebook page and solved a ticket in LinkedIn to get help. Here is the glorious auto-generated, completely pointless and misspelled answer:

Escalation to the technology - but when?

The LinkedIn support didn't understand a word. Have you even read the message or are you only writing here with robots or unsuspecting support center employees? So I answer again because I think they did not properly see the situation. I will be clear and ask to remove the jobs. The next answer is so poorly written that you have to seriously think about its meaningfulness. The bottom line of the news is that they escalate the issue to LinkedIn technical support.

You closed the ticket and prevented me from replying to it again. However, someone from LinkedIn support actually got in touch 8 days later.

Response from LinkedIn - Problem not resolved.

LinkedIn responded and guess what! They even removed the jobs after 2 weeks and some complaint emails. It's just stupid that the crawler doesn't get any more intelligent - and whoosh ... all jobs are all over again on our profile. With our logo on the wrong company ...

Update April 9th:

Nothing has changed, the wrong job advertisements are still in the profile and cannot be deleted. In the meantime, companies from Germany and Switzerland have contacted us that have the same problem.