What takes so long to build a motorway

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Why is the upgraded route so long at 17 km?
Isn't it possible in shorter sections?

With a construction site length of 17 kilometers, the total construction time is halved. With this length, two successive sections are being renovated and expanded at the same time. If these sections were to be built separately, the overall construction time would be doubled. At the same time, all bridges and underpasses will be renovated and the construction work for the telematics will be carried out, which is necessary for the later release of the hard shoulder. Overall, a considerable reduction in traffic disruption is achieved.

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Why is construction going on during the holidays?

With a construction period of five months, work must always be carried out during the holidays. Asphalting and bridge renovation work cannot be carried out in winter. An interruption of the construction work during the holidays would lead to a considerable extension of the construction time for the asphalt work because of the relatively long times for setting up and dismantling the traffic safety system. The bridge renovations cannot be carried out faster because of the work steps required (concrete work, curing times, coatings, etc.) and cannot be interrupted during the holiday periods.

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Is it possible to shorten the construction time?

Basically no, because the work is already running seven days a week and 24 hours a day. The total construction time is due to the capacities of the asphalt mixing plants, the repair of the bridges and the hardening time of concrete and asphalt and the limited work space (island construction site) with the difficult construction site logistics. In order to speed up the construction time, during the preparation it was planned very precisely which construction site access roads should be used to drive to and from the building material. There are, for example, a total of 27 precisely marked construction site entrances from the motorway to the construction site.

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Why are there so many accidents and traffic jams on construction sites?

■ Inattention
■ inappropriate speed
■ lack of spacing
■ broken down vehicles that would otherwise be left on the hard shoulder.
In order to reduce the distractions of the drivers by the exciting construction site, privacy fences are being tested at suitable places, which prevent a direct view of the construction site. In general, the appeal to road users is: Drive carefully, keep your speed and do not allow yourself to be distracted from the construction site

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Why does it often take so long until the police and towing service are on site?

The police and towing and breakdown services also have to fight their way through the traffic to the accident or breakdown vehicle. This is made considerably more difficult by the lack of emergency corridors. Many road users do not form an emergency lane or close it again immediately after the first emergency vehicle. At peak traffic times, the police and towing / breakdown services are also busy, so waiting times can occur. The police are now increasingly using motorcycles to get to the scene faster.
During the construction preparations, an extensive escape route concept with rear entrances was developed together with the police.

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How much longer will the construction site last?

The road construction work - and with it the construction site traffic management - will be largely completed by the end of October. The bridge construction work will only last until November at the Pfaffenhofen junction. The work on the telematics will then be completed by May next year, mainly outside the traffic area, so that the hard shoulder can be opened to traffic.

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Why does the A9 have to be built?

The A9 is already overloaded with around 90,000 vehicles a day. Frequent traffic jams are the order of the day. With the work to clear the hard shoulder, the hard shoulder will be reinforced so that it can be used by trucks, the junction points will be converted and emergency bays will be created. The carriageway of the A9 and the bridges are badly damaged by the heavy traffic and the age of around 40 years. The roadway will therefore be completely renewed and the bridges and underpasses will be completely renovated. At the same time, the telematics are set up (gantries, sensors, cables, etc.). which enable the hard shoulder to be released and allow flexible control adapted to traffic All work has been combined in an overall project and will be completed in a construction period of 5 months (the work for the telematics, which is mainly carried out outside the roadway, will continue until May next year).

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What does it all cost?

The current road construction project costs around 43 million euros from Allershausen to the Holledau motorway triangle in the direction of Nuremberg. The cost of telematics for the entire area from the Neufahrn motorway junction to the Holledau motorway junction is around EUR 26 million.

The total road construction costs for the section from Allershauen to the Holledau motorway triangle amount to around 95 million euros for both directions.

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