Which are the hottest online stores

The best online stores

Together with the Cologne analysis and consulting company ServiceValue
DEUTSCHLAND TEST carried out a nationwide online survey in March 2021 (self-initiated and without the involvement of the investigated
Online shops). There are socio-demographic characteristics of the participants
so that the survey could be invited to be representative of the population. First of all, each participant received a manageable selection of online shops for evaluation.

The question was: “How satisfied are you overall with the
following online stores? Please judge from your own customer experience in the last twelve months. "The possible answers were: (1)" enthusiastic ", (2)" very satisfied ", (3)" satisfied ", (4)" rather satisfied ", (5) “Rather not satisfied”, (6) “not satisfied”.

A ranking was created based on the average values ​​of each individual shop
across all providers examined and within the industries / categories
created. A total of 1969 online shops were examined and evaluated with their customer satisfaction values. For every online shop were
obtained at least 300 customer testimonials. In individual cases, the sample size for providers - depending on the incidence rate and number of customers - can also be lower.

The survey is based on a total of 781,000 consumer ratings. The providers examined are exclusively shops that focus on physical goods. A good 160 industries / categories could be identified on the basis of the various purchase segments.

The respective industry or category winners receive this
"Best online shop" rating. Online shops, their satisfaction ratings
are above the mean of the respective industry / category are considered
"Top online shop" awarded.