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Second first name with Sally:

34% of all women and girls named Sally have another (or more) first name - that's around a third.

Sally can be found more often at the beginning of a first name combination, around two thirds of all parents (76.92%) opted for such a variant.

In the following list you will find the most popular first name combinations with Sally sorted by frequency:

Sally Ann (7 x)
Sally-Ann (2 x)
Sally Rose (2 x)
Sally Anne (2 x)
Sally Grace (x1)
Sally Madita (x1)
Sally Ellen (1 x)
Sally Gaye (x1)
Sally Mae (x1)
Liyana Sally (1 x)
Sally-Sophia (x1)
Sally Baroness Morgan of Huyton (x1)
Sally Sophie (x1)
Sally Summer (x1)
Sally Jane (x1)
Sally Lina (x1)
Sophia Sally (x1)
Sally Mayara (x1)
Sally Noelle Apollonia (1 x)
Sally Margit (x1)
Sally Kalea (x1)
Laura-Sally (x1)
Sally Selina (x1)
Sally May (x1)
Sally-Anne Martine (1 x)
Sally Dorothy Ann (1 x)
Sally Amelia (x1)
Sally Jepkosgei (1 x)
Sally Jane Janet (x1)
Sally Mila (x1)
Aurelia Sally (x1)
Pia-Sally (x1)
Desteny Sally (x1)
Sally Elaine (x1)
Hailey Evangeline Sally (1 x)
Zoey Akosia Sally (1 x)
Sally Elina (x1)
Sally Jean (x1)
Sophia Sally Gose (1 x)