Why do I need help from Quorans

An intelligent person will worry about his future and past. Then he understands that it is his Lord who created him and that He has rights to his worshipers. These rights consist in turning their hearts to Him and humbly supplicating Him. That they ask Him for their needs and surrender to His majesty. That they know His virtue over themselves and acknowledge His graces. These rights that He created them for are the worship that He ordained. Allaah mentions the meaning of life in the following verse "And I created the jinns and men only to serve Me", it reads: Allaah did not create men because He wanted to be one of many and before was alone, or because He sought power and was previously weak. Because he is the independent one and they are dependent on him. Rather, He created them to worship Him. He called it monotheism and obedience to Him.


He took the first step by creating them so that they could take the second step and honor Allah. Even so, they have to turn to Him for help in their affairs. They need His help in the things for which they were created and which were directed to them. That is why Allaah the Blessed One says “You alone we serve”, “and to You alone we pray for help”. That means, we need your help in every matter, even in worship. When we worship Allah the Most High and want to humbly approach Him with the worship of Him, we understand that He will help and support when He wants. Therefore we ask Allaah for help. The Blessed One says: "Allah is He from Whom one is to seek help."


So Allah the Most High is He Whom one has to ask for help in all things of this world and of the hereafter.


If this is so, then the worshiper feels his need for Allaah the Exalted and for the fact that he can never do without Allaah. He asks Allaah the Blessed One and acknowledges His knowledge by saying, “O Allaah, you truly know my hidden and my revealed affairs, so accept my apologies! You know my needs, which I need in this world and in the hereafter. You know what is in my soul. ”For Allah the Most High knows the inside of hearts. Then he asks Allaah: “O Allaah, I ask you for your mercy, I beg you! Don't let me trust myself! Help me with all my affairs! There is nothing worthy of worship but you. ”For the worshiper is never tired of his Lord.


The worshiper must be convinced that he is ruled and cannot do either good or bad for himself. It is only Allaah Who administers these things. He is the deity who created creatures and made many things subservient to them. He has given them abundant graces. They cannot act on their own, but it is He who determines their way as He wills. He guides whoever He wills rightly and lets whoever He wills wrong. This is what Allaah says in the Quran: “Say: O Allah, Lord of Rulership, you give rulership to whomever you want, and you withdraw rulership from whom you want. You make who you want powerful and you humiliate who you want. In your hand is (all) the good. Certainly, you have the power to do everything " (Sura 3:26).


You see an exalted person and later find him humiliated. You see a rich man and later find him poor. You see a healthy person and later find him sick. You see a living person and suddenly you find out that he has died and left this life. It is only Allaah Who guides this creation. He directs His worshipers as he wishes. He gives to whom He will and withholds from whom He will. When one understands this, one realizes the true power of our Creator, who created and graciously granted His worshipers to many.


He only created them to serve Him. So that they may serve Him alone and come closer to Him through this worship. This worship must be as He has ordered and as He pleases. Worship does not take place according to one's own inclinations, but only according to Sharia, i.e. the Qurân and the Sunna of the Prophet (may Allah honor him and bestow him well)


When the worshipers know all of this, they understand why they were created. You were created for this worship. Allah the Most High has mentioned the following verses to draw the attention of creation to the fact that He is the only one who has a right to be worshiped by saying in the Quran: “O people! Serve your Lord, Who created you and those before you, so that you may become God-fearing! Who has made the earth a bed for you and the sky a building and lets water come down from heaven, through which He then brings forth fruits for you as a supply. So Allaah does not set aside others than his own kind, where you (know) (better). " (Sura 2:21).