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One step further: successful local SEO

“Restaurant Hannover” - search queries are short, concise and often local. Especially in the mobile age of smartphones and tablets. So that local businesses can also be found via Google, certain local SEO basics must not be missing when designing the website.

Local SEO, i.e. local marketing, includes the optimization of the website for location-based search queries. A search query is local if the search is aimed at local service providers, companies, or other providers. Let's take the example of the Schrauben-Meier in Cologne again: If a potential customer searches for a screw shop using the keyword “screws”, then they are probably not interested in far-away shops in Munich or Stuttgart. Local service providers are much more important. And this is exactly where you come into play as a Schrauben-Meier in Cologne!
The prerequisites for this are easy, because the following applies: If a service has a good online presence, this leads to a high position in the ranking and thus to a high probability of being found. If, in addition to the basic SEO characteristics, additional local SEO guidelines are followed, the company will appear high up in the Google search with specific information on name, address, telephone number and the associated Google Maps link. This information is called “local citations. They are the key to successful local marketing.

Local SEO Guide: How to Successfully Optimize?

The top priority is maintaining your own website and its online presence, i.e. basic SEO measures (see above). This is the first step towards a high search engine ranking. For local SEO, however, the "local citations" are a decisive success factor. It is particularly important to provide the contact information in a uniform manner: Name, address and telephone number should always match and not vary in their details. For example, if the telephone number changes, it must be updated on all relevant platforms. Furthermore, creating a Google My Business account is a helpful aspect in this context. This means that company information, as well as photos or customer ratings, appear in Google search, in Google Maps and in Google+. Positive customer ratings and ratings on various portals promote the acquisition of new customers and convey a good corporate image to the public. In summary, you should consider these aspects when targeting your website locally:

  • SEO: on-page factors
  • Identical "Local Citations"
  • Allow customer reviews
  • Create a Google My Business account


Classic SEO and local SEO are not things that are short-term, they require a lot of work and, above all, patience. In addition, the measures listed here are only your first steps towards successful search engine optimization. One thing is certain, however: The battle for placement among the top 10 in the search engine ranking is great and the competition never sleeps! So don't see SEO as a one-time affair, but rather as a dynamic process. Maintain your website and keep it up to date. And even if success cannot always be measured immediately, don't let your head down! Your patience will pay off!

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