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OneTaste is a company dedicated to teaching the practices of Orgasm meditation and des slow sex dedicates. OneTaste focuses on ideas based on Eastern philosophy and focuses on female orgasm through a practice called Orgasmic Meditation.

The organization and its leadership were accused of cult-like operations, similar to Lafayette Morehouse, which influenced the Daedons. OneTaste is currently under investigation by the FBI for sex trafficking, prostitution, and labor law violations. In 2018, OneTaste closed all locations in the US and stopped hosting in-person classes.


OneTaste was co-founded in 2001 in San Francisco by Robert Kandell and Nicole Daedone. Daedone stated that a "Buddhist monk" introduced her to orgasm meditation before starting OneTaste, although she did not name the monk or the lineage under which the monk studied. OneTaste originally operated two community urban retreat centers, one in the Soma District of San Francisco and one in Lower Manhattan. OneTaste then expanded to Los Angeles and London. They produced media, workshops, weekend retreats and a coach training program. In 2014, OneTaste was listed as Inc. 5000 fastest growing company. In 2018, OneTaste closed all locations in the US and stopped giving one-to-one classes.


The organization's stated goal is to "create a clean, well-lit place where sexuality, relationships and intimacy can be discussed openly and honestly". The community focuses on a practice known as orgasmic meditation. This is a mindfulness practice in which the object of meditation is the contact between the fingers and the genitals, especially the stimulation of the female clitoris. OM is practiced in pairs, with one practitioner stroking the woman's genitals while both focus their attention on the sensation, with the stated aim of developing a connecting resonance between couples. Daedone described her own work as "one that emphasizes the pleasure of women almost exclusively - where love, romance, and even flirtation are not required". Then both partners discuss their experiences orally. Orgasmic meditation is based on other traditions including yoga and meditation. Daedone draws parallels between slow sex and the slow food movement associated with cook Alice Waters. In sex, as in eating, she says, people can overeat without getting food or move from one extreme of senseless consumption to the other extreme of self-denial.

Proponents state that orgasm meditation goes beyond orgasm, promoting greater emotional awareness, connected relationships, and a sense of accomplishment. Others describe the sensation as "an intoxicating hum mixed with equal parts daze and intensity of focus". Orgasm meditation practitioners claim that the practice nourishes the limbic system, the part of the mammalian brain for emotion, empathy, and motivation, but these claims are unfounded.


OneTaste attracted international media attention, controversy and an ongoing FBI investigation.

Several journalists have compared OneTaste to a cult and pyramid scheme. "As with many other churches before, One Taste's leader, Ms. Daedone, is a polarizing figure who admirers revere as a sex diva, although some former members say she has cultic powers over her followers ... Much of The Tone of Congregation revolves around Ms. Daedone, a woman of considerable charm despite being viewed by critics as a master manipulator. ”In an interview with the New York Times Ms. Daedone insists that she should not pursue guru status while recognizing that "there is high potential for this to be a cult".

An article of the New York Times led to several critical blog and opinion columns. A 2013 article by Gawker referred to online cult allegations that documented the reporter's experience at a weekend conference hosted by OneTaste. An article in GoodTimes Weekly , 'The Big OM', refers to "cult allegations" made by posters on, as well as one on Vice and Salon. A 2016 episode of the Love + Radio podcast is dedicated to the experience of a woman who had increasingly close relationships with OneTaste. An article in The Cut states that "some cult experts have connected Daedon to Victor Baranco," the cult leader who directed Lafayette Morehouse, and that it may be a pyramid scheme. Similarly, an article in The Frisky described OneTaste as a "Landmark Forum for the Clitoris". A Refinery 29 article quoted the organization's "potentially aggressive sales tactics". The Playboy Magazine compared OneTaste to Scientology and Landmark Forum, saying it has a "pyramidal pricing structure". For example, a week-long training session with Nicole Daedone was advertised for $ 36,000. It said, "I can only think about how easy it is to start a cult ... how the volunteers serve the ladder and jump at every request to" get me water "and" move this chair. "That Sales pitch in court from the moment you step in ... I leave early and I'm angry ". The author implies that she was set on fire with gas when she disapproved of the guides. She writes that she was re-traumatized for weeks. "" When memories of her previous sexual trauma were triggered by a deal that promised female empowerment, but "people probably just want your money."

The book sensation by Isabel Losada ends with a "warning" about "hard sell" techniques ... "One Taste" (like many companies) offers a wide range of rates that are outside the price range of most bank accounts. I will say it again. Please don't spend any money you don't have. "

In 2015, a former employee received a six-digit severance payment for sexual assault and harassment. At universities, students are introduced to free OneTaste events with billboards like "Tired of swiping left? Let's talk real intimacy!" Dressed. or "You do yoga. You meditate. Now try #OrgasmicMeditation". As of 2014, the company has sold a one-year premium membership worth $ 60,000. OneTaste teaches its members that money is just an emotional barrier that has led some of them to thousands of dollars in credit card debt. Published in June 2018 Bloomberg Business Week an article recording recent changes in training. This was critical to the way the company handled its employees and consultants, and often put pressure on them to take expensive courses, programs, and retreats that drove them into debt. Former members of the organization who testified about their experience at OneTaste said it was "some kind of prostitution ring" where managers often ordered employees to have sexual relations with customers.

According to the Bloomberg article, the Federal Bureau of Investigation opened an investigation into OneTaste into prostitution, sex trafficking and labor law violations.

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