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Culture & history in the Osnabrück region

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The cultural sites in the Osnabrück region bear witness to many historical highlights

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To experience culture and history, you don't have to travel far to distant countries. In the fabulous area around the Osnabrücker Land there is a multitude of important historical sites and sights.

A number of relics from bygone times are waiting to be discovered by you. Take a journey into the history of the Osnabrück region and experience culture up close.

Visit the place of the Peace of Westphalia, where the Thirty Years War ended in 1648, or the area in the middle of the Osnabrück region, where the Romans once fought against Teutons in the Varus Battle.

In our area full of contrasts, you will experience pure excitement and at the same time learn a lot about the history of Osnabrück, the surroundings and our ancestors. Those who want to travel even further back in history will find a suitable excursion destination with the more than 6,000 year old megalithic stone graves.

For all romantics, we have lovingly restored castles and mansions with lush parks on offer. Even old monasteries invite you to visit and linger with a lot of information about their history and their gastronomy. But the many different museums in the Osnabrück region also bear witness to the stories of bygone days.

The Artländer farm architecture, which still characterizes many farms in the north of Osnabrück, is an expression of splendid country life. It is worth stopping by and enjoying the rural idyll.

Our history wrote world history

From the Varus Battle to the international bestseller

Stone age

The Neolithic people buried their relatives in so-called megalithic tombs. Some of these grave complexes are in the Osnabrück region.

Romans & Teutons

The Teutons defeated the Romans in the Varus Battle. A turning point for Roman domination in Europe. You can see it at the original location: in the Museum and Park Kalkriese.

middle Ages

Charlemagne founded the city of Osnabrück. The first documentary mention followed in 1147.

Osnabrück and the Hanseatic League

Osnabrück joined the Hanseatic League, profited from increasing trade and grew into a city of considerable prestige.

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Modern times

More than 1,000 complete farms, which were built between the 16th and 19th centuries, are a unique testimony to the rural building culture in north-western Europe and form the “Artland cultural treasure”.

Modern Europe

The Peace of Westphalia ended the Thirty Years War in Osnabrück and Münster.

The time of the Prussians

Sophie Charlotte, first Queen of Prussia, was born in Iburg Castle. Her birth room is still preserved today.

Timelessly valid

Erich-Maria Remarque was born in Osnabrück. In 1929 he wrote the world bestseller “Nothing new in the West”. An anti-war novel that is valid for all times.

Found gold

Treasure hunt in the Osnabrück region

Shards, remains of bones, tools: from the famous Varus Battle around 9 AD. there is still a lot to be found here in Kalkriese. Exciting, yes. But often routine too, of course. But sometimes, sometimes there are those days. With them, the world is suddenly richer by a treasure and a piece of history.


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