What makeup do you use

In the confusing jungle of the beauty world, it is not that easy to keep track of things. No wonder many women are unsure when it comes to the correct order when applying beauty and cosmetic products. Stilpalast explains how it's done right.

Cleaning and care

First things first: You should only ever apply make-up to the cleansed face. It is best to use a mild washing lotion and stay away from aggressive agents. You can use a mild tonic to clear the skin. If you want to do something good for your skin with a serum, you should do it in the next step. Finally, the face cream / moisturizer comes over the serum. Tip: Always let the cream soak in for a few minutes before you start applying your make-up.

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Makeup base

If you want your make-up to stay perfect throughout the day, it is advisable to use a make-up base, also known as a primer. As the name suggests, it is the base that is used after the day cream, but before the foundation. The silky texture of a base ensures that your skin becomes even, small wrinkles disappear and the foundation can then be applied perfectly. Tip: If you want to apply eyeshadow after the foundation, you should also use an eyeshadow base. This fixes the eyeshadow securely and prevents the product from settling in the crease of the eyelid.


After the day cream or the base, the foundation follows. The easiest way to use it is with a liquid foundation, because it is easier to distribute with a brush, sponge or by hand than a cream foundation. Another advantage of liquid make-up: Different shades can be perfectly mixed with one another. Those who like it uncomplicated are also well served with the creamy compact version, which usually contains a lot of care substances and is therefore ideal for dry skin.

BB cream

If you have to go fast, you can also use a BB cream (Blemish Balm). This all-rounder combines several products and is also a moisturizer, foundation, concealer and often also sun protection. If you decide to use a BB cream, you do not need to apply a care cream beforehand. After cleansing, clarify the face with a tonic before using the BB cream. As a finish after the BB cream, you can briefly powder your face and the complexion is ready.


Concealer is a little wonder drug that helps to cover dark circles, redness or other skin blemishes. When it comes to applying concealer, however, opinions differ. There are make-up artists who swear by applying the concealer before the foundation to cover up heavy dark circles. Others, however, only use concealer after the foundation has been applied. The colored color correcting concealers are a special case. These are always applied before the foundation. You can find more information about the colored correction pens here.


A delicate powder sets the make-up (after foundation and concealer) and mattifies your look. But this is not necessarily a must. Depending on the texture of the skin or the type of foundation, it is not absolutely necessary to use a powder.


In contrast to cream blush, powder blush, also called blush, is only applied after powdering. When applying, however, always be careful not to use too much blush. If possible, apply the blush with a slightly angled brush below the cheekbones and blend the product towards the temples. For women who are prone to dry skin, cream blush is a great product. Unlike powder blush, cream blush is carefully dabbed on immediately after the foundation. As a result, the two creamy products combine perfectly. So that the finished make-up lasts better, you can set your complexion with a little transparent powder.

Eye make up

After your complexion has been made up, you can now devote yourself to eye make-up. First apply the desired eyeshadow to the primed upper eyelid (see make-up base above). For a more intense look, use the kohl pencil or eyeliner. Next, apply mascara and, last but not least, shape the brows with a brush or an eyebrow pencil. Tip: If you want to use a highly pigmented powder eye shadow, it is advisable to do the eye make-up before the foundation. This will prevent particles from getting onto the finished foundation and causing unsightly stains there.

Lip makeup

Lipstick or lip gloss is always applied last. To prevent your lipstick from running too heavily, you can outline the lips with a matching lip liner. You can find the best tips on how to make your lipstick last a long time here.