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Why you should write engaging blog articles to get customers

Did you know that exciting blog articles have the potential to attract more affluent visitors to your website?

The fact is: If you are an entrepreneur today Blog give up, give it away lots of potential!

And let's be honest: Can you afford potential - i.e. more new customers and more business - To give away? If you are in the fortunate position - congratulations - then you don't need to read any further.

For those of you who want to learn how perfect blog articles lead to more customers, here's what:

  • What is a blog article?
  • How do I write a blog post?
  • What makes a good blog article?
  • How long should a blog article be?
  • What is the secret to successful blog articles?

Here are 7 factswhy you absolutely need one Blog need - and of course good blog articles.


1. A Modern Love Story - Google loves blogs

Blogs Image source: pixabay / geralt

Don't worry, there is no love story like here "Romeo and Juliet." But in fact: the search engines, and of course especially Google as the largest search engine, love blogs.

Imagine the following: You enter a search query on Google, e.g. For example, search for >> mountaineering <<.

What is google doing Google searches for exactly this keyword on websites, blogs and platforms.

And if you have a blog with exactly this topic and exactly this keyword, there is a good chance that you will find yourself among the TOP 10 land.

Well, what exactly does that have to do with your blog?

Very easily. Let's say you write one every week Blog article with 500 words. After a year you will have your blog articles over 26,000 words are on the Internet.

If you have 5 keywords in each article, that's 260 keywords referring to your blog / business on the internet.

Perhaps you now suspect how much Google will love your blog. Because Google loves blogs with good, valuable content.

By the way, do you know how many search results you get when you search for “blog” on Google? More than 7 billion search results! Quite a lot, isn't it?

Now that we know that your blog is the beginning of a long-lasting love affair with Google, let's learn how to blog yourself Establish TOP expert status.

STOP! Before you think you are blogging articles for the search engines, let me say NO.

You write the blog articles for potential customers, but in such a way that they can be found by the search engines.



2. Exciting blog articles: How to create expert status

Have you ever thought about it?

How does the “world” find out that you are an absolute expert in a certain area? Good question, isn't it?

You can of course write a textbook. This can be a very arduous journey if you are not a skilled writer.

You can speak as a speaker, write specialist articles ... To be honest: Not really convincing.

Why not use the best, easiest, cheapest and most efficient way to present yourself as an expert?

I think it's a blog. Because you can write a specialist article on your blog every day.

And with every specialist article, your knowledge increases - every day! And you cannot prevent (even if you wanted to) that you are perceived more and more as an expert.

And there are millions of people online looking for the exact knowledge you write about.

If you would like to find out more about how to cement your expert status, please also read this article from me: 10 professional tips for your expert status in Web 2.0.


3. This is how people buy today: first inform, then buy

Blogs are full of information Image source: pixabay / geralt

Did you know? 70% of Germans search online first for information before making a purchase. In the 25-34 year olds it is even 89% (source: Bitkom).

Before the average customer makes a purchase decision, they have already looked at information from 10 different sources (source: Google research).

Imagine if your blog were among these 10 sources. Just think about it for a moment ... Then the chance is great - huge - that you are in the final round and that the customer might buy from you.

Conversely, if you cannot be found online, no customer can involve you in the purchase decision.

What do you do when you want to buy something?

If you're like me, go online and google it until you're well informed.

When I search, I click from page to page. And I love blogs that are full of information. Sometimes I have to force myself not to overdo the search.

And at some point I have so much information that I'm ready to buy. And where does the reader get the most information about a particular product?

Right, on your blog, of course, which has extremely valuable information ready for you in every specialist article.

For your blog, this means: The higher quality the information on your blog, the more visitors will visit your blog over and over again. You still remember - Google loves your blog - and suddenly your readers love it too. And you win new customers.

But what happens when you reach that point?

You will be perceived as an expert in your field who cannot be ignored.

And now your blog is being perceived as a hub for valuable information.


4. The blog is interactive

I'm not telling you anything new: The internet is crying out for interaction. The social networks in particular require interaction. And why do you think the big corporations are all active on social networks? Not because it's chic, but because you can communicate with your customers there.

Your blog is, so to speak, the discussion platform with your customers.

And with a huge advantage: the opening times are all day. When you go home in the evening, your blog is still talking to your readers.

And unlike a website, the blog is not rigid, but dynamic. It changes with every new article and invites visitors to comment and discuss. There is always something on your blog "Come on".

And now let's be honest:

  • Where else do you want to communicate with your customers so easily?
  • How do you get customer opinions faster?

So let's hold on: The blog is the discussion platform with your customers ...and thus shortens the buying process.

In this blog article, I'll tell you about other ways in which you can win customers.


5. Exciting blog articles shorten the buying process

You know how long it often takes from the first contact to the first order.

Blog shortens the buying process

In professional circles today one speaks of a "customer journey". It describes how your prospect goes through various stages until they buy. This is explained in detail here in the monkey blog in a very impressive and understandable way.

However, if you consistently provide good content on your blog, potential customers will follow that content for weeks and months.

And when you are ready to buy, you are already convinced of your expertise. The whole buying process and the usual back and forth is much faster now.

By the way, experts call this process inbound marketing. If you want to know what that means, here's a great definition:

»Inbound Marketing is a marketing strategy that aims to be found by customers through valuable, useful content. Inbound (German: to arrive) marketing assumes that customers are looking for products anyway and only have to arrive at the right product. "(

In all honesty, you would have to be stupid if you were to give this opportunity away lightly.


6. The catalyst for your blog - the social networks

Social networks love blogs Image source: pixabay Alexas_Fotos

Has this ever happened to you? You bought a product based on a recommendation. This word of mouth is the cheapest, easiest, and fastest way to advertise.

Too bad the range is limited.

No problem, because today there is Web 2.0. And so your possibilities are downright gigantic.

Because suddenly you can multiply the reach of your blog exponentially.

You write one Blog article, post it on Xing, twitter, facebook, Google+ and thousands of people can read it in one fell swoop. Because one thing is very clear: your potential customers are on the Internet.

What your task now is: Find out in which social network, on which platform, in which forums your potential customers are. Belong exactly there Your blog articles with the highest added value for your customers.


7. Write exciting blog articles: get started!

Goethe already knew:

“Knowing is not enough - one must also apply. It is not enough to want - you have to do too. "

Don't wait for tomorrow, start today!

My tip: Don't reinvent the wheel, but look for a professional provider who can offer you a complete WordPress blog.

When I set up my blog, I thought I was doing everything myself. That cost me a lot of time and nerves. Don't make this mistake; see an expert. "So far so good," I can already hear you say, "that costs a lot of money." Yes, that's right, if you get the wrong one

And now? You have a vague idea that now is the time to start a blog. Because you attract more interested parties to your website.

But you are missing the topics. Here are 50 topics to write about in your next blog article.


And now? Should we work together to create high-conversion content for your target group from these topics.

With pleasure. Let's make an online appointment right away.

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About the author: Günter W. Heini

Günter W. Heini has been helping small and medium-sized customers to achieve more growth for over 25 years. He worked in international sales and marketing for over 20 years. For a Japanese world market leader, he built up a functioning sales network in Eastern Europe as far as Central Asia and ensured an increase in sales from 8 to 14 million euros. Today he works as a freelance sales and advertising copywriter and sales consultant. With his experience he helps to optimize the marketing and sales processes of his customers. He organized large trade fairs, created brochures, wrote press releases and specialist articles and ensured that the products were continuously marketed with international PR work. His passion is sales. He has been working as a freelance sales and advertising copywriter and sales coach for 6 years. And helps small and medium-sized companies to communicate better and more clearly. With the aim of selling more easily, simply and successfully. So that entrepreneurs have more freedom for the important things in life. He writes high-conversion sales and advertising texts for his clients for landing pages, websites, mailings, brochures, case studies and white papers and designs high-turnover sales and marketing strategies.

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