Drug rehab centers have padded rooms

Space curl

Originally developed for pilot training, the space curl is used to train stability in rehab after a disc surgery.

What is a space curl?

This fixed gym wheel, which was originally developed for pilot training, is used for stability training in rehab after a "disc surgery (diagnosis and therapy: slipped disc)": http://www.gesundheitsberater-berlin.de/kliniken_diagnosen-therapien/bandscheibevorfall- -4 / inserted.

What do you need the device for?

Patients who have just been operated on on the intervertebral disc are not yet allowed to do a lot of sport in follow-up treatment: equipment training or jogging and cycling outdoors are initially taboo for them. Your fresh scar takes at least six weeks to heal firmly enough - however, follow-up treatment usually has to begin two weeks after the inpatient treatment at the latest. In addition, especially at the beginning of their AHB, the rehabilitants usually lack the strength for enduring equipment training. Added to this is the fear of moving the wrong way and the fear of pain. "Recently operated patients also have to carefully relearn everyday movements," says Frank-René Hopke, chief physician at the Hohenelse Rehabilitation Clinic. This also includes being able to stand safely on your own two feet again. This happens in the stability training, which takes place on a wobbly board or in a space curl.

How is the gym wheel used in rehab?

In a space curl, the rehabilitation candidates stand with their feet on two boards that are above the floor. A metal ring, which is padded in the back, is loosely stretched around her waist. Although there are handles in the upper part of the wheel, the patients should not hold on: "The point of the space curl is to stay actively straight," says rehabilitation doctor Hopke. It's not that easy, because the space curl is not fixed, but can move in all three dimensions. "The patients should only make slight movements here while maintaining their body tension." In doing so, they process an energy that comes from outside: The rehabilitation candidates steer in the space curl against gravity and thus strengthen the abdominal muscles and the pelvic floor as well as the small, but important for a straight posture, muscles next to the spine, which are not actively removed from the head let go. "It's similar to a bus that suddenly brakes sharply," says Hopke. "You involuntarily pull all the muscles in your body together so you don't fall over."

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