Should I buy a brand new car?

New car or used car?

Are you more into new cars? Then you will now find countless new car offers here. Configure your dream car!

Or are you in the used cars team? Here you will find numerous used car bargains from professional dealers.

Alternative: demonstration cars, short registrations and storage vehicles

A popular alternative to self-configured new or used cars are demonstration vehicles and daily registrations.

Advantage 1: low mileage
Advantage 2: Less than 18 months old
Advantage 3: Maintained by the dealer
Advantage 4: Very high discounts (sometimes up to 45%)

Car god tip: If a model change has already been announced, very high discounts can usually be achieved on vehicles of the old model that are still in stock.

Even if you can theoretically get behind the wheel immediately, you have to accept the equipment as it is. Incidentally, the warranty period begins on the date of first registration. In the case of demonstration vehicles and one-day registrations, you are not the first owner and have to expect a lower guarantee.

Anyone who finds this annoying can also buy a warehouse vehicle. These are cheaper than configurable new cars, but you are still a first-time owner. However, you have to be satisfied with the existing equipment.

You can find a selection of daily admissions here.

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