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By Dirk Pohlmann.

Two events in recent weeks make it clear that it is urgently necessary for the German public to deal with Israel as a nuclear power and to start a discussion about what role Germany has had, currently has and should have in the future in the Israeli nuclear program. A discussion that has little or no chance in the established media. If it were otherwise, this comment would not be the first, but one of many.

The two events are the renewed indictment against Mordechai Vanunu and the appointment of right-wing extremist Avigdor Liebermann as defense minister in Benjamin Netanyahu's right-wing government.

After 18 years in prison, including more than 10 years in solitary confinement, whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu, who was forcibly kidnapped by the Israeli secret service in 1986, released from custody in 2004 and has since been subject to a draconian ban, has been charged again by the Israeli public prosecutor's office. Vanunu stated in an interview with the Sunday Times in 1986 and demonstrated with photos that Israel manufactured nuclear weapons in Dimona.

Now he is being accused
• Talking to two US citizens in 2013 without the permission of the Israeli authorities
• To have given an Israeli broadcaster a TV interview in September 2015 and
• to have changed his apartment within a house without informing the police.

That sounds like Kafka because it's Kafka-esque. Part of the overall impression is that, according to Google, no German “quality medium” and no public TV broadcaster have reported on the upcoming trial against Vanunu.

Mordechai Vanunu had worked for 9 years as a technician at Israel's secret Dimona nuclear facility, officially known as a textile factory. He came from a Moroccan immigrant family and was increasingly dissatisfied with the conditions in Israel. Vanunu began to be interested in politics and philosophy, in the fate of the Palestinians - he had become a seeker. And he had made a decision: he no longer wanted to work on the production of weapons of mass destruction. Vanunu decided to leave Israel.

His offense in 1986, for which he was originally threatened by the Israeli public prosecutor's office with the death penalty, which until then had been imposed only once, namely against the Nazi mass murderer Adolf Eichmann, was that he declared one of the State of Israel to be secret Told the truth and proved it with photos: Israel possessed and is in possession of several hundred nuclear weapons. Israel called this treason and espionage. (My Arte documentary "Israel and the bomb - a radioactive taboo" offers more details and an overview of the topic, the most-clicked versions of which are currently being deleted across the board on YouTube, although Arte does not demand the deletion of films from YouTube.)

Vanunu had given his information about the multi-storey subterranean facility Dimona, as well as some evidence that he had secretly shot, to the chief reporter of the British "Sunday Times", the physicist Peter Hounam. Vanunu had been careful not to disclose any militarily important details - it should do him no good.

Even before the newspaper publication, which caused a worldwide sensation, Mordechai Vanunu was so cleverly attracted by “Cindy”, a young woman, that he believed he had approached her of his own accord and persuaded her to meet again. Vanunu did not want to take Peter Hounam's warning that his attractive acquaintance “Cindy” could be a “honey trap”, that is, a Mossad agent. The young woman lured Vanunu to Rome with romantic promises, where he was beaten up, drugged and finally taken to Israel by two Mossad agents.

In Israel, Vanunu was brought before a secret court shortly afterwards for espionage, because both the kidnapping and the trial against him were to be kept secret. The State of Israel lied and claimed that it knew nothing about Vanunun's whereabouts. However, Vanunu managed to inform the world public about his arrest by writing a few words on the palm of his hand: "Vanunu M was hijacked in Rome ITL 30.9.86 came to Rome by BA Fly 504" and pressing it against a car window Photo reporters took pictures of the brutal evacuation from Vanunu.

For the treason trial against Vanunu, Peter Hounam flew to Israel in order to exonerate the whistleblower, because Vanunu had clearly out of conscience, not acted as a spy and received no fees for his information.

Hounam also flew to Israel for the BBC to report on the process and its background. He had previously succeeded in finding out through clever research who the woman was who had lured Vanunu to Rome: the American-Israeli citizen; Agent and wife of an Israeli intelligence officer Cheryl Bentov. Hounam had tracked them down in Israel and confronted them with the results of his research.

But during the process, Hounam was also forcibly abducted from his hotel by Shin Beth intelligence agents and thrown into a dungeon whose walls were smeared with feces, semen and blood. He was told that he would never leave his secret prison again. The Israeli censorship agency also put a news blackout on Hounam's arrest. Fortunately, an Amnesty International worker had seen Hounam's kidnapping. Under international pressure, the journalist was released the following day.

Reasonable contemporaries may be wondering why Israel wants to keep secret the existence of its 300 to 400 nuclear weapons, from mini hydrogen bombs to megaton warheads to human-infecting neutron bombs, when the whole world knows that it is a nuclear power? Israeli nuclear weapons have been called "the world's worst-kept secret". So what is the purpose of these ruthless intelligence methods?

The answer is that Israel wants both: that the whole world knows about the existence of its nuclear arsenal, without it having to officially admit that it possesses it. It can use its nuclear weapons as a means of political leverage, but does not have to sign any international agreements and is not subject to any control by the international community. This strategy has a name: Amimut - opacity.

That it opens is causally dependent on Israel's unique, symbiotic alliance with the United States.

If, for example, Iran came up with the idea of ​​pursuing an amimut strategy, it would be a crazy idea and doomed to failure from the outset. Iran, which unlike Israel has never attacked any other state, would be prevented from becoming a nuclear power by force of arms. Any attempt to keep a nuclear weapons program secret would be a reason for war, and Iran has been sanctioned to allow access to international control groups anywhere in the country.

In the 50s and 60s, Israel behaved roughly as it is now assuming Iran. It has always lied about its nuclear weapons program when asked, its governments asserted that no one intends to build a bomb, it is only about the peaceful use of nuclear energy to make the desert bloom. Israel could rely on a factual or conscious oversight of its activities by the USA. The only US president who seriously wanted to prevent Israel from becoming a nuclear power was John F. Kennedy. Shortly before his own resignation because of the nuclear conflict, Israel's President Ben Gurion wrote in a letter to Kennedy that Kennedy's policies were a threat to Israel's existence.

After the assassination of Kennedy, the course of the United States changed by 180 degrees under President Lyndon B. Johnson. In the run-up to the Six Day War and its foreseeable status as a nuclear power, the US also changed its stance in the Middle East. They gave up their previous policy of good relations with all sides and positioned themselves on the side of Israel against the Arab states.

Immediately after Israel completed its first two atomic bombs, it launched its attack on its Arab neighbors - referred to by Israel as a preventive war against states that wanted to destroy it. This version has since been advocated by Israel, the United States, and its Western allies. It is defensible, there are different views on it. What is not justifiable: that when assessing the Six-Day War, it is always concealed that Israel became a nuclear power immediately before the attack. The historical distortion resulting from the withholding of this eminently important truth is also a good example of why Israel does not want to officially confirm the existence of its nuclear weapons, which advantages the amimut strategy brings for Israel, namely: political and military power without responsibility but a concealment of the Facts.

When the State of Israel was founded in 1948, the USA had committed itself to a cautiously neutral role in the Middle East, because Israel was initially supported by communist states such as the CSSR with arms deliveries and the USA did not want to spoil itself with the Arabs. At that time it looked for a while as if the state of the Zionist kibbutzim was on its way to the socialist camp.

But as a nuclear power in the Middle East, Israel became the US strategic ally against the Soviet Union and the US became Israel’s ally against the Soviet-backed Arabs.

In addition, the Russian Jewish intelligentsia, which was involved in important armaments programs in the Soviet Union, provided essential intelligence information from the hermetically sealed giant empire to the CIA counter-espionage under James Jesus Angleton, where they are longing for Israel. Angleton had very good relations with Israel. He had helped build the Mossad from 1951 onwards.In return for the espionage channels in the USSR, the USA began to provide Israel with the most modern weapons, money and access to secret information from the mid-1960s. There is a monument to James Jesus Angleton in Israel. It is unique in the world that a secret service chief from a foreign country is honored in this way.

Today Israel is under the protection of the United States and enjoys unprecedented privileges and financial backing of over $ 3 billion a year, about a third of the world's aid. The money is used almost exclusively for the military in Israel. No US presidential candidate (except Bernie Sanders!) Can do without addresses of devotion to the Israelis. Support for Israel's military power is indisputable in the political class - although Israel even continued to proliferate nuclear weapons when it collaborated in many areas with the apartheid state of South Africa during the Cold War. Right-wing Israeli military had helped put down insurrections among the black population. (While at the same time left-wing South African Jews stood up for an end to apartheid and supported black African activists.) The state of Israel supported South Africa in building missiles and its nuclear program, it either helped the apartheid regime to use nuclear warheads or sold them ready-made Israeli warheads. The racist regime in South Africa was a de facto ally of the United States during the Cold War. The US secret services were informed about the joint ventures of the South Africans and Israelis and did not intervene - on the contrary.

Israel's nuclear weapons strategy is named after the biblical Samson, who killed his enemies with him by suicide. This reference to a suicide bomber is all the more worrying given that Israel has, in addition to sea, air and land-based short and medium-range weapons, three-stage ICBMs - in order to deter which enemies?

There are statements by Jewish Americans who threatened that Israel's demise would lead to the end of the world nuclear power. For example, the American author Ron Rosenbaum, who wrote in 2012 that after a second Holocaust, Moscow, the European capitals and the holy cities of Islam would be destroyed by nuclear power. He made it clear: "The absence of any proportionality" is the "essence of the Samson option." David Perlmutter wrote in 2002: “What would be a fairer punishment for the Jew-haters of the world than to prepare for them the nuclear winter for their millennia-long massacres? Or when we invite the mocking European statesmen and peace activists to follow us into the ovens? ”The Israeli poet and Holocaust survivor Itamar Yaoz-Kest ​​wrote in his reply to Günther Grass in 2012“ Right to life: a poem-letter to the German Author ”:“ And yet, there is a right reserved for us Jews (if any person on earth actually has this right): to be destroyed and to take the tired and saturated world into non-existence, along with it strange libraries and heart-confounding songs just like that after going into the graves with the ground sending radioactive rays to all four winds .. Yes, we have that right! And it is also my right! "

Not only the journalist of the Jerusalem Post, Gil Ronen, saw this as a threat to "destroy the enemies of Israel and cause irreparable damage to the entire earth".

Because Israel officially has no nuclear weapons, it does not have to deny these death-loving statements. An example of how useful the at first glance strange Amimut strategy is. The obscene threats are in the room, they can be effective, but they can also be publicly described as absurd at any time in confidential conversations or by foreign friends. Even more: those who criticize them can be effectively threatened with media exclusion and the end of their career, this is ensured by zealous publicists, often of their own accord, who enjoy their destructive power.

This situation becomes grotesque in view of the appointment of Avigdor Liebermann as Israeli defense minister. Applied to German standards, the man would be to the right of Pegida and AfD, he propagated right-wing extremist and racist positions. Among other things, he advocates a purely Jewish state and the deportation of Israelis of Arab origin and said in the 2015 election campaign: “You can't do anything with those who are against us, we have to take an ax and chop off their heads. Otherwise we will not survive here ”. Mordechai Vanunu would probably no longer live under Liebermann, who is a strict advocate of the death penalty.

Right-wing, fundamentalist Israelis, whose parliamentary mouthpiece is Liebermann, called in 2015 in Arutz Sheva, the “National News”, to destroy Iran and Germany by nuclear means, because this was the only way to prevent the destruction of Israel. Arutz Sheva is not an underground website. Arutz Sheva is considered the voice of the settler movement, describes himself as "the largest talk radio program in the Middle East", published on the Internet in Hebrew, English and Russian and the print edition is No. 3 in Israeli newspapers. In the call for the nuclear annihilation of Germany and Iran, the commentators refer to the Old Testament, more precisely to the tribe named "Amalek", the personified evil that they equated with Iran and Germany. 20 to 30 bombs "would be enough to get the job done". The vision of a nuclear war based on religious motives is therefore not an Islamist monopoly.

Amimut means projecting power without responsibility and control, while at the same time eliminating public critics of the strategy. De facto also in Germany, where nobody in the quality media seems to be wondering what it means when head-down Liebermann gets control of Israeli nuclear weapons.

We know about the chain of command, the requirements for deployment, the Israelis' nuclear strategy: NOTHING. But as a weapons discounter, we build submarines at a friendship price that use Israel's nuclear weapons. Probably as a second strike capacity to deter, but maybe also to "Amalek", i.e. to wipe ourselves out.

In view of Angela Merkel's statements in the Knesset in 2008, namely that Israel's security is part of Germany's raison d'etat, it would be interesting to find out whether Germany's right to exist is also part of Israeli foreign policy. In view of the situation that has now arisen, further pacing in the unknown is unacceptable.

A dispute between Germany and Israel would not be proportionate to the seriousness of the situation. It would therefore be helpful if the left and progressive forces in Israel (e.g. Haaretz), Europe and the USA, also among the American Jews (where in reality, despite AIPAC, they represent a majority! And Bernie Sanders is the best example of what) is possible!) and position it clearly in Germany: in favor of a policy that calls for an end to Israel's Amimut strategy, disclosure of the deployment strategy and clarification as to whether the Samson strategy includes the end of the world. So it would be clear to all sides that it is a question of a political conflict and not a conflict of one state against another.

An alliance of the sensible should demand a policy that guarantees and secures Israel's existence - and calls for the worldwide renunciation of nuclear weapons.

It will not be easy, because in Israel anyone who even publicly confirms the existence of Israeli nuclear weapons faces harsh penalties. When the war hero Yitzhak Yaakov, General of the Israeli Armed Forces in the Six Day War, wrote in his memoirs of the major project on which he had worked as the head of technology development for the Israeli armed forces, he was of course referring to the nuclear weapons program Arrested at the end of his military service. The Israeli and American citizen, who has lived in New York for 20 years, flew home to celebrate his 75th birthday when he was arrested in 2001 by a special department of the Department of Defense for high treason. His trial, which ended with 2 years in prison and ruined him financially, was also subject to a news blackout in Israel.

Amazingly, US politicians and the media are largely adhering to the ban on speaking about Israeli nuclear weapons. Ex-President Jimmy Carter, who broke it, was disgraced in the US “quality media” and made persona non grata. So it does not make sense if Israeli citizens or those with dual citizenship are asked about this topic on German talk shows, at least without naming the sanction of silence.

Germany has produced 6 ultra-modern submarines as a nuclear weapon carrier for the Israeli armed forces, of which Israel paid about half, the rest is a gift from the German governments to Israel. German governments of all stripes have been avoiding the determination of the fact that they are nuclear weapons carriers for a good 20 years. The fact that Germany is participating in the projection of nuclear power in a crisis area is not discussed critically in the media or in parliament. There is also a silent cartel in Germany on the subject of Israeli nuclear weapons, albeit for different reasons.

Indeed, the Israeli nuclear weapons program is a direct result of the Nazi German attempt to exterminate the Jews. Because during the Holocaust no power made the fate of the persecuted and threatened Jews its cause, not even England or the USA. Because there were hardly any attempts to provide effective help or even rescue the refugees during World War II, despite pleading requests from Jewish organizations, the newly founded Israeli state took responsibility for the life and safety of Jews all over the world. The government around Ben Gurion coined the doctrine that in the future only Jews should be responsible for the safety of Jews: Israelis. The subtext read: because they could not rely on anyone in the face of an alleged genocide being carried out.

The atom bomb should therefore become Israel's life insurance policy.No one would try, according to the rationale of the government, to drive the Israelis into the sea, as the Arab leaders had threatened if Israel were to threaten a nuclear counter-attack.

So far, everything is understandable. It is also correct that Germany bears a special responsibility for the existence and security of Israel. Just like for the security and existence of the Sinti and Roma, the Russians and other peoples who were covered by a racist war of extermination by Nazi Germany.

Why didn't the victorious powers separate part of Germany and Austria as state territory for European Jews after the war? To build Israel on the soil of the states that wanted to destroy the Jews would have been just. But the fact that the Palestinians were driven from their homeland with the slogan: "A country without a people for a people without a country" made them suffering collateral damage in atoning for a crime they did not commit. This is the curse of the evil deed that struck the new innocent.

Besides the Holocaust, there is probably another reason for the German silence about Israel's nuclear weapons. There are many indications that the Adenau Republic not only sought reconciliation with the Jews through its “reparation policy” in the 50s and 60s, but also sought joint ownership of nuclear weapons. The opportunity to do so was a collaboration with France and Israel. Germany provided Israel with several hundred million DM for a “nuclear desalination plant”, the desalination part of which never became a reality.

The background: Adenauer and DeGaulle neither trusted that the US would sacrifice Washington for Berlin and Paris. DeGaulle wanted to persuade Adenauer to establish a nuclear alliance outside of NATO. Both wanted to be able to threaten nuclear strikes independently. Like Israel, they saw their own nuclear weapons as life insurance. So there was a congruence of interests between the three states.

The atomic power France ultimately helped Israel to get the atom bomb. The US was extremely reluctant to see France becoming a nuclear power. Ultimately, only Kennedy effectively prevented Israel from striving for nuclear power. But Germany as a nuclear power was not politically and strategically acceptable either to Kennedy or to anyone else in the USA. The USA effectively prevented it, also with the help of its fifth column in Germany: the BND, as the renamed Gehlen organization, a former CIA department that always remained a branch. Gehlen's secret service was not part of the democracy that was being established, but rather an instrument of power tended to be putschist with hegemonic ties.

So it came about that the alliance of the three upstarts became only two nuclear powers: France and Israel.

The Israeli lesson from the Holocaust is: never again victims. The German doctrine means: never again perpetrators. But it should also mean: Our task is peace, mediation and de-escalation whenever possible, and it is actually always possible.

The fate of Mordechai Vanunu, who was persecuted and is persecuted for telling the truth, is a test to the example of what we Germans have learned. Vanunu was and is not a threat to the existence or security of Israel. Nor is he a nuclear spy, as can always be read in German newspapers. He did not betray his country; on the contrary, like Edward Snowden, as an apostate, he preserved the honor and soul of his country.

Vanunu was at best a threat to a Machiavellian power calculation, the use of which no state is worthy of. Like Edward Snowden, Mordechai Vanunu is a conscientious objector, a whistleblower who has faced a difficult fate.

Germany, the cultural nation on probation that murdered Jews, but also whistleblowers like Hans and Sophie Scholl, should face up to its responsibility for peace, argue publicly about what is right - and then do it. After many bitter years that he had to sacrifice, Mordechai Vanunu has more than earned a peaceful, free life as a person among people in Norway.

Israel should finally make a commitment to its nuclear weapons, disclose its strategies and responsibilities, and then help to get rid of nuclear weapons. Israeli nuclear weapons are also madness, the threats of annihilation against the entire world are obscene and despicable. The conventional, strategic superiority of the Israelis today is so great that they do not really need nuclear protection.

Another delivery of submarines to Israel, which is sticking to its amimut strategy under Defense Minister Avigdor Liebermann, is unacceptable.

Above all: the atomic madness will not enable the Israeli children to live in peace either. Only peace can make peace possible. We have to invest in it: will, money, ideas and truth.

Photo: Mordechai Vanunu (2009), Eileen Fleming (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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Published on: May 23, 2016

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