What happened to Tommy in Arrow

Trial against Oliver

Starts at 6x21, where Laurel denies that Oliver is Green Arrow 😊

Dinah sat nervously in court. She was mad at herself for screwing it up and she was mad at Diaz for putting Rene under pressure with Zoe. She looked at Curtis, who was sitting next to her. He was the only one who didn't have to testify. He was just better at hiding his identity than she was. She had been very surprised when Tommy Merlyn had just turned up as Green Arrow. She had subsequently learned that the man's name was Christopher Chance and that he was a master at makeup. She looked at Felicity, who walked back into the room and sat down depressed. Dinah leaned over to her. ,,What's happening? Why do you look so dejected? "Felicity sighed." We have a new problem. Diaz is putting Laurel on the stand as a witness. " Dinah gritted her teeth angrily. "And that doesn't mean anything good for Oliver." Felicity shook her head. "Diaz has the file on Chance. He knows about Cayden. She should explain what just happened." Dinah ran a hand through her hair. ,,What a crap! Laurel is going to screw everything up! "Felicity sighed." She has no choice. Diaz will kill her otherwise. " Dinah shrugged. "It's also on my to-do list." Felicity gave her an annoyed look, but said nothing more. "It goes on." Rene sat down next to her and looked ahead. "The court is calling Laurel Lance as a witness.", Said the prosecutor on the other side. Dinah looked at the door, where Laurel stepped in. The blonde seemed a little nervous as she sat next to the judge. Dinah even felt a little pity the blonde from earth 2. She knew how hard it was up there in the chair.

Laurel got up and raised her right hand. "I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth." The blonde sat down and the other lawyer stepped forward. "Ms. Lance. The defendant here has publicly admitted that you are Black Canary have been known avenger. May we believe Mr. Queen? " Laurel looked nervously at the lawyer. "For that matter, yes." Dinah exchanged a look with Curtis. "She'll uncover everything," she muttered. "And since Black Canary was a known partner of Green Arrow, can I assume that you know his identity?" The lawyer was tough. "Of course. I know who Green Arrow is," Laurel replied firmly. Curtis nudged her. "Oliver is lost." Dinah could freak out. Diaz was such a bastard! The lawyer ran to Laurel. "In the course of this process we heard Rene Ramirez testify that Oliver was Queen Green Arrow. But it also claims a certain Tommy Merlyn, he would be Green Arrow. " Dinah looked at Laurel. The blonde let her gaze wander around the room and met hers as well. She was beautiful. ,, Ms. Lance. So be nice and help me out. Who is telling the truth? "Laurel's gaze fell on Quentin. Dinah raised an eyebrow. That was interesting now. She noticed Diggle and Rene leaving the room. What were they going to do now?" Ms. Lance? Who is it now Green Arrow? " The lawyer stood right in front of her. Dinah looked forward curiously. Laurel seemed to struggle with himself. Finally she looked the lawyer in the eye. "Tommy Merlyn." A murmur went through the room. "Oliver Queen is not Green Arrow.", Laurel added. Dinah was amazed. What made Laurel switch to Oliver's side?

There was a short pause and Dinah saw Quentin follow Laurel. She got up too. She needed to know why Laurel had changed her mind. She stepped out of the room and saw Quentin come back in her direction. She decided to check the toilet. You opened the door and bingo! Laurel stood propped up by the sink, her head bowed. Dinah stepped in and stood at a respectful distance. "You surprise me," she said in the silence and Laurel winced violently. Apparently she hadn't heard Dinah come in. "You know, if you don't hear me come in, you will fail with Diaz too?" She said amused and leaned against one of the cubicles. Laurel looked at her through the mirror. ,,What do you want? Kill me at last? "Dinah smiled coolly." No. That would be a bit noticeable here. " Laurel looked down again. Dinah pushed away from the cabin and approached her. “I don't want to hurt you. I'm just curious about that in court. "Laurel looked up again, but she also turned around." What's so interesting about it? " Dinah stopped in front of her. Laurel met her eyes. Dinah almost sank into that beautiful green. “You said Tommy was Green Arrow, even though you should incriminate Oliver. What has changed? "Laurel sighed and leaned against the sink." Quentin. He said I should move away from Diaz and well, to rebel against someone, you have to stand up to him. " Dinah looked at her approvingly. ,,This is true. I'm really surprised. "Laurel pushed away from the sink and stopped right in front of the brunette." I said I wanted to change. " Dinah swallowed. The blonde was barely two inches away from her. "I'm really sorry I didn't buy this from you." Laurel looked deep into her eyes. "I wouldn't have bought it myself, so don't apologize." Dinah had to smile. ,,And now? What are you going to do now? "Laurel's eyes darkened." I don't know. Diaz will want to hunt me down and kill me. I think I have to face him and get rid of him. " Dinah shook her head. ,,Forget it! You don't face him. He's going to kill you! "Laurel grinned at her cheekily." Are you worried about me about that? " Dinah wanted to deny that, but she had to admit that it was actually so true. "I ... No ... Why should ...", Dinah stammered embarrassed, while Laurel raised an eyebrow. "Yes. I'm worried." Dinah finally sighed and looked at the blonde beauty in embarrassment. Laurel smiled and looked at her. Dinah looked into her beautiful green eyes. She couldn't move, there was a certain attraction to Laurel. Laurel seemed frozen too. Dinah hesitantly took her hand and gently brushed Laurel's cheek. This winced slightly and Dinah pulled it back. "Sorry." Laurel looked her in the eye. "It's okay." Dinah smiled uncertainly. If she leaned forward now, she could kiss Laurel ...