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Patient information on the Internet is becoming more and more important for the qualitative and economic challenges of our health systems: It helps patients to contribute competently and independently to the success of therapy and is therefore an instrument to improve adherence (article on adherence by Dr. Susanne Rödel).
In addition to the medical basics, patient reports from other people affected are particularly popular with patients. They help the sick to understand the “inside” of life with an illness, give orientation and support through emotional experiences and offer suggestions and assistance on how to adapt one's life to support therapy. One problem with field reports is the quality of the content in question. Our current best practice example www.krankheitserfahrungen.de comes from the University of Freiburg and the University Medical Center Göttingen and solves precisely this dilemma of experience reports.

Following the example of www.healthtalkonline.org and www.youthhealthtalk.org, people tell about their personal experiences with an illness or a health problem. A big advantage compared to other experience reports is that doctors collect and evaluate the experience and thus ensure the quality of the content.

We find the two approaches to knowledge particularly successful:

1. Single person access
The splitting of the videos per person is particularly user-friendly. So every visitor does not have to look at the complete experience report, but can select his specific topics.
2. Access through the subjects
If a visitor is only interested in a specific topic and wants to see all the field reports, he can choose the topic-oriented approach.
Conclusion: In our opinion, www.krankheitserfahrungen.de is a model for the future that

  • supports the information and training of patients with the help of empirical knowledge,
  • quality is assured by doctors and
  • Is offered to patients in an optimally consumable form.

Websites like this one will help our health system to better meet the qualitative and economic demands.

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