Why are weeping babies allowed to be on airplanes?

Flying with a baby: 6 tips so that the holiday starts relaxed

Having a baby on a plane is not a relaxed thought for most people. Most of the time, even with a crying baby on the plane, the majority remains relaxed, but for the mom who goes with them, the very idea alone often causes sheer stress. It doesn't have to be.

Sure, some kids will never love flying. After all, there are also many adults who are reluctant to get on a plane. Nevertheless, there are effective tips that make flying for babies (and those around them) much more comfortable and stress-free. Here are six of them!

The ideal seat

A relaxed holiday with baby actually starts much earlier than you think - namely when you reserve a seat. The location is crucial: choose a seat that is not too far back. There people will keep walking past you and you will not be able to calm down as a result. Especially not if the toilets are near your row of seats.

So better reserve seats in the front area of ​​the aircraft. The first row is particularly comfortable for parents with babies. There is more legroom compared to the other rows. Depending on the aircraft, a mobile cot can even be set up on long-haul flights, in which the offspring can sleep comfortably.

If you are traveling with your partner and baby, it is also advisable to reserve a seat in the aisle and one by the window. The likelihood that the space in the middle between you will remain free is high. Before the flight, you can ask at the counter whether the space is still vacant. If not, you can ask the staff to move the person into a different row.

If the flight is not too full, they are sure to meet you. If not, you would have to ask the person on the plane if they would swap seats with one of you. Since the space is in the middle, the chances are good that the person will take up the offer.

Whether you position yourself at the window or in the aisle is a matter of taste. You have more peace at the window, but you can get up more quickly in the hallway and march up and down the hallways if your baby only stays calm when it is moving.

A small toy that can be pulled out of your pocket in no time

Whether for reassurance or as a preventive measure - you should pack a few small toys in your handbag, which you should have at hand in an emergency. For this they should be relatively small so that you can pack several. Also make sure that the toy does not make any loud noises - for the sake of your fellow travelers. A colorful picture book can be the ideal solution for this. It doesn't make any sounds, but is still exciting and will keep the youngsters busy.

Particularly practical: feeler books with different substances and materials. Babies love the soft pages of a playbook that are particularly easy to grip. Some even crackle or have hidden squeaky parts and mirrors. This also promotes motor skills, because the little ones want to discover every side.

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Best to fly during nap time

Depending on how your child reacts, it may happen that they have to be watched over or calmed down for the entire duration of the flight. In this case you will be very grateful for the one or two hour nap, because then you too will have a short break.

Many counselors also recommend flying when the baby is normally going to sleep. So, for example, to choose an evening or night flight. It can work, but it doesn't have to. After all, flights are exciting, even for adults, and the little ones can feel it. So it may well be that your baby doesn't even think about sleeping on the plane.

So a morning flight can actually be more pleasant. Your baby can then look out the window, you can keep it busy without a guilty conscience, and if the worst case actually occurs and your baby just cries, you at least don't have to worry that all of your fellow travelers will be torn from their sleep.

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A new toy

Children are often restless on the plane because the pressure equalization is not yet working properly and they get earache, or because they are strapped to a seat and are not allowed to leave it for a long time. After all, children want to move and experience something. Hence, it helps to distract and keep them busy.

A new toy can work wonders because it has yet to be discovered. The little ones don't yet know what it can do and therefore find it particularly exciting - without mom having to contribute much. This gives you time to keep the children busy. Your most valuable asset on a long flight.

Tip: There is extra time when you wrap the toy as a gift and the little ones have to unpack it first.

When it comes to airplane toys, however, there are a few things to look out for. For the sake of your fellow travelers, the toy shouldn't make too much noise, even if the little ones would of course think that's great. For your own sake, the toy shouldn't have too many individual parts so that you don't have to keep picking them up in a narrow plane. Of course, the toy shouldn't be too simple either, otherwise babies could quickly get bored. So it should already have bright, high-contrast colors and various functions.

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Pack snacks but avoid too much sugar

Depending on how old your baby is, they may not need snacks yet because they are still being breastfed. But if your baby is already a bit older, small snacks can not only adjust the blood sugar level and thus lift the mood. They can even have some entertainment value. For example, tie a bow around the snack box so that your child has to unpack it like a small present or let them take out the snacks themselves.

Raspberries are a great and healthy snack at the same time. They are nice and soft so that the little ones can crush them on the palate. Blueberries, on the other hand, are good for older children. Babies would choke on it quickly.

Tip: Take wet wipes with you in hand luggage to remove the berry juice from your face and little fingers afterwards.

Incidentally, there are bonus points if the children do not otherwise or only rarely eat the snacks they have brought with them. Because everything special is always much more exciting and tastes better. But make sure that the delicacies do not have a high sugar value. Otherwise your treasure's blood sugar will drop just as quickly as it shot up. The result is a very active child who craves even more sugar.

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Sucking for earache

In contrast to us adults, babies and small children are not yet able to actively equalize pressure. The result: earache can occur during take-off and landing. By scheduling feeding in this exact amount of time, you can make flying more comfortable for your baby. Because sucking and moving the jaw can help babies equalize pressure and thus prevent or reduce ear pain.

If it doesn't work out with the meal or if your baby is simply not hungry, sucking on the pacifier can also provide relief.

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