Why is Donald Trump so annoying

"It's snakes that whisper sweet words" : Trump has lost, Trumpism continues anyway

On the day of Joe Biden's triumph, Donald Trump once again emphasized it in his very own way on Twitter: “71,000,000 legal votes. The most EVER for a sitting President! "(71 million legal votes, most ever for an incumbent president).

Strictly speaking, there are around 70.4 million so far, the paradox: Trump has won far more votes than when he was elected 45th President of the United States in 2016. Behind every vote is a woman or a man with a clear motive.

If Joe Biden says he wants to “unite more than divide”, he will also be measured by whether he will be able to convince staunch Trump supporters with his policies.

Kelley Finn shows how difficult it will be. Trump has lost, Trumpism has not. She is one of the very few loyal Trump voters who dared to join the thousands of dancing supporters of the future President Biden in Washington over the weekend. She disguised herself as a judge, with a wig and black robe - because the election has not been decided for a long time, but that will be done in court. Her Twitter account is "alwaystrumporg", forever Trump.

While spontaneous concerts are being given and hundreds of people singing “Come togehter, right now” by the Beatles within sight of the White House, she doesn't even think about accepting the new situation. She also shares the opinion that Trump's previous bull market channel Fox News is "dead" because it recently showed clear withdrawal movements.

"The election was stolen from Trump"

She carries a pink poster on which she has written a quote from Trump in black letters, for her it is a mission: "America will never be a socialist country". That will all be at the Supreme Court Landing, she says with a view to the election results. "The election was stolen from Trump because of wrong and wrongly considered ballot papers."

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Finn is a retired attorney who lived in Florida for a long time and now lives in Virginia. But what if Trump does not get away with it and judicially sealed that he is voted out of office, does she support Biden? “Never,” she says. Although he is not a socialist, for them he is only a puppet of an increasingly left-wing democratic party.

She emphasizes that she is not a racist either, but she thinks that Biden wants to give children of migrants a legal status and lift the entry bans for people from Muslim countries imposed by Trump.

And it annoys them that Trump voters are often pigeonholed in stereotypes. “Our immigration problem didn't just start yesterday. It is just not true that we are 70 million racists or white supremacists. We are not. And we refuse to be called that. ”A key question to the success or failure of his presidency will be whether Biden can build bridges with a sufficient number of Republican voters.

The choice showed urban-rural differences

Trump stands for free market capitalism, emphasizes Kelley Finn. “We prefer freedoms. Our ancestors fought for freedoms. ”Her ancestors come from Wales and their family's story of rise and disappointment is reminiscent of J. D. Vance's bestselling novel, Hillbilly Elegy, about the social problems of working class families in rural Ohio.
It became a handout to understand the "backwoodsmen", the wrath of straight white men who suddenly voted for Trump. "My grandfather, John Finn, was a miner from West Virginia and my father didn't wear shoes in the summer, he didn't get a new pair until he started school," says Finn.

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“But my father became successful. Everyone in this country has the ability to be a successful person. ”She believes that she speaks for the majority of Trump voters:“ They will not accept the Democratic presidency either, ”says the 62-year-old, adding little encouragement added: "This is an uncanny time for our country."

The election showed huge urban-rural differences - similar to the social democratic and left-wing parties in Germany, Trump supporters repeatedly criticize the democrats for the dominance of identity politics in favor of minorities, and their migration and climate protection policies are often perceived as a threat.

In addition, his voters repeatedly praise Trump's economically liberal course and his tax cut policy. And precisely because Trump is so different and you understand his messages, he goes down so well with many US citizens.

Five types of Trump voters

The scientist Emily Ekins from the Cato Institute had already identified five types of Trump voters after his election in 2016, based on the survey of 8,000 people. The largest group with 31 percent were loyal Republicans with traditionally conservative positions on social and economic issues, these are likely to be most accessible for Biden to fill in trenches in his efforts.

This is followed by the group of the so-called American Preservationists: The preservers, whose prosperity is threatened by globalization, such as the coal, fracking and steel workers, who above all defend themselves against too many climate protection and environmental regulations; who, with Trump, once again believed in the American promise of ascent.

However, little has changed for the better for many coal and steel workers. There is also a high proportion of voters who reject the Washington establishment.

More about voting in the US

Much will depend on whether Biden can set in motion a kind of New Deal, a huge economic and infrastructure program, as a way out of the corona recession. And whether, like Trump, he stands up to its main competitor, China.

But Nedalee Thomas, a college-educated businesswoman, doesn't think Biden will ever become president. “The media also proclaimed Al Gore president in 2000, but the inauguration never took place.” She is a grandmother, was the foster mother of 17 children of different origins, has adopted a black son and is married to a Mexican. "I laugh when people call me racist or uneducated because I support Trump."

Her husband came into the country legally with a work visa. "He is very much against illegal immigrants because they are causing serious damage to our country with their wage dumping."

Republicans are largely non-violent and "won't get upset or behave as the Democrats have for years," she said. But the choice was manipulated. "I can only speak for myself and say that I will not accept Joe Biden and this terrible Kamala Harris who will replace him," says Thomas, adding, "They are snakes that whisper sweet words."

President Trump is by far "the best president of my life". He kept his promises "and is loved far and wide". She is certain: "Donald J. Trump will have his hand on the Bible and swear the oath on January 20th."

The exciting question will be how these Trump voters behave if Joe Biden swears the oath of office instead of him, at the moment the state still seems to be one of waiting and hoping for the courts. Certainly the most dangerous legacy - and groups that can hardly be won over by a dialogue - are extremely right-wing and sect-like movements that gained popularity during Trump's tenure.

The Proud Boys could radicalize themselves further

Groups such as the Proud Boys, comprising several thousand people, whom Trump had urged to stand back and stand by, could become further radicalized. And even the German Office for the Protection of the Constitution is looking closely at how the QAnon movement that emerged during the Trump era and has now become internationalized is developing in this country.

This believes that an elite - including leading democrats - kidnap and kill children in order to obtain a rejuvenating drug from their blood. Trump is seen as a savior to them.

There were several evangelical events before Election Day in Washington. Melanie Petrowski, 44 years old, is a good example of where the world is after four years of Trump. She doesn't understand that Joe Biden was even allowed to be a candidate, she tells the story of "Biden 5", a report by the right-wing platform Breitbart about "one of America's most corrupt families".

She had come from New Zealand and drank champagne in a hurry on the evening of the election - according to her own statements, she bet around 20,000 US dollars on Trump's re-election. Similar to many Trump voters, she sees a huge fraud at work and asks for God's help. She made a lot of money in the financial business, traveled the world a lot, was intelligent. But trapped in their carefully isolated world of thought and information.

She firmly believes in the QAnon “ideology”, real facts cannot penetrate a conversation. For them, the corona virus is a biochemical weapon behind which China, the Democrats and Bill Gates are. Incidentally, Ford Knox was empty, the Obamas had transported the gold. And Michelle Obama is really a man. "The real name is Michael Robinson."

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