When did you care too much?

12 signs: this is how he writes you when he's interested in you

Mystery man ...

Is he into me now or is he just being nice? Many women find it difficult to correctly interpret a guy's signals when facing each other.

And then it seems almost impossible via WhatsApp. So that you can finally get clarity about whether he is interested in you, I will tell you today 12 signs that will show you very clearly: He is interested in you!

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1. He'll write back to you quickly

If you write to him, will he be online as soon as he receives the message?

Someone has been waiting eagerly for your message. If this happens more often or even most of the time, then he's either a cell phone junkie or he can't wait to text you.

Especially when you always get an immediate answer to questions, you can see that you are important to him.

He definitely doesn't want you to feel unnoticed by him and shows you that he can be reached by you at any time and immediately.

2. His answers are detailed

Men have a tendency to be short and sweet.One sentence here, one there, and by no means use too many words.

That's why you can count yourself lucky when a guy writes you in detail. Obviously he goes to extra lengths with you to write as much as possible and understandably.

He wants to communicate to you, wants you to understand him and notice that he took the time to answer.

And he probably also likes the thought that you have to take your time for his texts as well and imagines how you read them.

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3. He asks personal questions

Your messages don't just consist of organizational matters or conversations about the weather or what you ate? A very good sign.

The more personal you write with a man, the more he cares about you.

Especially when personal questions come from him, yours Feelings, past or preferences affect!

That means he's not interested in you just for one night. He really wants to get to know you better than other people know you.

This intimacy speaks for real feelings.

4. "Good morning" and "Good night"

If you get regular messages from him after you get up and before you go to bed, what does that mean?

Correct,… You are likely the last person he thinks about before falling asleep and the first person he thinks about after waking up.

And that really says a lot! You can really look forward to “good morning” and / or “good night” from him.

Because you are an important part of his day and he has you on his mind from morning to evening. Plus, he obviously wants you to have a good day and a good night - and think of him too.

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5. Heart emojis

With emojis, men are usually rather frugal, ... If anything, there are laughing or grinning versions.

While women regularly send the hearts and kiss faces in large quantities to their best friends, many men do not even know of their existence.

So it speaks a clear language when a man sends you heart-shaped emojis. Because he probably doesn't even send them to his mother normally.

You are the one special woman in his life that he pulled out these emojis for.

6. He's writing you compliments

This does not mean clumsy and suggestive sayings, but real compliments.

For example, if you have a new profile picture, he will tell you how beautiful you look on it. Or if you give him advice, he'll compliment you on your intelligence or empathy.

If you share funny things, he will praise your good sense of humor. All of these compliments are there to tell you, “You are exactly what I was looking for with all your qualities. Don't you finally notice that I just love everything about you ?! "

7. He shares his everyday life with you

There are many little things throughout the day that are actually not worth mentioning.

Still, do you get messages from him every now and then, with insignificant information?

What he ate, a line from his colleague, something funny that he saw on the way to work, etc ...

With this he wants to let you participate in his lifeas if you were there yourself.

This "integration into everyday life" shows you very clearly how important you are to him and that he would like to share everything with you.

8. He makes plans

Do you already write in the middle of the week about what you could do together over the weekend? Or are you thinking about taking your next vacation together?

If the ideas for making plans don't just come from you, you have won the main prize. He assumes that you will have long-term contact and that this will deepen.

He wants more from you than just texting. Let yourself be inspired by his plans, because the more ideas he wants to implement, the more he burns for you.

9. He asks for your opinion

Admittedly ... Reading guys' signals is not always easy, but when he has problems or decisions to make, does he tell you about them?

Women who understand men know that the male species tends to want to sort these things out with themselves.

True to the motto “lone wolf”, they always want to deal with their worries on their own.

From a male perspective, I can tell you that it is a very good sign when he asks you for advice or even help.

Because that means that he sees you as a particularly important person in his life and trusts you. He obviously values ​​your opinion and wants to include you in his life (with good and bad).

10. Double messages

You probably know that too: After you have sent a message, you wait for the answer.

Again and again you check whether your message has been read and check your text. Often you can think of an addition or you want to improve your skillful text. Then you wrote another message.

This double message should tend to be avoided as it quickly appears "desperate".

But if you get these regular "double texts" from a guy, now you know what it means: He likes you ...

And he cares a lot about what he writes to you when he often refills!

11. "If you were here now" messages

"If you were here now, we could do this together ..."A nice idea, obviously for him too.

If he thinks of you a lot when doing nice activities, that is a good sign. He would like you to be with him to enjoy it even more and to share this experience with you.

And he wants to lure you in with it, especially when he's writing about things you like (and know about).

And when he feels bad and he writes “If you were here now, I would be better”, then that means at least as much.

12. You have nicknames and insiders

While fooling around, a lot of sayings and insiders emerged that nobody but you would understand?

Do common interests lead to insiders that you send to each other?

And you don't write to each other by name, but have loving or funny nicknames for the other?

You are obviously already writing with each other, as only couples actually do. You can be happy because you are a great team and a real unit.

He probably already knows and maybe he's just waiting for a sign from you?

So be brave and show him that you are interested in him too!