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The Red Hot Chili Peppers are his absolute favorite band, and their guitarist Hillel Slovak is his greatest idol. When John Frusciante, born on March 5, 1970, saw his gods at the Variety Arts Center in L.A. in 1986, it was all about him. From then on he practices the songs of his heroes on the guitar even more obsessively than before. He's also taking the L.A. gig as an opportunity to meet the band backstage.

As the legend has it, from this day - despite the age difference of eight years - an intimate friendship begins between Frusciante and the Peppers (consisting of Anthony Kiedis, Flea, Hillel Slovak and Jack Irons), to whose prosperity especially Frusciante contributes Band travels to countless concerts. Frusciante later described his enthusiasm for Slovak's guitar playing as follows: "I tried to play just like him. My friends said I had a style of my own, but all I did was copy Hillel."

After the notable success "The Uplift Mofo Party Plan" from 1987 and the '88 EP "Abbey Road", the Chili Peppers are currently working on the fourth studio album, which should be called "Rockin 'Freakapotamus" (now the name of the RHCP fan club), as Hillel Slovak dies of an overdose on June 25, 1988. The band is shocked and takes a year off. When Anthony and Flea wanted to revive the band in 1989, future Pearl Jam member Irons had already left the boat. John Frusciante, who was also shocked, was about to accept an offer from L.A. combo Thelonious Monster when he was offered his teenage dream job as a Chili Peppers guitarist.

The timing could not have been more favorable. With the young Frusciante, "Mother's Milk" becomes even more successful than its predecessor, achieves gold status and brings the band on tour to Europe again. The Peppers hit the jackpot in 1991: "Blood Sugar Sex Magik" quickly developed into a worldwide success at the beginning of the crossover boom and was largely thanks to the guitar playing Frusciantes. In order to digest the sudden fame, the 20-year-old, like singer Kiedis, relies on lavish drug consumption, which is increasingly expressed in unpredictable behaviors among the youngest.

His abrupt exit from the Peppers in the middle of a tour of Japan in 1992 belongs to this category. A decision Anthony did not forgive him until he returned in 1998. Only Flea maintains sporadic contact with him. In the six years without Peppers, Frusciante leads the life of a multi-million dollar recluse who locks himself up in his home in L.A. and pays close attention to unrestricted use of drugs.

Thanks to the persuasion skills of his buddies River Phoenix, Gibby Haynes (Butthole Surfers) and Perry Farrell (Jane's Addiction), John released his private recordings "Niandra Lades" (Songs 1-12) and "Usually Just A T-Shirt" (Songs 13- 25) on an album on Rick Rubin's label "American Recordings". The misanthropist Frusciante cares little about the disappointing sales figures. His only concern is to convey his "true feelings", which are whispered to him by voices and souls from the vast universe.

On the successor from 1997, too, John croaks his immediate emotions, which are now heavily controlled by heroin, unfiltered into an acoustic guitar into the recording device. The release has no more idealistic reasons this time, the hermit simply needs money for more drugs. The disturbed and suffering whimpering on "Smile From The Streets You Hold" is considered to be the Prime example of a junkie album. The songs are from the period between 1988 and 1996, which is not noticeable due to the continuous yelp. In 1997, John underwent drug rehab. Since the Peppers are just saying goodbye to their umpteenth guitarist with Dave Navarro, Flea arranges a non-binding Peppers jam session with John. The rest is history.

After the huge success of "Californication", Frusciante released his third solo album, "To Record Only Water For Ten Days", composed on tour in 2001, which primarily reflects his formerly lonely outsider life in synthetic sound fields. Before he recorded the second hit album "By The Way" with his Peppers buddies, he published another album of his own with new songs on his homepage in 2002. His fans can choose the title of the pure internet album from four suggestions and finally decide on "From The Sounds Inside". In a interview in 2002, Chad Smith said that at the time John was engaged to Stella Schnabel, the daughter of the large format painter Julian Schnabel, who was also responsible for the cover artwork for "By The Way". However, the relationship breaks up.

In 2004 John recorded his fourth work "Shadows Collide With People", which also featured buddies Flea and Chad. Shortly afterwards, the Californian puts his fans in a celebratory mood: Frusciante lets them know that he wants to release six more studio albums that he has recorded with his colleague Josh Klinghoffer on a monthly basis since January 2004. Klinghoffer was later to replace him with the Chili Peppers after he left again.

It starts with the work "The Will To Death" in mid-2004, a reminiscence of the rough hippie recording techniques of the 60s and 70s with predominantly dark songs. It follows: "Automatic Writing" (under the project name Ataxia), "Inside Of Emptiness", "A Sphere In The Heart Of Silence", "Curtains" and the "DC EP". Albums which, due to their stylistic diversity, draw the attention of a whole new audience to the man.

After leaving Chili Peppers for the second time in 2009, Frusciante turned away from any commercial claims on his music. "The Empyrean" is the swan song of the old Frusciante style. With Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, the guitarist of The Mars Volta, Frusciante gave away two albums as free downloads in quick succession before confronting his followers with surprising electronica experiments, which, according to the musician, culminated in the 2014 album "Enclosure". The album was created parallel to Frusciantes producing the Black Knights album "Medieval Chamber". The American married the musician Nicole Turley back in 2011. The divorce follows in 2015.

The fact that the man's bustle does not stop at genre boundaries should have got around as far as Pusemuckel, but the news that Frusciante is producing the 2104 album "Medieval Chamber" by the hip hop group Black Knights is surprising. On his solo albums he continues the path he started with "PBX Funicular Intaglio Zone" in 2012 and experiments exclusively with synths, effects devices and other noise, which radically moves away from his noughties albums and especially from the Chili Peppers.

Therefore, the astonishment is great when, shortly before Christmas 2019, the news spread that Frusciante is joining the Red Hot Chili Peppers for the third time. His predecessor and ex-successor Josh Klinghoffer vacated his place.