How do you say adorable in Italian

Translation of "enchanting" in Italian

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adorabile affascinante


You look really cute and adorable out.
Because you adorable when you get angry.
I think it's here adorable is.
It means adorable, that's pretty embarrassing.
The service was adorable and the hospitality perfect.
The service is there affascinante e l'ospitalità era perfetta.
And the hotel ... is like that adorable.
For example you are adorable, intelligent and a high earner.
Per esempio, do be adorabile, intelligent e facoltosa.
I was young and he adorable.
I was young and he adorable.
You seem to be underestimating how adorable I am.
Credo che tu sottovaluti quanto sono adorabile.
Your son is adorable, and he looks like you.
Tuo figlio è adorabile e ti assomiglia tantissimo.
Rio can at this time of year adorable be.
I just said she did adorable is.
Your mother is adorable, frivolous and wasteful.
It's Vance Brandon and he sees adorable out.
And I find your fears adorable.
Look at you, you are total adorable.
I think adorableManny going on a date.
Penso che sia adorabile che Manny abbia un appuntamento.
People complimented her fursuit, they thought adorable.
Le persone le hanno fatto i complimenti per il costume, pensavano fosse adorabile.
Lux, this dress is adorable.
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