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Working as a Student - All You Need to Know

Studying and working as a student - is that possible? What student job opportunities are there and what do you have to look out for as a student if you want to earn money? We have put together the most important information for you.

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What do you have to consider in a student job? What opportunities do you have to work at all? You can find all the information + suitable jobs here!

Student jobs

The working student

What distinguishes a working student? How does his job differ from a typical student job? Where can you find suitable positions?

Working student

The contract for work

If you want to work as a working student, there are negotiated rules that are recorded in the work contract. You can read here what you have to pay attention to.

Work contract for students

Around 70% of all students work alongside their studies to make a living. A quarter of working students work up to 20 hours a week and 11% even up to 35 hours a week. Very few students go to work because they want to gain work experience, but because they are financially dependent on this income. Most of the earnings are spent on rent.

Observe regulations

Important: Anyone who receives study grants or other study grants must observe the additional income limit. Regardless of the type of employment, your earnings must not exceed the limit of 10,000 euros per year. Otherwise, grants and grants can be reduced or canceled. If you have children or have to pay maintenance, the limit moves upwards.

Full-time job and study

Perhaps you are not even looking for a part-time job because you are studying full-time, but the opposite is the case: You are fully employed and are now looking for a study model with which you can continue to work and still study. Many universities and technical colleges offer these possibilities and there are different variants of part-time studies. Which shape you choose depends on your type. With distance learning, you learn on your own and can organize your time yourself. You have more obligations in an evening course, for example, where you have to appear at the seminars at set times. We have put together more information on this topic for you in our "Part-time studies" section.

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