What are some funny google searches

Funny searches on Google

More and more people google not single terms, but entire phrases. The what questions lay "What is G20 summit?" at the top of the search queries. A similar number of people also wanted to know: "Where did Manuel Neuer get married?" and in 10th place of the where questions actually landed: "Where can seagulls ride a carousel free of charge in Krefeld?" Also amusing, a striking number of people are wondering "Why do men have nipples?" and also "Why don't you belch and fart?" was very popular for search phrases in 2017.

Most frequent where questions on Google 2017

  1. Where did Manuel Neuer get married?

  2. Where is Irma now?

  3. Where is the displacement located?

  4. Where can you get buy fidget spinners?

  5. Where can i vote?

  6. Where is San Marino located?

  7. Where is Corpus Christi a public holiday?

  8. Where is Lotte?

  9. Where is Azerbaijan located?

  10. Where can seagulls ride a carousel free of charge in Krefeld?

Most frequent why questions on Google 2017

  1. Why against the G20?

  2. Why do we celebrate Pentecost?

  3. Why does Catalonia want to be independent?

  4. Why has butter become so expensive?

  5. Why don't you burp and fart?

  6. Why choose AfD?

  7. Why does Sheldon knock three times?

  8. Why go to vote?

  9. Why do men have nipples?

  10. Why do dogs eat grass?

Most frequent what-questions on Google 2017

  1. What is G20 summit?

  2. What consists of a mirror and a flag?

  3. What begins with the 1st Advent?

  4. What is Pentecost?

  5. What is a pangolin?

  6. What should i choose?

  7. What does Twilight mean?

  8. What is an opposition?

  9. What is the Confed Cup?

  10. What is on the egg?

What did Germany Googled for in 2017?

Personalities - Search queries on Google 2017

  1. Trump

  2. Shirin David

  3. Squad Loth

  4. Lena Meyer-Landrut

  5. Mireille Mathieu

  6. Dembele

  7. Peter Kraus

  8. Alice Weidel

  9. Meghan Markle

  10. Florian Wess

Not surprisingly: Donald Trump was googled in 2017 like no other personality. However, what helped Youtuber Shirin David to second place is a bit of a mystery to us. As the new DSDS juror, she seemed to have aroused more interest in the audience than we would have expected. We would not have seen Kader Loth so far up front either, but their participation in the jungle camp caused the search queries to skyrocket.

Search terms with the most Google queries in 2017

  1. World Cup draw

  2. Bundestag election

  3. Voting machine

  4. iPhone 8

  5. Jungle camp

  6. Confed Cup

  7. Chester Bennington

  8. iPhone X

  9. Trump

  10. Handball World Cup


  1. Bundestag election

  2. Bitcoin

  3. G20

  4. Catalonia

  5. North Korea

  6. Marcel He├če

  7. Elbphilharmonie

  8. Marriage for everyone

  9. Election NRW

  10. Choice France