Who is Hinata marrying

It had been several hours since Hinata locked herself in her room and cried. It was now dark and Hinata was sound asleep. Suddenly the door opened and a male figure entered. That figure was Neji. Her cousin, her fiancé, whom she was to marry in a few weeks.
Neji crept quietly to Hinata's bed. He kneeled there so he was looking directly into Hinata's face. He gently stroked her cheek with his hand. He found that it was damp. "She was crying ...", it went through the head of the young Jo-Nin. And he also knew why. Neji knew very well that Hinata hated him and didn't want to marry. It hurts. It hurt that he loved her more and she hated him. No matter how much it hurt, Neji couldn't blame her. Who loved someone who almost killed them? Back then, at the Chu-Nin selection test, they had to fight each other. Neji wished he could turn back time and prevent it from coming to that. But unfortunately he couldn't. Nobody could. But most of all it hurt Neji that he knew exactly who Hinata was actually in love with. He knew exactly who their sight-seeking glances were aimed at. He knew that she loved Naruto and that that wasn't going to change anytime soon. "Why him? Why do you love Naruto and not me?" He asked her in his mind. Then he straightened up and walked quietly to the door. He gave her another warm look and smiled gently. "Sleep well, Hinata.", He whispered before leaving the room.

Hinata found it difficult to wake up the next morning. She straightened up with difficulty and her gaze immediately slid to her alarm clock. The blue-haired Konoichi was horrified to find that her training began in just 15 minutes. Frantically she jumped out of bed, changed clothes and brushed her teeth. She would skip breakfast today, there was simply no time for that. Then she set off.
Breathing hard and sweaty, she arrived on time at the agreed training area for her team. Kiba and his Akamaru and Shino have already been there. "Good morning Hina-chan!", Kiba called out to her as a greeting like every morning, while Akamaru barked at her and Shino only greeted her with a slight nod. Hinata tried to smile too, even though she was anything but okay. Then Sensei Kurenai arrived and the training could begin.
Team 8's training was not over until the late afternoon. Throughout the training, Kurenai noticed that Hinata was doing even worse than usual. So she sent Kiba, Akamaru and Shino home to talk to Hinata undisturbed. When Hinata tried to leave, she grabbed Kurenai's arm, preventing Hinata from walking. "Wait, Hinata. I have to talk to you.", Kurenai said suddenly. Hinata turned and looked at her sensei in amazement. "What is it?" Asked Hinata. "So ..." Kurenai began. "I noticed that you are somehow not feeling well today. Did something happen?" Continued Kurenai. "What? No, it's ni-" "Hinata," interrupted Kurenai. "Well, yes. It is something," said Hinata sadly. "What is it?", Kurenai wanted to know. "Well ... My father just decided against my will that Neji and I should get married," said Hinata. "What do I do now?" Asked Hinata desperately. "Well, there is nothing you can do about that.", Keurenai answered. "But ...", Kurenai began, whereupon Hinata widened her eyes. "Maybe you should give him a chance," said Kurenai suddenly. Hinata was shocked. "But-", Hinata wanted to say something, but Kuenai interrupted her again. "I have a feeling that he will make you very happy," said Kurenai. Hinata's mouth was open. How could her sensei say such a thing? Hinata made his way home without saying a word. Kurenai just looked after her sadly. "Although she will have to marry him against her will, it is only a matter of time before she will finally fall in love with him and forget Naruto.", Thought Kurenai, because she knew very well that Neji loved Hinata. Actually, the whole village knew that, except for Hinata herself.

Meanwhile, Neji and Lee walked through the village towards the Hyuga estate. Lee had decided to come to Neji, who was not doing so well at the moment. He wanted to help him. What were friends there for? And Neji and Lee were best friends, almost like brothers. The two shinobi immediately went to Neji's room at the property. Neji sat there on his bed, while Lee preferred the beanbag. "Hey, keep your head up, dude," said Lee. Neji first looked at him for a while. "Do you actually know how lucky you are. Not everyone is allowed to marry their great love. You should be happy.", Lee said. "I'd like to, but I can't do that as long as I know that Hinata hates me.", Neji said now. He looked down depressed. The room was silent for a while. Then Neji broke the silence, "I don't want to force Hinata to do anything. If we're already living together, then I want her to want it too and not be forcibly dragged into it by her father.", Neji said. Lee thought for a moment, then said, "Just tell her you love her." Neji jerked his head up and looked directly at Lee. Lee could see Neji's silent question. "Well, you're supposed to get married anyway, so you can tell her," Lee explained. "Even if I'm supposed to marry her, I can't tell her. I can hardly look her in the eye.", Neji replied. "Then show her.", Lee replied. "And how?", Neji wanted to know. "With small gifts," Lee replied. "Well then ... I have to go. I promised my mum to help her cook." Lee said and went to the door. Then he turned around and said: "Think about it." Then Lee left. Maybe Lee was right? Maybe Neji should really give small gifts a try.

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