Smoking paper can kill you

Tobacco Advertising Banned - Soon Also in Germany?

Tobacco Advertising Banned - Soon Also in Germany?

Tobacco - the herbal product from which cigarettes are made

Poster, -e (n.) - a large piece of paper with advertisements on it

Canvas, walls (f.) - here: a large, often white area on which films can be shown

CDU (f.) - Abbreviation for: Christian Democratic Union; a conservative party in Germany

Lobby, -s (f., From English) - here: a group of people with the same interests who try to influence politics in their own way

Consumption (m., Singular only) - the use of something

to surprise somebody; something surprises someone - be such that something happens that you did not expect

Billion, -n (f.) - 1,000,000,000; a thousand million

to bring something to someone - be the reason someone gets something

Nicotine (n., Singular only) - a substance contained in tobacco; a nerve poison

Scientists - someone who works in research

Measure, -n (f.) - something you do to achieve a goal

Health researcher - someone who does health research

Progress, -e (m.) - the fact that you have achieved something

Nazi regime (n., Singular only) - the dictatorship of National Socialism in Germany (1933-1945)

racial - here: according to National Socialist ideas, so that someone has a certain appearance

Attitude, -en (f.) - here: the opinion; the way you think about something

pure | to rule - Interfere in and influence politics