How did the American Revolution affect France?

American and French Revolution:
similarities and differences


Break with pre-revolutionary conditionsEnd of political dependence on mainland BritainFear of noble reactionNo sense of acute threatIntervention in the social structure and in the social fabricNo sociopolitical componentSequence of

  • constitutional revolution (basically completed with the approval of the king to draft a constitution)
  • more radical and finally
  • republican and (socially) egalitarian revolution
Only constitutional revolution, replacement of the role of King and Parliament in London with their own, self-determined powersFought for social and egalitarian components against the nobility and the king, and in some cases also against the upper classessential conditions have already been metEconomic crisis with radicalization of the Parisian massesNo economic crisisRadicalization and "termination" by Napoleon of further revolutions to enforce liberal freedoms
Today 12th Constitution of the French Republic since 1789Update of the original constitution
"one, indivisible nation" as the bearer of sovereignty
balanced division of state power