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Bruce Wayne [Earth -1] - Devastator

All images: © DC Comics
First appearance: Dark Days: The Casting (Vol 1) # 1 in September 2017

Suffered -1 on his homeworld Earth Bruce Wayne a great loss and became the vigilante Batman there too. He went on adventures with Superman and the Justice League, but he remained paranoid and feared that Superman would try to kill him. So he built and collected a variety of weapons just in case. When Superman murdered his wife and continued to run amok, Batman faced him with a kryptonite spear. As the fight progressed, Batman lost his right arm and Superman bragged about how much stronger he was than anyone else. Bruce then revealed that the spear was just a bluff for his real weapon: a modified version of the Doomsday Virus - something Bruce hoped he would never actually have to use. The virus not only regenerated his arm, but also gave him the power to kill his best friend.

After his victory, the Doomsday Virus began to spread quickly, infecting everything except Bruce as a Devastator realized that it was too late to save his world and watched helplessly as everything slowly died around him. Minutes before the impending destruction of his earth, he was recruited by the Batman who laughs, who told him about another world, a world in which he had not yet killed Superman. His friends could still be saved there. [Batman: The Devastator (Vol 1) # 1]

In the service of Barbatos

After arriving in Prime Earth, Devastator went to Metropolis, where, with the help of Lois Lane as a carrier, he infected the entire city with his Doomsday virus. [Batman: The Devastator (Vol 1) # 1] He also enjoyed physically tormenting the Superman of this world. He also took the Multiversal Tuning Fork from the Fortress of Solitude, which he first destroyed, but then brought back to Gotham City at the request of Barbatos after defeating most of the remaining members of the Justice League. [The Flash (Vol 5) # 33] After he had catapulted Lobo into the sun with his own chain and had helped in the attack on the Oblivion Bar, Devastator was also involved in the final battle of the Dark Knights, but where he could be easily defeated by Superman.

Powers and abilities

Devastator can morph into the Doomsday version of himself at will. Like all doomsdays, he is able to adjust his physiology on the fly to maximize his own advantage. After realizing the Prime Earth Superman's weaknesses, he added kryptonite radiation to his breath in addition to his virus spores. Furthermore, he can fly on his own with or without his Doomsday transformation.


  • However, while Bruce had black hair and blue eyes in his human form, he has red eyes and is bald in his Doomsday transformation.
  • Devastator represents Batman's fear of losing hope and shows the importance of his friendship with Superman. It also shows his fear and regret that he cannot fully trust Superman.