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Mice in the house - what works and what doesn't?

Status: 08.01.2021 1:38 p.m.

During the cold season they look for every crack to get into the warm house - mice. The following applies: the larger the mouse infestation, the more difficult it is to get rid of the rodents.

by Daniel Krull

Anyone who hears noises under the roof or in the pantry should act immediately to get rid of the mice. Because the pests don't just attack food. You can also spread dangerous pathogens such as the hantavirus through your faeces.

Can I drive away mice?

Essential oils or vinegar are recommended over and over again on the Internet. Apparently, mice don't like the smell. In the opinion of experts, however, such agents usually do not help because the mice quickly get used to the smell. It's the same with high-frequency sound reinforcements. After a few days, the mice simply ignore the unpleasant noise. Pets such as dogs and cats, on the other hand, suffer unnecessarily.

Catch mice gently

If the infestation is still within limits, i.e. there is only a little droppings around, then the control may still work with the classic - the mousetrap. There is a so-called snap trap that kills the mice - driven by a strong spring - immediately. However, this is not for animal lovers. Alternatively, there are live traps in which the mice are locked up as soon as they try to grab the bait. Instead of cheese or bacon, it is best to use nut nougat cream or peanut butter. Anyone who catches the mouse with the live trap should release it at least 500 meters from the house. Otherwise she will find her way back quickly.

If the mouse infestation is severe, professionals are required

If the mouse infestation is severe, only a professional pest controller can help. He uses poisons in protected bait boxes that reliably kill the mice within 48 hours. Depending on the effort, this can cost around 300 euros.

How do you recognize a good exterminator?

  • He should have a certificate of competence that proves that he is qualified for pest control. IHK certification is not a must, but additional proof of quality.
  • He should always work with lockable poison bait boxes that are provided with a warning and content sticker. This is especially true in closed rooms, but also outside when there are children and pets in the display area.
  • He should provide detailed information about the dangers of the infestation (e.g. possible pathogens) and about other necessary measures to be carried out himself.
  • He should keep at least one more appointment to check the success of the measure, refill poison bait if necessary or collect the boxes again.
  • Better to hire a pest controller from the "neighborhood". This is often more serious and cheaper than offers from exterminator portals on the Internet.

This will protect the house from mice

Mice get into the building somewhere. To do this, they use even the smallest cracks. Where your head fits through, your body also fits through. Therefore it is very important to examine the house carefully from the outside. If there are ventilation slots in the masonry, they should be secured with steel clips, so-called bee-biters. Important: All openings through which the mice can come into the house must best be stuffed with steel wool or otherwise closed. If plants tend to grow high on the building, they should be trimmed to a maximum height of about one meter so that they do not serve as aids to climbing under the roof.

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